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The liposuction is a cosmetic treatment that seeks to shape the body shape by removing fatty deposits from certain areas of the body. The results are visible from the first moment and, in addition, the recovery process is very fast.

It should be noted that liposculpture is not a treatment to reduce body weight . It is a method of sculpting the body and eliminating localized fat in a specific area of ​​it.

What is liposculpture?

Liposculpture is a type of cosmetic surgery that seeks to shape the body contour . It is a treatment especially indicated for those people whose body weight is adequate, but who have localized fat in different areas of their body. Thus, thanks to liposculpture they can obtain a perfectly modeled figure, with a smooth and firm skin .

It is an intervention in which the liposuction method is usually applied in different areas of the body with the main objective of obtaining a more harmonious and proportionate figure . Clusters of localized body fat are aspirated in areas such as the hips, thighs, ankles, abdomen, face …

The procedure is relatively simple. In general, it consists of inserting a cannula through the skin, through which the localized fat is removed in the area in question. Recovery time in the vast majority of cases is very fast, approximately one week.

Advantages of liposculpture

Liposculpture is one of the most demanded aesthetic treatments today, both by men and women.

  • In the first place, it is worth noting that in a high percentage of cases the type of anesthesia used is local , so the risks for the patient are minimal.
  • Once the intervention is carried out, the scars that remain are minimal , imperceptible to the eye.
  • Unlike other more invasive procedures, liposculpture has a very short recovery period with little discomfort .
  • The fat extracted in a certain body area can be injected into another area of ​​the body where it is needed; in this way the figure is molded.

Requirements to undergo liposculpture

Here are some of the requirements that must be met before undergoing a liposculpture treatment.

  • In the case of women, it is an essential condition that they are not pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • As we have pointed out, liposculpture is a treatment that sculpts and shapes the body figure. It is not an intervention to lose weight, so it is not recommended for those who are over 20% overweight .
  • Liposculpture is not recommended for those who suffer from some type of cardiovascular disorder or whose immune system is weakened.
  • Keep in mind that the surgery is carried out under lidocaine anesthesia. Therefore, those patients who present some type of allergy to this substance, should consult with the doctor.
  • And finally, the doctor must assess the condition of the patients’ skin before treatment; It is recommended that it does not present too much flaccidity to achieve optimal results.

How is liposculpture performed?

Once the different requirements to be able to undergo this aesthetic treatment have been known, it is time to know the procedure, both before, during and after the intervention.

Before liposculpture

Before the intervention, the patient must go to the aesthetic medical center for the health professional to evaluate his case in a personalized way, taking into consideration different factors: medical history, weight, age, skin condition … Evaluate whether or not he meets the requirements that we have detailed in the previous section.

During liposculpture

The duration of the intervention ranges from one to three hours , depending on the area of ​​the body to be treated since some are more complex than others, as well as the amount of fat to be eliminated. For the intervention, local, regional or general anesthesia is used, depending on each case. Generally, for localized areas where a large amount of fat will not be removed , local anesthesia is used. However, if further extraction is required, it is necessary to use general anesthesia.

Once the operation is finished, the patient remains admitted for 24 hours as an observation to find out what his evolution is.

After liposculpture

Once the intervention is carried out, the treated area remains completely bandaged . For a period of approximately one month it is essential to use a pressure therapy garment in it, as well as lymphatic drainage to remove any remaining fat.

It is common for the area to be inflamed ; edema and bruising during the first week after liposculpture are completely normal side effects.

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It is essential to avoid sun exposure until the treated area has fully healed . The result of this aesthetic treatment is permanent since liposculpture prevents the fat glands from reappearing. However, to achieve better results in the medium and long term, it is advisable to maintain a good body weight; For this, it is essential to exercise and follow a healthy and balanced diet.

Liposculpture results

Generally, during surgery, between one and three liters of fat are removed from different areas of the body; the most common among both men and women are the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

The changes are visible from the first day , although they evolve during the first months after treatment. The evaluation is usually carried out three months after the surgery.

Following a healthy lifestyle the results are permanent. The treated areas show the same behavior as the untreated areas when weight changes. Therefore, the gain or loss is made in a homogeneous way, thus maintaining the achieved body shape.

Liposculpture without surgery

Currently there are a wide range of treatments to say goodbye to cellulite and localized fat. Broadly, they can be classified into two large groups: invasive and non-invasive. While the former of them involve a surgical intervention, the latter do not.

Well, one of the non-surgical alternatives to liposculpture is cavitation . The results are very similar in cases of mild orange peel skin and fat accumulation. In this case, instead of using a cannula to absorb the fat, the area to be treated is massaged with ultrasounds , which are responsible for dissolving the fat , which is subsequently eliminated notably through the urine.

Cavitation is today one of the aesthetic treatments most demanded by those who do not want to undergo surgery to have a molded and proportionate figure.

Liposculpture vs. Liposuction

There are those who believe that liposculpture and liposuction are two very similar aesthetic treatments, but the truth is that there are great differences between them.

We are going to start by defining what liposuction consists of . It is a treatment that consists of eliminating accumulated fat in various areas of the body , the most common being the abdomen, arms, hips, buttocks and waist. It is extracted by means of a cannula by means of the suction effect; hence the name liposuction.

Today there are innovative methods, such as laser fat removal. The heat emitted by the light from the device dissolves the fat, which is subsequently extracted with a cannula of less thickness than that used in traditional liposuction. In this way, the recovery period is much faster and more comfortable for the patient.

As for liposculpture , it is a treatment whose main objective is to shape the body . It does not necessarily involve removing fat, although it is common to perform this procedure. What’s more, in some cases the excess fat from a certain area of ​​the body is used to implant it in another to give it a better shape.

Advice before a liposculpture

Finally, we want to point out a series of tips to assess before undergoing liposculpture.

  • Clinic: it is essential that the clinic where the intervention is to be carried out complies with each and every one of the legal requirements. Due to the rise of aesthetic treatments, more and more medical centers offer this type of intervention without adequate preparation and that are not equipped to carry out surgical operations, such as private homes.
  • After the operation: the day of the intervention it is recommended to go to the clinic accompanied by a family member or friend. Once done, it is recommended to maintain absolute rest for 48 hours, in addition to a very controlled diet.
  • Activity: once the rest time has elapsed, the patient is recommended to walk to avoid the formation of clots due to inactivity.
  • Side effects: regarding side effects, it is normal for the treated area to swell and bruise appear during the first days.


The liposuction is a widely used by both men and women for technical eliminate localized fat in a particular area of the body , thus achieving a better figure provided and slimmer.

Generally, women undergo liposculpture to remove localized fat in the following body areas: outer thighs, abdomen, hips, and arms. As for men, the most common areas to treat are the abdomen and back.

If you too want to undergo liposculpture, it is essential that you turn to fully trusted professionals.

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