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How to overcome sadness?

The sadness is one of the four basic emotions that every human being , along with anger, joy and fear. Thus, along the path of life, everyone feels those emotions at certain times. It is important to note that each and every emotion has a purpose and a cause.

In relation to sadness, in many cases it helps to understand the true meaning of life . And it is that it encourages reflection and personal improvement , so it can be the first step of great opportunities. However, by nature, people try to avoid that state of sadness. In addition, we do it without looking for the cause or why.

It is important to understand that it is an emotion that is part of life. Thus, sadness has nothing to do with depression. It is not something positive either, but it is something temporary that can help us connect with ourselves and make us stronger and braver.

Of course, you have to do everything possible so that sadness is an emotion as transitory as possible. And it is that if it is maintained for a long period of time, it could transform into a depression. Thus, below we indicate some tips and advice to overcome sadness.

Accept sadness and discouragement

The first critical step in overcoming sadness is accepting it. Some studies have shown that first thing in the morning is the time of day when discouragement most prevails , in which those things that hurt or discourage you are remembered. People find it difficult to get out of bed as they find no motivation to do so.

Well, at that moment the first thing to do is recognize that there is a certain problem and try to convince yourself that you have to do everything possible to overcome it.

In no case should you get caught up in negative thoughts and discouragement. Sadness is something that you can overcome little by little, taking small steps and overcoming yourself.

Recover the illusion

To overcome sadness it is essential to remember at all times all those things for which each one feels a great illusion, and to fight for them. Illusion is something that is “activated” every day by small ideas that can lead to great opportunities.

A good idea is to think of something that could be done throughout the day. They can be very simple things, such as reading a novel or walking in the park. Any activity that is carried out that generates illusion, the spark of life.

Say goodbye

Life is made up of stages, in which each person is linked to a series of people and things. However, you must be aware that each phase has a specific life cycle. Thus, once it is finished, you have to know how to say goodbye and continue with the next stage .

However, there are many people who are not capable of assuming the end of a cycle, such as a romantic breakdown or the loss of a job. Remember at all times that life is made up of continuous changes . It is useless to continually remember the past and lose both the present and the future.

It is true that sometimes the process is complicated, so you have to use courage and enthusiasm to move forward.

Renewal is the key

As we have pointed out in the previous point, life is made up of continuous changes, so you have to be dynamic and adapt to them.

Therefore, from time to time it is advisable to take time for yourself, to reflect and renew yourself with new projects. It is the best way to know for yourself what you want and where you want to direct your life.

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Break the routine

Sometimes getting out of the routine is the best medicine to overcome sadness. And it is that in many cases the monotony fosters that feeling of discouragement . Thus, it is convenient to go outside, do different activities from the usual ones, connect with nature, take a trip alone or in the company of a loved one …

Focus on what is truly important

Sometimes sadness is motivated by factors that, although at first glance they seem essential, if they are analyzed in depth, they are not so much.

Thus, it is essential to know what the objectives are and, therefore, to know what direction to follow until reaching them. In this process, self-improvement is a very important factor; working every day to improve and be the best version of yourself is essential.

Take advantage of every day

There is only one life, and you have to make the most of it. Why and why waste every day that life offers? It is important to remember that the here and now are never repeated again.

Thus, you have to fight because nothing and nobody thwarts the opportunity to be happy. One of the main steps to overcome sadness is to take advantage of each day as if it were the last, doing what makes each one happy.

A mistake is not the end

There are many, many people who believe that a mistake is the end of the road; an insurmountable wall towards dreams. However, it is important never to give up since only the bravest, those who are capable of stumbling and getting up a thousand and one times, manage to achieve their goals.

Therefore, a mistake is not the end , but a great lesson to try to do better next time. And, yes, you can trip over the same stone two, three, and even twenty times.

No to worry, yes to occupation

Although sometimes it is inevitable, the truth is that worry is of very little use. Still, the vast majority of people are obsessively carried away by certain thoughts . Worrying leads nowhere, so worry about occupation has to be changed; that is, take action to combat fear and sadness.


Despite the sadness, smiling is essential as it has many benefits for the body , both physically and mentally. You have to learn to laugh at yourself and your mistakes, as well as enjoy each moment to the fullest. The most important thing is to focus your energy on the happiest times and forget about those that only cause sadness.

Do sport

Sometimes sport is the best medicine against sadness . The best thing is to bet on outdoor activities: going for a walk, running, swimming in the sea … They are very pleasant activities and they are also totally free. In addition to clearing the mind and renewing energy, they are very useful for taking care of physical health.

It is also a good idea to opt for activities such as meditation or yoga . They come in luxury to overcome sadness and see the path of life in a much more optimistic way. They achieve harmony and peace of mind.

These are the best tips to overcome sadness in a relatively simple way. The most important thing is to trust yourself and focus on both the present and the future, leaving the past behind. Of course, leaning on loved ones is always a good option as they can be a great help to lift your spirits.

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