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Honey properties and health benefits


The honey is one of the most beneficial natural foods available, with a wide range of benefits for the body. Although bee honey is the best known of all, the truth is that there are different types of honey in the world, all of them with very interesting healing properties.

There are only three population groups for which the consumption of honey is not recommended. On the one hand, people who are on a diet since this food has a relatively high caloric intake. On the other hand, diabetic people as it is made up of simple sugars. And finally, allergy sufferers since honey may contain allergens that are present in the pollen of some plants.

The types of honey that exist and their uses

Although the most common type of honey in our society is that of bees, the truth is that there are many others with a large selection of properties and benefits for the body. Here are some of the most used.

  • Linden: It has a very sweet taste and is widely used to alleviate conditions related to the respiratory system , such as colds. Increases sweating, so it is a 100% natural remedy highly recommended in case of fever . In addition, it favors the elimination of toxins from the body.
  • Chestnut: it has a very characteristic red color and its flavor is extremely intense. It is generally used to treat inflammation and various diseases such as constipation or poor circulation.
  • Lavender: it is a type of scented honey with a very strong flavor. Highly recommended in pregnant women, who need to better metabolize both iron and calcium from the foods they eat. It is also very beneficial for older people with osteoporosis problems .
  • Sunflower: this honey is yellow in color and is used to treat various problems related to the digestive and respiratory system. In addition, it helps reduce inflammation and speed up the wound healing process.
  • Rosemary: this honey has a very strong flavor and its main benefit is that it significantly improves blood circulation. In addition, it improves the functioning of the digestive system.

Properties of honey

The honey is a healthy food, as long as it is consumed in its proper place and pace of healthy life takes. It must be taken into account that it is assimilated very quickly and easily, providing a series of calories to the body; therefore, if they do not burn with physical exercise, weight gain is likely.

In addition, it is high in sugars , making it a type of food that provides a large amount of energy. Of course, honey is more beneficial than sugar; While it provides 322 calories per 100 grams of product, sugar has a caloric content of 400 calories per 100 grams.

Honey is very rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the body . In addition, it has a large selection of healing properties; it is used as an antiseptic, fortifying, soothing, laxative, diuretic and bactericidal.

Health benefits of honey

Honey is one of the most beneficial natural foods that exist to take care of the health of the body, both physically and mentally. Here are some of its main benefits.


Honey is one of the most effective folk remedies out there to combat a hangover. And it is that pure bee honey eliminates up to 35% of alcohol in the blood since it notably activates the metabolism of the liver. In addition, it favors the elimination of toxins.


Honey provides a large amount of energy, so that its consumption is very common by athletes, as well as by people who suffer from stress and anxiety. Nothing better to start the day full of energy than a spoonful of honey.

Digestive system

Honey is a food that notably relieves stomach pain , as well as pain caused by stomach ulcers. The best for these types of conditions are rosemary and thyme honeys. Discover other remedies for pain in the pit of the stomach .

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Honey is very beneficial in soothing a sore throat . A very popular and effective home remedy for both children and adults to alleviate conditions such as cold with dry cough or laryngitis. Very useful in case of having a sore throat .


This food has been used since ancient times to heal wounds thanks to its antiseptic and healing properties ; honey prevents any type of infection and accelerates the recovery process of damaged skin. Although all types of honeys have healing properties, the most suitable is lavender.

Premature aging of the skin

Thanks to the high content of phenolic acids and enzymes such as catalase and glucose oxidase in honey, this food has great antioxidant properties. Protects the cells of the body from free radicals , thus preventing premature aging of the skin.

The best home remedies with honey

Taking into account the wide range of benefits that honey has for the proper functioning of the body, below we point out some of the best remedies that exist with it as the main ingredient.

Fight the flu and cold

Honey has both antibiotic and antiviral properties. Thus, it is a natural ingredient widely used since ancient times for the recovery of certain diseases such as the flu or the cold.

To prepare this remedy you only need half a cup of pure honey and a lemon; two very simple and easy to obtain ingredients. The preparation is very simple: heat the honey to the Balo María and, as it warms up, add the juice of a lemon and its zest; then, stir all the ingredients well and let it sit for a few minutes at room temperature.

Ideally, take a tablespoon of this remedy on an empty stomach.

Eliminate migraine

Honey is a natural ingredient with relaxing properties , which is why it is very useful in reducing migraine headaches .

The ingredients you need are the following: a cup of honey, five cloves and a cup of water. Clove significantly reduces inflammation and improves circulation.

To prepare the remedy, the first thing you should do is heat the honey in a bain-marie and, as it warms up, add the cloves. When ready, pour the remedy into an airtight container and let it sit for about 48 hours. Once this type has elapsed, you can take the preparation with honey at the slightest symptom of migraine.

Facilitate digestion

If you suffer from heavy digestion and want to improve your intestinal transit , this remedy based on honey and ginger root works like a charm. Two ingredients with digestive and anti-inflammatory properties that accelerate recovery from various conditions that affect the digestive system.

The necessary ingredients for this remedy are: a cup of water, a teaspoon of grated ginger and two tablespoons of honey. Boil a cup of water and, when it reaches boiling point, add the grated ginger. Then, let the preparation rest for five to ten minutes, strain and add the two tablespoons of honey.

You can take this remedy twice a day.

Heal burns

This is one of the most popular uses for honey, as long as it involves minor burns .

To make this remedy you simply need a glass of water and a tablespoon of honey. Mix both ingredients and drink the drink to boost the immune system and thus facilitate healing.

You can also place a couple of tablespoons of honey on the burn; a remedy that provides a virtually instantaneous sense of relief from both pain and itching.

Lighten stains

Honey is also very helpful in lightening facial blemishes , especially those caused by the sun and age.

The ingredients are as follows: a tablespoon of yogurt, a tablespoon of rice flour and a tablespoon of honey. Mix all the ingredients to form a paste. Then, you should apply it on the face as if it were a mask. Let it act for 15 minutes and remove with plenty of warm water.


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