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Is it possible to quit smoking?

Smoking or not smoking has always been and should continue to be an option and a totally personal decision, but it is also undeniable that it must be a duly informed decision.

We have finished a decade, in which the true protagonist of anti-smoking policy has been the cold war between smokers and non-smokers, which from the beginning has been encouraged by the irony of the United States government, and which has produced so few results. in terms of reducing the number of smokers.

While it is true that ex-smokers have increased, we must remember that the number of women smokers has increased and, above all, that our young people are joining the habit of smoking at an earlier age and in increasing numbers.

However, the tobacco companies have hidden a lot of “confidential information”, as they themselves call it, which should be available to everyone, mainly their consumers, their clients, or their potential clients, the target population of the various advertising campaigns.

We said that quitting smoking must be a personal decision, but duly informed. And we believe it necessary to denounce that smokers, non-smokers and potential future customers of tobacco companies are not receiving all the information that is available about tobacco.

Several documents recently came to light in the United States, the result of confidential investigations of the tobacco companies, which until now had been kept in safes, and that the judicial processes that are currently being carried out have made it possible for him to know Public opinion.

Below, we offer the text of some of these documents.

Regarding the long-held relationship of tobacco to lung cancer, one of the documents says:

“With one exception, all the researchers we have interviewed were of the opinion that smoking causes lung cancer, if by cause we understand a chain of events that ultimately leads to the development of lung cancer, and that includes the made smoking as a totally indispensable link. “

Another of the documents studied, says verbatim: «We have discovered a general coincidence that the most probable cause of cancer is that tobacco smoke contains carcinogenic substances in sufficient quantity to cause lung cancer, after a prolonged action in a sensitive individual. ‘

If we focus on the much debated meaning of tobacco as a drug, it is worth knowing the content of the following document: «A cigarette, as a system of administration of a drug to the general public, has very, very significant advantages, among which we highlight the speed of action: 10 seconds after starting to smoke, the nicotine reaches the brain, while other drugs, such as marijuana, amphetamines or alcohol, are slower and may depend on the user’s mood ”. In the same document it can be read: «… Therefore, tobacco for us adopts this image of a fast drug, very effective pharmacologically speaking and also very cheap: a drug that provides its consumer with oral, manual and gustatory satisfaction».

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The possibility of a malicious manipulation of the nicotine content in cigarettes has also been much discussed. Our readers judge after knowing the content of the following document: «We have managed to show that there are optimal levels of nicotine in cigarettes that produce more favorable responses from the psychological and behavioral point of view. The company’s research and development division knows how to set the nicotine level so that smokers are hooked. ‘

There are countless documents that have finally seen the light, but, finally, the content of the following can be significant enough, which clarifies some concepts of marketing directed to the youth population: a certain brand of cigarettes is such that its importance should be carefully weighed and its reflection on the most popular programs known. In all magazines they should be examined to verify the effectiveness of advertising in this age group and others.

What is really curious is that the United States government has waited four years, since it became aware of the existence of these documents, to file a formal complaint against the tobacco companies. And the laziness of our Government to sue Tabacalera Española, since they must know, even better than we do, the exact content of these and other documents with much more horrifying content.

But let’s ask ourselves some questions: who is the real winner after quitting smoking? Without a doubt, the only beneficiaries are the smoker who becomes an ex-smoker and his family.

But … is someone else really interested, particularly governments, that smokers stop smoking? What would happen if suddenly no one smoked? Would the general state budgets be affected?

There are many more unanswered questions: Why is there not at least one Smoking Unit for each Health Area? Why aren’t there specific programs to help whoever wants to quit smoking in each Health Center? Why is the population not adequately informed of the content and scope of the documents that we have presented throughout this article?

It is ironic that the governments that “warn” in each pack of cigarettes that “tobacco causes cardiovascular diseases”, -the leading cause of death in developed countries, and of course in Spain-, are subsidizing sports, cultural, musical competitions, etc. ., that have the patronage of a tobacco brand, or that allow their advertising in a disguised way, and therefore illegal, or even that they are allowing a certain type of advertising that is directed to the youngest.

And we finish as we started: Quitting smoking must be a personal option, at no time imposed, but of course it must always be a decision that must be based on total and absolute information, as well as clear and understandable by all sectors of the population.

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