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Hyaluronic acid


Hyaluronic acid is a very beneficial natural formula for the care of the skin, joints and cartilage. It has multiple properties. It is a very common ally in aesthetic medicine, since it allows to recover the elasticity of the skin, hydrates it and rejuvenates it.

The applications of hyaluronic acid in beauty treatments can be of different types. In dermal fillers it is common to use it in its cross-linked form, the non-cross-linked is the base of many facial lotions, moisturizers or masks.

What is hyaluronic acid for?

Skin care and anti-aging treatment

When hyaluronic acid is used as an anti-aging treatment, it allows to eliminate wrinkles and restore the naturalness of facial expression. The formula creates a structure under the skin that, in addition to eliminating wrinkles, attracts the uptake of water and h2o molecules, thereby improving the hydration of the epidermis.

Professionals of aesthetic medicine inject it to increase the lips, perform facial fillers and eliminate dark circles. The results are immediate and surprising.

On the other hand, its use in non-invasive therapies, such as lotions, creams and masks, improves the condition of the skin, since it benefits hydration and the cellular system. The results with external treatments are progressive over time, they are not as immediate as fillers.

Food supplement from forty

Hyaluronic acid can be ingested as a food supplement. It encourages the production of natural collagen that rebuilds cartilage, which is very patched from the age of forty. When you turn fifty it is almost essential if you want to reduce premature aging of the joints and skin.

Rehabilitation and mobility

Rehabilitation experts use it to treat osteoarthritis and joint problems. Hyaluronic acid has the property of being restorative and helps to level the synovial fluid, facilitating friction-free mobility.

It is also highly recommended for diseases related to arthritis and rheumatism, improves mobility and reduces pain.

When the infiltration is made, the substance penetrates the joint cavity and protects it against the weight of the body itself. It is a lubricant for the joints. In addition to eliminating pain, it reduces the feeling of fatigue and allows you to regain mobility.

Benefits of hyaluronic acid in aesthetic medicine

From the age of 35, the skin begins to lose its smoothness, volume and elasticity. The aging process begins, the most common symptom of which is the appearance of wrinkles. For this reason, hyaluronic acid treatments are very widespread in aesthetic medicine centers. Its rejuvenating and moisturizing properties have made it one of the great allies to restore natural beauty.

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In addition to hydrating the skin and improving the absorption of h2o from the cells, it also encourages the production of collagen and serves as support. It prevents both aging and eye diseases, recovers connective tissue, helps strengthen tendons and ligaments and creates volume with natural results.

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid

In its cross-linked form, hyaluronic acid is injected or infiltrated into the skin or joints. It binds internally, which favors its resistance to the passage of time and prevents its degradation.

It is important to note that it is a non-surgical treatment, very common to fill cheekbones, lip contouring or nasolabial folds. Thanks to the injection of this natural formula, it is possible to recover volume and eliminate wrinkles in specific locations, but its revitalizing action is noticeable all over the face.

Non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid

In this case the molecules do not join, they do not interlock with each other, but they circulate freely. In this way, they infiltrate the skin naturally through non-invasive and external treatments.

There are some compounds that reinforce the action of hyaluronic acid with collagen or vitamins.

Is hyaluronic acid the best treatment?

The answer to this question is best answered by a medical and beauty professional. Each person needs a type of treatment based on their pathology and their needs.

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid is recommended for volume, filling and joint pain. The improvement is immediate in all skin types. For those who are less punished, it is important to start prevention and rejuvenation treatments through the non-cross-linked formula.

The benefits of hyaluronic acid are scientifically proven. It is an excellent ally to combat the natural aging of the person, both of the skin and of the cartilage or of the joints.

It is a treatment without surgery. Injections or infiltrations have to be performed by professionals in specialized centers and clinics. The results are immediate, visible and long-lasting, which is why they are very well received in beauty centers and aesthetic medicine clinics.


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