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5 honey masks to reduce wrinkles


Honey is one of those products that have been an indispensable part of traditional medicine for thousands of years. Today, honey is being rediscovered, not only for its culinary properties, but also for its benefits for beauty and well-being .

Indeed, in addition to its flavor, honey contains numerous properties that make it the best ally for the skin . Thus, to take advantage of these melliferous qualities, it is advisable to use honey masks. Thanks to this, a “lifting” effect can be achieved, thus helping to reduce wrinkles.

Among the benefits that can be counted from honey are:

  • It acts as a barrier against free radicals thanks to its nutrients.
  • It acts as an antioxidant thanks to its amino acids and enzymes, which nourish cells.
  • It has healing and antibacterial properties , which is why it helps fight aging and infections.

Honey and oatmeal exfoliating mask

10 g of oats are mixed with 50 g of honey. This combination mixes the exfoliating action of oats with the repairing and moisturizing properties of honey. The result is a deep cleansing of the skin, with which dead cells are eliminated and the production of new cells is facilitated.

Rejuvenating honey, oatmeal and natural yogurt mask

Natural yogurt is added to the previous mask. Natural yogurt is an effective method of skin hydration, as well as being another natural exfoliant, as is oatmeal itself. For this reason, this combination is suitable for cleaning and hydrating the skin, especially thanks to the zinc content and the acid PH of the yogurt, which translates into its rejuvenation.

Anti-wrinkle honey and aspirin mask

Six crushed aspirins are mixed with 75 g of honey. This binomial is presented as one of the most effective remedies to combat the appearance of wrinkles. Its application helps reduce small facial wrinkles and clean impurities from the skin thanks to the salicylic acid in aspirin, which helps reduce toxins and clean skin blemishes. This, together with the anti-inflammatory properties of honey, forms an effective anti-wrinkle remedy.

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Ice and honey anti-wrinkle mask

This mask must be applied after washing the face with hot water. For its part, the vasoconstriction produced by the cold of ice favors blood circulation. This contrast between heat and cold enhances blood supply while the cold from the ice passes over the honey mask to close the pores. The result is hydrated, soft and smooth skin. Which gives a much healthier and younger appearance to the skin.

Repairing honey and coconut milk mask

50 g of honey are mixed with 40 ml of coconut milk. Coconut milk is characterized by its nourishing properties and, in combination, the nutritional capacity of honey itself, make this combination a highly nutritious product for the skin. By cleaning toxins from the skin, and by deeply hydrating it, facial wrinkles are nuanced in a natural and chemical-free way.

All these honey masks help fight skin aging . It is recommended to apply it through gentle massages in a centrifugal direction, towards the ears, to finish by letting the mask rest for about thirty minutes.

Thanks to their easy preparation and low cost, these honey anti-wrinkle masks do not pose any impediment when preparing them, so there are no longer excuses to fight against the havoc that time causes on the skin .


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