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How to lose weight

When the desire to lose weight enters the brain, it may also be in the company of seeing results as quickly as possible. However, at times it may seem like a real feat. But the truth is that it is not only about exercising and following a good eating plan; it goes much further. To know all the details of how to lose weight , do not stop reading until the end.

Remember that it is not easy, it requires a lot of commitment and perseverance. Are you ready to lose weight? We will help you take the first step, and why not; to go through it to improve your appearance in a healthy and professional way.

Food groups for weight loss

There are many foods that you can combine to achieve an ideal balance in your diet, because in this way you will also maintain control over body weight . In addition, you will help the proper functioning of the digestive system.

For this, it is important that you know the food groups that you can allow according to their portions. These are differentiated by color as follows: the green group that includes all vegetables and fruits; in the orange or yellow group are whole grains and grains, and in the red group foods of animal origin are concentrated.

These colors are associated with the traffic light tones for a single reason; They will allow you to know with what regularity or intensity you can consume such foods. This means that, from the green group you can have a totally free intake , from the orange group it should be ingested in moderation and from the red group, with more care than the rest.

Of course, it is not about favoring some foods more than others, simply that you can place the 3 food groups on the same plate and with the appropriate proportions to achieve weight loss. For good results to be reflected, it is wise to seek the advice of a professional in the area of nutrition .

How should diet be to lose weight?

To determine in advance if you are eating a good diet to lose weight , you must take into account the following points:

  1. Complete: so that the body can benefit from all the nutrients, it is important that all the food groups are available in each serving of food.
  2. Balanced: each nutrient must be in the correct proportions so as not to fall into eating disorders; and this also goes hand in hand with the correct combination of foods .
  3. Enough: to lose weight you do not need to eat less, but to eat enough; where all the needs of the body can be covered in the face of nutritional declines.
  4. Varied: it is important that all the food groups are present at each meal, because in this way it will be easier to vary the menu so as not to expose good nutrition in an exhausting routine.
  5. Hygienic: each food must be cooked in the correct way and with adequate hygiene so as not to harm health.

Keys to healthy weight loss

High impact breakfasts

As you probably already know, breakfast is one of the most important and essential meals of the day ; therefore, it is important that the creation of a good dish that complements all the nutritional, protein and vitamin levels that are required is essential to stay active during the rest of the day. In addition, in this way you will be avoiding anxiety and better digestion.

Consume plenty of water

It is one of the most effective methods to lose weight, and above all, to stay healthy before, during and after the process. If that’s the goal, don’t hesitate to boost your water intake between meals, even when anxiety occurs, as it could simply be dehydration .

Do exercises or sports

Before any diet or weight loss plan, physical activity is a practically mandatory requirement to achieve the objectives , because by keeping the body subjected to cardiovascular or weight exercises, the energy expenditure is much higher, thus achieving that those annoying calories are burned that are left over in the body.

In addition, doing some sports activity allows the metabolism to start automatically, which contributes greatly to weight loss. It is advisable to exercise at least 3 times a week , always with the correct supervision of a professional in the field.

Eat fruits and vegetables

As we anticipated previously, fruits and vegetables should become your best alloy, since the benefits are multiple and more when it comes to losing weight, since they do not have large amounts of calories and are natural nutritional sources to collaborate in the slimming process.

Correct portions of food

It is not necessary, much less advisable, to stop eating to lose weight, that is completely unnecessary. In case you did not know yet, eating less will not make you eliminate or save more calories , it will only damage your health a lot.

It is best to create small portions of food to keep your metabolism active throughout the day while eating; This means that you can eat calmly and correctly 5 to 6 times a day . It may sound like a lot, but it will be more beneficial than feeding yourself 3 times in huge amounts per day.

Rest for 7 to 8 hours

Although it may seem a bit illogical, the truth is that respecting the hours of sleep and rest for a maximum of 8 hours is crucial so that the body weight is kept in the perfect balance. When this does not happen, automatically the organism is transformed , slowing down, without physical energy, much less mental, the door opens to insomnia and with it the need to consume food.

Consume green tea

In case you did not know, green tea is an antioxidant tool of great importance for the body, since it helps to accelerate the metabolism and at the same time, to lose weight much more easily since it opens a door to oxidation of fat within the body.

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Not cutting calories completely

If you make the decision to eliminate calories at once, the body will automatically start storing fat to keep its energy reserves at full capacity. So there is no need to be food self-conscious, simply the focus should be on choosing healthy and nutritious foods .

Truths and lies about weight loss

  • Strict diets help you lose weight without rebound effect

Diets are not the best method to achieve permanent weight loss, because by generating a rapid weight loss, over time the restriction will only achieve mental and physical exhaustion , returning to uncontrollably consuming foods that could not be eaten at the time. beginning.

  • Bread, pasta, and rice should be avoided because they don’t help you lose weight

Grain products are divided into whole or refined grains, in the case of bread, pasta or rice, they can be safely consumed if they are of integral origin, as this will guarantee the consumption of fiber, iron and vitamin properties that it possesses naturally, since it is not subjected to any type of chemical process. Therefore , it is not necessary or advisable to eliminate them within a good diet, only to supervise the amounts on the plate.

  • Some people lose weight and eat whatever they want

If the goal is weight loss, you should keep in mind that the focus should be on burning calories, which should be many more than those ingested or drunk. This means that everything will depend on the metabolism of each person.

  • Fast foods are not a healthy option

This will depend on how healthy the food is, as there are alternatives that can be taken into account with a good choice; Well, both on the street and at home, you must take care of the ingredients, small amounts of food and the sum of calories correctly to avoid weight gain.

  • A product low in fat or without calories can be consumed without limits

Certainly a product or food with such characteristics could present a little less calories or fat, compared to others. But, generally the manufacturing processes tend to double such nutritional indices, which would be twice the fat or calories in a single product. In addition, most diet foods have much more flour, starch, sugar or salt than those that are not created for weight loss.

  • Skipping a meal will help you lose weight faster

This will only result in a picture of anxiety or hunger within hours of not having eaten . Therefore , at the next meal the body will seek to retaliate and eat much more than it should. There are even studies that have shown that skipping breakfast significantly increases body weight.

  • Healthy eating requires a high budget

It really is not always like this. Although this will depend on the types of food that you want to buy; There are accessible and inexpensive products with which you can be well fed, such as spinach, fruits, vegetables, eggs, various grains, chickens, fish, among others.

  • Exercising with weight during the weight loss process is counterproductive

Although it is believed that the result will only be muscle gain, it is totally false. On the contrary, by including weight-bearing routines in physical activities it will be possible to burn many more calories , and that is the secret to achieving weight loss. That is why it is important to exercise a minimum of 3 days a week with cardiovascular exercise sessions at the end of each workout for 40 minutes, because in this way you will have muscular strength and reduce body fat rates in less time.

  • Eating meat makes weight loss difficult

If lean meat is chosen, which is the one that has less fat, it is possible to collaborate with the weight loss process, since both meat, chicken and fish have high nutritional and healthy values ​​that are necessary for the body, such as protein, zinc, and iron.

  • Dairy products and their derivatives are unhealthy and help you gain weight

Whether it is cheese, yogurt or low-fat milk, they have the same nutritional contributions as those products that are complete. In addition, they have essential protein to collaborate with muscle gain and the proper functioning of the organs, as well as the intake of calcium and vitamin D. However, many specialists recommend only the consumption of multivitamins with these requirements.

  • Being a vegetarian provides a better quality of life and helps you lose weight

Some studies have shown that people who base their diet on vegetarianism certainly consume much less fat and calories than the rest of the people with a conventional diet. However, it does not mean that a vegetarian person cannot face weight gain or bad food choices that do not really meet their needs, since they can consume products with few calories but also with little nutritional value.

As you may have seen, this is not an easy task, it requires a lot of will and disposition to achieve that desired weight, but above all; to the harmonious acceptance of your body and a better quality of life . It is not impossible. Take note of all the recommendations and get to work to lose weight in a healthy way.

Remember that the first change should be done mainly for you, because the organism will thank you for itself how positive it can be to enjoy an organism with good nutrition, exercises and an ideal weight for its habitual development.

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