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Jar for good drinker

The jar of good drinking is an informative guide that explains, through a graphic representation, the healthiest drinks for our health as well as the daily amount of them that we should ingest.

This guide is particularly popular in Mexico, where several studies reveal that Mexicans tend to hydrate with soda more than water . The objective of this campaign is to make the population aware that for a good functioning of the organism, good hydration is necessary . And for this, the quality of the liquids we drink is as important as the quantity.

Explanation of the jug of good drinking

Good pitcher drink

The jug of good drinking has several levels. The first levels (starting at the bottom) are the most important and we will have to focus on. Higher levels are harmful to health and should be avoided at all costs.

Level 1

The first level is, as we discussed earlier, the most important. It is about drinking water, the most suitable drink to cover our daily liquid needs. We should drink between 6 and 8 glasses a day of water, to guarantee a good functioning of our organism. Water is the only essential drink in our day to day.

Level 2

The next level is skim milk, part skim milk, and soy beverages with no added sugar. They provide us with proteins, vitamins and calcium. It is recommended not to exceed 2 glasses a day of these liquids, emphasizing that with a balanced diet, they are not necessary.

Level 3

Coffee and tea without sugar: it is recommended not to drink more than 4 cups a day, a cup being about 240 ml. We have talked before about the benefits of tea, due to the enormous amount of micronutrients they provide.

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Level 4

Non-caloric drinks with artificial sweeteners: these are diet sodas, energy drinks with 0 calories, water with vitamins, etc. A consumption of 0 to 2 glasses is recommended, that is, a maximum of half a liter a day. You should drink these types of drinks sporadically.

Level 5

Drinks with high caloric value and limited health benefits: fruit juices and juices, alcoholic beverages, whole milk, etc. Here it is directly recommended not to take anything at this level. At most half a glass.

Level 6

Drinks with sugar and low nutrient content: this represents the rest of beverages and soft drinks, which are usually full of sugars, favoring obesity. It is recommended not to ingest absolutely any of these drinks a day.

What is the Jar of good drinking for?

As you have seen, the jug of good drinking shows us that the only really essential drink for life is water . It is the only level that has a minimum. The other levels are totally dispensable and it is advisable to meet the needs in minerals and vitamins through a balanced diet.

The jar of good drinking can therefore serve as a guide to learn what liquids we should consume each day and highlight the importance of proper hydration. However, they are still recommendations and each person has their own needs and characteristics.

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