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Magnesium chloride


The magnesium chloride is a chemical compound mineral, a great abundance in nature and very important for humans to the bring a lot of health benefits, but as most of these compounds, their consumption must be responsible and balanced.

What is magnesium chloride?

Magnesium chloride is a compound that, as can be deduced from its name, contains chlorine and magnesium . These elements must be consumed in the diet on a regular basis, since they are essential for the body to function properly.

In fact, the ionic compound of magnesium chloride is a chemical agent with coagulant properties . That is to say, it is an element that allows our blood not to be so liquid that it escapes through the orifices or at the slightest cut we make.

Structure of magnesium chloride

However, magnesium chloride has other uses. For example, it is commonly used as an antifreeze or as a fixation of dust on roads, as well as to maintain humidity levels on these (obviously, at different levels than those required by the human body).

What are the benefits of magnesium chloride?

We have already seen some of the properties and uses of magnesium chloride, but, for us, its importance lies in its properties as an ionic compound in our body , which gives us the following benefits:

Magnesium chloride prevents uric acid from building up in the joints , reducing the risk of arthritis or gout. In addition, it helps the kidneys work properly, and reduces the risk of irritable bowel syndrome (which, otherwise, is a disease essentially caused by a lack of magnesium in the diet).

Magnesium chloride also helps displace calcium that has been improperly deposited in the arteries , helping to prevent heart attacks and strokes. It is, therefore, of great help to reduce the risks of suffering arteriosclerosis and the problems related to it.

But the advantages of magnesium chloride are not limited to this, but allow to improve cell division, keeping the body younger and revitalized, which is of great help both to be healthier and to improve external appearance.

Another of its advantages is that it prevents osteoporosis , precisely thanks to its ability to displace calcium and relocate it in the appropriate areas of the body. With this, bone density is increased, so your bones will be healthier.

Another advantage is that it acts in the intestine allowing it to accumulate a greater amount of water , improving digestion and avoiding any type of problem related to constipation .

In addition to the above, magnesium chloride is very important in women’s health, since it contributes to maintaining good levels of magnesium in the body, which are essential in hormonal periods, such as menstrual cycles or during pregnancy.

And, in line with the above, we must talk about preeclampsia , which is a disease that can affect pregnant women, and which consists of an increase in blood pressure. The intake of magnesium chloride can help reduce this problem very effectively.

As for men, the decalcifying properties of magnesium chloride make it possible to avoid prostate calcifications, which are the main causes of prostate cancer.

Some other benefits of magnesium chloride

Probably, by now, you will already be hallucinating with the amount of advantages that magnesium chloride provides. However, we are not done. It has many other benefits, and we can go on to describe some of them .

Another advantage that magnesium chloride provides is the regulation of cholesterol levels in the body, since it allows controlling the enzyme that is responsible for the production of cholesterol (and the balance between the so-called good cholesterol and bad cholesterol).

It is also worth mentioning that magnesium chloride is a natural antibiotic, so it is very useful to control all kinds of infections of bacterial origin. It is very useful, for example, to fight cystitis (but also many other infections).

But what’s really amazing about magnesium chloride is its ability to act on DNA . In fact, it is one of the best elements to prevent DNA misassembly, and that makes it a great option to improve DNA replication and repair.

What does this mean? Essentially, it is an excellent agent to prevent the risks of suffering from cancer, in addition to preventing the proliferation of free radicals , which cause warts to appear. And don’t think of warts as simply cosmetic. If they grow, they end up turning into tumors. So controlling them is vitally important.

It is also very useful for people with asthma , since it reduces the inflammation of the airways. By relaxing the lung tissue, it allows it to dilate more easily and therefore makes allergies less impacting on breathing.

Some other problems that it reduces to reduce are fibromyalgia , migraines, or triglyceride levels, reducing the risk of suffering from metabolic syndrome, as well as hypertension. In short, a true wonder.

Magnesium Chloride in Children

Let’s take a look, now, at the benefits of magnesium chloride in children . Of course, it goes without saying that what we show here are some information about the usefulness of this product, but it should be your pediatrician who determines whether your child needs it or not.

Having clarified this, we can mention that a childhood magnesium deficiency can contribute to the appearance of mild cases of autism . Under the supervision of a physician, many children have been shown to improve this problem by taking a magnesium chloride supplement.

It should also be mentioned that many experts claim that magnesium chloride helps reduce hyperactivity , making it a great option to avoid medicating children with hyperactivity or attention deficit.

And, as many psychiatrists and psychologists claim, treating a hyperactive child with medications to calm him down is a real crime. On the other hand, magnesium chloride simply helps the child have a good diet and, therefore, control that intensity.

As for children with epilepsy, magnesium chloride has something for them too . And it is that, for a long time, it has been known that good levels of magnesium in the body contribute to controlling this type of attack. And therefore a magnesium chloride supplement can be of great help.

Magnesium chloride in beauty

But magnesium chloride is not only useful for people who have a disease or who want to prevent it. It also has a host of benefits for those who simply want to feel more attractive .

For example, magnesium helps to stimulate the production of collagen , which contributes to making the skin much tighter and hydrated. It is, therefore, an excellent anti-aging product, either applied topically or consumed in the diet.

In addition, it will be of great help when you go to the gym, because, thanks to the fact that it contributes very positively to muscle contraction and relaxation, it will help you avoid all kinds of cramps and slight muscle aches , typical when exercising.

At the same time, it will help you improve the health of your teeth, because, as we have already seen, it contributes very positively to improving calcium levels in the body, and, of course, this is directly related to teeth.

It is worth mentioning, at this point, that it also contributes to reducing bruxism , or what is the same, the habit of clenching the teeth (usually while sleeping). So, if you want to have a healthier and more attractive mouth, you should consume magnesium chloride.

To end the different benefits of magnesium chloride, we can talk about weight loss. At this point, it cannot be said that magnesium chloride plays a direct role, but it does contribute to reducing anxiety and stress .

And, as you well know, a large part of overweight problems derive from anxiety problems , which cause the person in question to eat more than necessary and, later, not be able to burn that extra calorie that they have consumed.

Contraindications of magnesium chloride

But of course, everything in this life has a negative side , and magnesium chloride was not going to be any different. After all of the above, you may think that magnesium chloride is a panacea, but it is not. It is one more element of all those that exist, and it should be treated with care.

Keep in mind that the abuse of magnesium chloride could cause the intestine to accumulate more water than recommended, which means that you could get diarrhea , instead of avoiding constipation, which is one of the advantages that we have seen previously.

In addition, we have seen before that magnesium is responsible for properly redistributing calcium throughout the body. However, magnesium chloride is a salt that, if consumed in high amounts, can lead to similar problems , with accumulations in parts of the body where there should be no such accumulation.

On the other hand, the abuse of this compound could also lead to an accumulation of magnesium in the kidneys , with the consequent creation of kidney stones, and, in some extreme cases, kidney failure that could lead to death. Therefore, be very careful with excessive consumption of magnesium chloride.

At the same time, we have seen before that it acts as a natural antibiotic. But, precisely for this reason, if you are following a course of antibiotics, magnesium chloride can make them less effective , causing a rebound effect.

In addition, it is especially contraindicated for people with kidney problems, since, as we have already seen, the accumulation of magnesium in the kidneys is a possibility, and, in people who already have kidney problems, the problems can be much greater.

Finally, it must be remembered that this supplement is especially useful for people over 40, who need an extra supply of magnesium. However, among young people, in principle, it should not be necessary . With a balanced diet, young people should have more than enough.

How should it be consumed?

Magnesium chloride can be consumed in different ways, but the most common is through the different preparations that can be found in herbalists . Of course, it requires a certain preparation, which we will detail below:

Boil a liter of water and let it rest. Then, put the water in a glass container and add 30 grams of magnesium chloride, shaking it until it has completely dissolved. After this, you should cover it and let it rest in a cool, dry place for 24 hours.

Of course, there is also the possibility of buying tablets or other types of supplements . However, in general, the option described above is usually much more useful, efficient and economical … And you only need water to put it into practice!

Is Magnesium Chloride Worth It?

And, now, after having reviewed all the benefits and possible contraindications that you may find when consuming magnesium chloride, we can proceed to the conclusions, and assess whether or not it is a good option to add to the diet as a supplement .

Of course, as always, remember that what is mentioned here is always convenient to contrast with the opinion of your doctor, since he knows your medical history better and will be able to give you an assessment much more adjusted to your personal situation.

Having clarified this, we can affirm that, with the recommended doses and without falling into abuse, and as long as there are no pre-existing problems that can generate conflict (such as kidney problems), the use of magnesium chloride is highly recommended .

In conclusion, magnesium chloride is a more than useful supplement to develop healthy habits, adequate and well-balanced nutrient levels and, for all the above, a full and peaceful life.


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