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Lemon diet

The lemon diet is one of the most requested on the internet. It is also one of the ones that promises the greatest results, specifically for women, someone claims to have lost 40 kg of weight in just 2 months. It goes without saying that it is a miracle diet.

If we consider the calories in a 1 kg of fat, which are about 9000 and taking into account that more or less we spend an average of 2000 calories a day, that would give us a total of 60,000 calories per month, the equivalent in fat to 6.6 Kg and that assuming that we do not eat anything at all! When we find diets in which we eat and on top of that we lose more than 6.6 kg a month, obviously we must question the diet or ask ourselves what other substances in the body we are losing apart from fat. Losing more than 4 kg a month is already very very suspicious.

A user of demonstrated the effectiveness of the lemon diet by keeping a bottle of her own urine, for twenty minutes, in the fridge. According to reports, after this time, fat droplets can be observed on the surface of the urine, irrefutable proof that the lemon diet is so effective that you lose fat even through urine. The doctor will respond to this concern later.

Properties of the lemon diet

The lemon diet is based on a supposed fat-burning property that allows us to burn more calories than we consume, causing us to lose many calories and consequently a lot of weight.

How to do the lemon diet

DaysLemons quantity
Day 11
Day 2two
Day 33
Day 44
So until Day 15fifteen
Day 16 (we descend)14
Day 1713
Day 1812
So until Day 281

Lemon diet results

The normal thing with this diet is to lose about 500 grams a day, which would take us to about 3.5kg a week and 14kg a month.

Doctor’s opinion

We all know the excellent properties of lemon as well as other citrus fruits, mainly due to its high content of vitamin C and its antioxidant power.
But I think that as always you have to know where the limit is. Taking the juice of fifteen lemons a day is outrageous, while supplementing a balanced diet with the juice of one lemon diluted in water, dressing the salad replacing the vinegar or using it as a condiment, is a healthy habit.

Lemon can help us in a diet to lose weight as a supplement for several reasons. One of them is its ability to increase heat production and the other is its richness in minerals that makes it slightly diuretic. Perhaps the most important effect is that it regulates the appetite and makes us have a better control of it. On the other hand, it favors adequate cholesterol levels, improves blood circulation and helps to avoid or eliminate the dreaded cellulite . At the level of the skin, it is a great ally as it intervenes in the formation of collagen and elastin, providing smoothness and combating flaccidity.

Is it a fat burner?

Yes, it does contain synephrine, although this is preferably found in the lemon skin, not in the pulp. Caffeine also burns fat and yet if we want to lead a healthy and balanced life, we do not consider drinking 15 coffees a day.

Excess when consuming it is harmful, let’s not forget that it is a powerful acid that forces our body to use its compensation systems (buffer systems) consuming endless trace elements. Lemon is contraindicated in people with reflux problems, heartburn, high uric acid or constipation . It is also not recommended for use during menstruation.

Keep in mind that pure lemon eats the enamel of your teeth, increases their sensitivity and can stain them white. It can also contribute to the formation of kidney stones, precipitate liver colic, an attack of gout and trigger gastroenteritis with severe diarrhea. In people with G6PD deficiency it can cause hemolysis (breakdown of red blood cells).

Let’s suppose that indeed with the lemon diet we observe fat droplets on the surface of the urine. Far from being happy with such a finding, we should be very concerned, as it indicates that kidney function is being affected. The presence of fat in the urine or “Lipuria” can appear one day in a specific way if we eat a large amount of fat, as a compensatory mechanism, but when we are doing a low-fat diet, the appearance of lipuria is a sign of kidney failure and what worse, lipuria does not usually go alone, although it is not seen with the naked eye, probably analyzing the urine we will find a large amount of proteins and other substances that we should not lose.

A lemon or two a day in the form of lemonade is enough. Visit our article on lemon water and its health benefits.

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