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Keys to combat flaccidity and localized fat

Flaccidity and localized fat is a major concern throughout the year ñ or, as est é matically there is no better option or n a silhouette toned and firm. So today know to s keys that exist to combat flaccidity and localized fat.  

This objective is not only possible to achieve with activity f í music and good ALIMENTATION it or n, but also é n hand highly effective treatments such as of VelaShape III. Do you know what it is about? Take note of all the details. 

What is flaccidity and localized fat?

You probably already know to s of qu é these serious side effects, which are often promoted by lack of exercise, poor FEED is or n, and moisturizing little or n, aging and other aspects. That is the reason or n by which evidence sagging p é loss of firmness and skin tone, in addition to s of muscle tissue. 

While localized fat recreates a kind of deposits, which are difficult to remove in a conventional way, generating at the same time the presence of cellulite on the skin and white stretch marks . All accompanied by the p é loss of elastin and collagen which are proteins responsible provide elasticity.  

How to combat flaccidity and localized fat?

VelaShape III treatment

This procedure is é tico is one of the m to s advanced when the goal is to remove localized fat and flaccidity in various parts of the body. For this a powerful combination is employed or n 3 technology í as for an effective result on the skin.  

In that case with bipolar radiofrequency skin temperature is raised to a considerable depth to regenerate elastin and collagen , while one effect is achieved t é rmico eliminating localized fat and accelerates metabolizaci or n.  

Furthermore is to n infrared, complementing the technology í to radio frequency to meet the skin surfaces that are not as deep, as in that way will expose to an immediate response in the smoothness and appearance of the skin .  

While the massage mec to unique specialized roller properly distributes all energy í to provided by infrared and radio frequency. Also improved supported in circulation or n and oxygenation or n of the tissues from the first session or n.  

Get regular physical activity

It is no secret that sports, exercise and any activity í music be to of essential value to tone the body , gan to Ndole as í battle sagging and greatly reducing fat levels.  

These exercises should be performed regularly and preferably those involving tonifying activities such as Pilates combination he or n with weight sessions, abdominal, bending and squats.  

Also sports that require physical strength such as swimming or No racing significantly influence the body, thus ensure attention or n towards arms and legs, being these areas of the body the m to s affected by flaccidity and localized fat.  

Complete hydration throughout the day

The and moisturizing or n it is critical because that way be to possible purge toxins from the body and keep the body in perfect condition. For this to be to best put aside sugary drinks or juices to choose at the least 8 glasses of water at the í a.  

However, and moisturizing or body n also é n is essential by the showers, so that the conduct ba ñ os with water fr to be achieved to tone the skin and improve circulation or n.  

Healthy and balanced diet

Relaxation Exercise

There is no doubt that a healthy body is held in a large percentage with a SUPPLY or n healthy and balanced, especially where consumption is promoted prote í nas, carbohydrates in portions recommended, vegetables and fruits.  

For this is not necessary a strict and restricted diet , but solely carry out a good choice he or No food, which should have s levels it or lidos of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that enhance the production or cabbage to geno.  

With these pr keys to practices and effective be to possible combat expansion or n flaccidity and localized fat, not forgetting that treatment VelaShape III form to the action or n m to s efficient by acting directly on and in the depths of skin.   

As í that if the goal is to achieve that perfect, toned and blemish – free silhouette, an í kill 4 follow these recommendations to get results from the first week. ¿ Ready? 

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