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Leptin: the hormone that prevents you from losing weight

Leptin is a hormone that plays a fundamental role in our weight by regulating our appetite and warning us when it is no longer necessary to eat more . Leptin is one of the few hormones that will determine your quality of life, your body weight, your life expectancy and other problems derived from obesity. Insulin always goes hand in hand with her sister.

Both leptin and insulin are associated with obesity, and any problem that prevents their ability to communicate with the receptors is the leading cause of chronic degenerative diseases. The importance of these two hormones is fundamental for our purposes and in it we will find the reasons why it is difficult for us to lose weight.

Scientists have recently come to the conclusion that the control of this hormone can help us lose weight in addition to helping patients with type II diabetes or people with psoriasis, inflammatory diseases and even rheumatoid arthritis.

What is Leptin?

[highlight] It is a hormone with a lot of power and influence in your body and it is produced in fat cells [/ highlight]. It is in fact the way that fat cells communicate with your brain and tell it if we need to eat more, less or if we are perfect. Along with insulin, which is also a fundamental part of all this, it informs our body if we eat or not and how much.When your leptin (I mean your fat cells sending leptin and the receptors receiving it) works correctly, when your fat reserves are full they send Leptin to the body, it is received in the receptors and the brain knows that it must stop eating by cutting off our appetite. It also raises your metabolism to burn a little extra fat. [highlight] Having accumulated fat is not functional for the body if it is not really necessary [/ highlight] o. It makes us heavier, damages our joints, and causes the heart to strain.

How do you become resistant to Leptin?

This is where the slap on the wrist comes in. We become resistant or even immune to Leptin in the same way that we become resistant to insulin, being continuously exposed to overdose of these hormones. If your diet has high doses of sugar, cereals, any processed food (which is the same diet that produces inflammation, and the same that also helps to have cancer [They are not coincidences]) the sugar is metabolized in your fat cells and cells fats release leptin.

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Over time your body is too exposed to Leptin, too many overdoses and as a consequence it has become resistant or deaf. Now we have a huge problem. Our body no longer listens to the hormone that makes us feel full. Or what is worse to be able to feel satisfied we have to eat huge amounts of calories so that the dose of Leptin is enough to listen to it.

When we try to make a diet we see it as a real sacrifice, because we never feel satisfied, the body asks us for more.

How to reverse Leptin resistance

The only way currently known is simply by reducing your intake of that which causes excess leptin. Doing a diet with a good balance such as the Plate Diet . A diet (not understood as something strict but a way of eating balanced and well for life) is what has the most effect on your health and quality of life, above any medical treatment.

[Tweet “A diet is not a restrictive regimen, it is a correct way of eating for life”]A diet that has complete whole grains, with an emphasis on good fats and avoiding foods that cause insulin spikes (foods with a high glycemic index) will make your body become sensitive to insulin and leptin at some point. new.


Leptin along with Insulin are the hormones that facilitate or prevent us from having the figure we want. When these are unbalanced it is very difficult to fight against them because we are doing it against our instincts. Our body tells us that we have to eat more, and that is very hard. A strong will and adherence to a balanced diet will allow us to be healthier and maintain our hormone system at correct and functional levels.

If you’re not skinny, fight to be skinny, you know there’s a problem and you’ll have to fix it. Wait no more, and no, it won’t always be so hard, it’s like quitting smoking. Once you reach your correct weight, a weight in which you feel healthy, agile, happy with yourself, that you are not ashamed of being looked at at your body. Never, never leave it. And so you will avoid hundreds of diseases, anxieties and self – esteem problems . Keep Leptin and Insulin in check.

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