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Homemade masks for hair to grow faster

The vast majority of us want our hair to grow fast and healthy. Well, although it seems like a somewhat complicated goal to achieve, the truth is that there are homemade masks , made with 100% natural ingredients, which help us to grow hair faster.

To achieve this we have to stimulate blood circulation from the root, as well as take maximum care of the hair follicles. How? On the one hand, using homemade masks, hair grows fast and, on the other hand, taking into account a series of basic guidelines to take care of our hair.

How long does it take to grow hair?

The hair growth cycle is divided into three phases: anagen (growth), catagen (transition) and telogen (rest).

  • Anagen: the phase in which the hair is growing is known as such. The duration of this stage determines the length of the hair.
  • Catagen: lasts approximately two to three weeks. During this type the hair follicle retracts into the scalp, thus reducing its size.
  • Telogen: finally, the hair dies and falls out. The duration of this phase is between two and four months.

The length of the hair basically depends on how long the anagen phase lasts, which is usually between two and six years. The longer this stage lasts, the longer the hair will grow. This depends on various factors: nutrition, genetics, metabolism, etc.

Experts point out that hair grows approximately 15 centimeters a year . However, as we get older, the speed of growth slows down. In addition, the growth does not occur in a homogeneous way. The area where the most hair grows is on the crown.

How to make hair grow faster with homemade masks


The egg is one of the best sources of protein, nutrients that are helpful in growing hair. To take full advantage of its properties and benefits, we break two eggs and separate the yolks.

Then, we beat the whites and apply them to the scalp giving a gentle massage with circular movements. Let it act for a few minutes, rinse it with warm water and wash your hair as we normally do.

aloe vera

Aloe vera is one of the natural ingredients with the most properties and benefits for both skin and hair. Regarding the health of our hair, it helps us to keep it strong and shiny . In addition, it greatly favors their growth.

Applying this mask is very simple. The first thing we must do is open a leaf of aloe vera and extract the gel that is inside. Then we use it to wash our hair. If we apply it a couple of times a week, we will notice favorable results in a short time.

Green Tea

Green tea provides a large amount of nutrients to the hair so that it grows faster and, in addition, healthier and stronger. We can have a cup of green tea every morning on an empty stomach to take advantage of its properties and benefits. Another great option is to use the infusion to lighten the hair after washing.


The avocado is high in vitamin E , an essential nutrient to promote the growth of hair. In addition, it provides great hydration, making it a fantastic mask for dry and damaged manes.

The first thing we have to do is extract the pulp from an avocado and mash it. Then we add a couple of tablespoons of honey to get a homogeneous paste.

With damp hair we apply the mask, applying light pressure with the fingertips to penetrate the product. We must distribute it evenly throughout the hair. Then, we leave it to act for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water.


If the potato is well known throughout the world for something, it is for its high nutrient content. With it we can make a very effective mask to stimulate hair growth .

To make it, the first thing to do is peel a couple of potatoes and bring the skin to a boil. Then, we let the cooking rest until the water is warm. We wash the hair as we normally do and use this water for the final rinse. We can use this home remedy two or three times a week.


Rosemary has stimulating properties that promote hair growth. In addition, it is an ingredient rich in nutrients that take care of the health of the hair.

For its application we only have to prepare an infusion of rosemary. Then, we use it as a final rinse when we wash our hair.

Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the best natural ingredients to take care of hair health. A rich source of vitamins and with regenerative properties . Deeply nourishes hair, while repairing damaged ends and eliminating frizz.

We must apply it with damp hair, making a gentle massage from the roots to the ends. The best time to do this is after washing. Then, we rinse with plenty of warm water.

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil stimulates hair follicles and makes hair look healthier. In addition, it has antifungal properties, thus preventing the proliferation of fungi and other microorganisms.

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The application of this home remedy for hair to grow faster is very simple. The first thing to do is apply a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil to the scalp. Then we put a cotton cap on our head overnight so that the hair absorbs all the nutrients well.


The onion has a great selection of health benefits. In addition to promoting the proper functioning of the body, it helps us show off shiny skin and hair. This ingredient acts directly on the hair follicles of the scalp , thus stimulating blood circulation.

The way to prepare the mask is as follows. The first thing is to bring an onion to a boil. When it reaches its boiling point, remove and let it warm. Then, we mix the water resulting from cooking with a tablespoon of honey. We apply on the scalp after washing our hair and let it act for a few minutes. Finally, we remove with plenty of warm water.

The 10 best tricks to make hair grow faster

  1. Scalp massage: as we have pointed out, to make hair grow faster, we have to stimulate blood circulation. Thus, when we wash our hair we have to apply the shampoo and conditioner giving a gentle massage with circular movements on the scalp. Ideally, apply light pressure with your fingertips.
  2. Hair brushing : we have to avoid brushing the mane when it is wet. It is the moment when it is most vulnerable and, therefore, the risk of damaging it is greater.
  3. Hairstyles: if what we want is for our hair to grow fast, we must avoid certain hairstyles, such as very tight pigtails that can damage the hair follicles.
  4. Products: Although hair care products formulated with silicones create the illusion of a healthy mane, in the long term they impede its hydration and clog the follicles. Thus, to get hair to grow fast and healthy, we must avoid them.
  5. Cold water: a good trick is to rinse your hair with cold water after each wash. The reason is that this is how we seal the hair cuticles.
  6. Drying: when we get out of the shower we must avoid placing a large and heavy towel over the hair to remove the moisture. It is best to do it with a microfiber towel by gently tapping. Thus we avoid the breakage and fall of the hair fiber.
  7. Food: of course, to get long and strong hair we have to take care of food. A good tip is to bet on foods rich in vitamins A and B5, two very beneficial nutrients for hair.
  8. Cut hair: although it may seem a bit contradictory, cutting hair periodically helps us to grow faster. If we wait too long to fix the ends, we will only get them to open too much and our hair will grow less.
  9. Hydration: hydration is key for the hair to look healthy and strong. We can use natural ingredients like argan oil.
  10. Stress : and, finally, we must not forget that stress is one of the main causes of hair loss. Therefore, if we want a long and neat mane, we must lead a calm and relaxed lifestyle.

Foods for longer and healthier hair

Food plays a leading role in our state of health, both physically and mentally, as well as in the care of our skin and hair. There are certain foods that help us to grow strong and shiny hair.

  • Nuts: Nuts are one of the best foods to strengthen hair and increase its vitality. The reason is that they are a very important source of nutrients such as minerals and B vitamins.
  • Green leafy vegetables: these types of vegetables are very rich in a wide range of essential nutrients for hair care, such as iron, magnesium, vitamins, etc. In addition, they stimulate the production of sebum, thus preventing the mane from being dehydrated.
  • Egg: the egg is high in biotin, a vitamin that slows down hair loss.
  • Blue fish: this is one of the most recommended foods to strengthen the mane thanks to its contribution of Omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients.
  • Whole grains : whole grains are essential in a healthy and balanced diet. They also help strengthen and revitalize hair.


There are many homemade masks that we can prepare in just a few minutes with ingredients that we all have in our kitchen: olive oil, honey, egg, etc. Using them a couple of times a week, the results are noticeable in a short time. The mane looks brighter and also grows faster.

Of course, in addition to the homemade masks so that the hair grows quickly , we must also take into account a series of tips to take care of the hair in depth.

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