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Masks for dry hair


The dry hair is one of the main problems both among men and among women. It may be due to poor hair care; or, on the contrary, to excessive care of it, with a large selection of products that end up damaging it.

To treat dry and lifeless hair , there is a large selection of 100% natural masks that are of great help to restore its shiny and silky appearance.

Dry hair: what is it and what are the causes?

Dry hair is that which has a sickly appearance, without shine; in addition, it is very difficult to style. It is a very easy type of hair to detect since the mane looks lifeless, with a great lack of shine and split ends.

The direct cause of dry hair is a lack of natural hydration. Of course, you have to find out what the cause is, if that problem is left behind. Well, the most common reasons are those that we explain below.

  • Genetics: one of the main causes of dry hair has to do with genetics. In this case, nothing can be done to prevent it, although it can be treated to improve its appearance and prevent symptoms from getting worse.
  • Hygiene: excessive washing of the hair with aggressive products can also lead to lack of hydration. There are certain shampoos with harmful chemical components that eliminate the natural oil generated by the scalp itself.
  • Environment: certain environmental agents can also be responsible for dry hair, such as prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Dryers and Straighteners: Excessive use of blow dryers and straighteners is another major cause of dry hair. Dryers should be used at cold temperatures; And, as for the plates, it is better to use them every two or three days.
  • Food: the mane is important to take care of both inside and out. An unbalanced diet, lacking some of the essential nutrients for healthy hair, can also lead to dry hair.
  • Stress : some experts point out that stress is one of the main diseases of the 21st century. Well, it is worth knowing that stress causes dryness in the hair.

Dry hair and feeding

If you have dry hair and you want it to regain its natural beauty, with a revitalized shiny appearance, it is very important that you pay special attention to nutrition. A good tip is to eat fruits and vegetables in season , so that you can make the most of all their nutrients. In addition, in a balanced diet you should include cereals, whole wheat bread and dairy products. In this way you ensure that your hair receives all the vitamins and minerals it really needs.

Masks to treat dry hair

If you have dry hair and you want to add hydration to it so that it regains its vitality and its shiny appearance, then we propose a series of masks that work very well. The best thing is that they are made with 100% natural ingredients, without any type of chemical component; therefore, they do not damage the scalp in the least, thus allowing the hair to grow healthy and strong .

Egg and olive oil

Olive oil is an extraordinary ingredient for hair care because it has a great moisturizing and repairing power. A 100% recommended mask to restore vitality to dry and damaged hair as it provides great strength and shine.

To make this remedy you need the following ingredients: an egg, two tablespoons of olive oil and a tablespoon of honey. First you must beat the egg and then add the oil and honey. Stir all the ingredients to form a mask.

When you have it ready, apply to damp hair; let it act for twenty minutes and remove with plenty of lukewarm water. Then wash your hair as you normally would. If you want it to penetrate more into the root, you can put a plastic cap over the mask.

Banana and honey

One of the best homemade masks for dry and damaged hair as it provides intense nutrition in a totally natural way . It notably helps the hair to recover from damage after exposure to the sun, as well as to irons, hair dryers and chemical products. It is most effective.

To make this mask you need a ripe banana, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil. The first thing is to crush the banana with the help of a fork until you get a paste; then add the olive oil and honey. Mix all the ingredients well until you get the mask.

Then, apply to dry hair, spreading it very well to take effect. You must let it act for thirty minutes. Once the time has elapsed, remove with plenty of warm water and wash the hair.

Almonds oil

Almond oil is one of the most used products for both hair and skin thanks to its wide range of properties and benefits. It is a 100% natural ingredient that provides great hydration and nutrition ; just what dry hair needs.

For this natural remedy you only need a few drops of almond oil in a glass bowl. Heat the oil in the microwave for 5-10 seconds. Then, apply to the ends of the hair and wait 20 minutes; After the time has elapsed, wash the hair as you normally do. You will see how your hair looks much shinier and the ends look healthier.

Wheat germ and avocado

One of the best homemade masks to strengthen the hair and make it look much healthier . 100% recommended if you have dry and damaged hair. You can apply it twice a week.

The ingredients you need are: an egg, an avocado , two tablespoons of oil and wheat germ. To make this home remedy you just have to mix all the ingredients well until you get a homogeneous paste.

Once the mask is ready, you just have to spread it through dry hair and let it rest for 30 minutes; so that the natural ingredients penetrate the roots better, you can put on a plastic cap. After the time has elapsed, rinse with warm water and wash your hair as you normally do.

Aloe vera

This is one of the easiest dry hair masks to make and also one of the best results. Aloe vera is one of the natural plants with the greatest number of properties and benefits for the skin and hair.

For this mask you need two stems of aloe vera. What you have to do is cut them lengthwise to extract their gel. You simply have to apply it to the scalp with gentle circular massages; apply a little pressure with your fingertips so that the product penetrates better. Then, put on a plastic cap and leave for 30 minutes. Once the time has passed, remove with plenty of water and wash with shampoo.

How to care for dry hair?

In addition to the masks that we have pointed out in the previous point to repair dry hair and make it look shiny and alive, there are a series of tips to keep in mind to take care of this type of hair.

  • Shampoo and Conditioner: Chemicals are one of the main causes of dry hair. Therefore, if you want to regain its vitality, a good advice is to use a mild shampoo and conditioner, which stimulate the sebaceous glands; Ideally, they should have a pH between 4.5 and 6.7.
  • Care: dry hair must be very careful since it is very fragile and tends to break. It is important not to pull it, not to rub it with your nails when washing your hair; the foam must be created with the fingertips, gently rubbing the scalp.
  • Combing: excessive brushing significantly worsens the symptoms of dry hair. Therefore, it should be done gently and using a soft bristle brush.

The best tips to avoid dry hair

Preventing hair dryness involves providing good nutrition to the hair and preventing it from becoming dehydrated. Here are some tips to avoid dry hair.

  • Natural products: as we have pointed out, one of the most frequent causes of hair dehydration has to do with the use of products with a large number of chemical components. Thus, the ideal is to use both shampoos and conditioners and masks that are as natural as possible.
  • Sun: in the same way that it is important to protect the skin from the sun, it is essential to do so with the hair. Therefore, during sunny and hot days it is advisable to go outside with your head covered; the best thing is the caps and hats that allow the perspiration of the hair.
  • Heat protection: when using dryers and irons, a good advice is to apply heat protection products.
  • Brush: you also have to pay special attention to brushing the hair to prevent the ends from breaking and the hair curling. The most advisable thing is to use a fine bristle comb, made with natural materials such as wood.


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