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The oldest makeup mistakes


Make up is an art. Thus, there are many women who only manage to add years instead of subtracting them. When it comes to putting on makeup, it is important to remember that less is more ; that is, the more natural the makeup, the younger you will appear. Here we have collected some of the most aging makeup mistakes that are worth avoiding.

Makeup base

This is precisely one of the most common makeup mistakes, both among young and adult women. Choosing a foundation in the wrong shade, either darker or lighter, is very common. Well, keep in mind that choosing a darker tone highlights small wrinkles and fine lines , in addition to creating the unsightly mask effect.

Ideally, choose the makeup base shade that precisely matches your skin tone. Currently on the market there are innovative formulas specifically designed for all women.


The compact powder is a cosmetic with which you must be especially careful. The key to not adding too many years is to apply the right amount to your face; There are those who put too much on the face to cover imperfections, and they only manage to eliminate all the natural shine of the skin, making it look much more dull and aged.

It is best to apply the powder with a brush only to the T-zone of the face . Avoid the eye contour because you will only be able to enhance the crow’s feet.


When it comes to getting a perfect makeup, the concealer can be your best friend, or become your worst enemy. When you apply it around the eyes you must be very careful and blend it very well , especially if you have small wrinkles in the area. The goal is to avoid lumps, otherwise they get into the folds of the skin, thus enhancing those small wrinkles.


There are many women who choose the color of the blush based solely and exclusively on their tastes and preferences, which is a big mistake. In the same way that it happens with the makeup base, it is very important to choose the blush that best suits the skin tone.

If you have fair skin, it is best to go for a blush in pinkish tones . If you apply a dark one like peach, you will only be able to harden your features and, therefore, add years.


The mascara is a key product when it comes to achieving spectacular makeup as it greatly enhances the look. Of course, you have to be especially careful with how and where it is applied. If you have crow’s feet and / or dark circles, it is best to avoid applying mascara on the lower lashes because you will only be able to enhance these imperfections.

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In this case, apply the mascara only on the upper lashes . In addition, you can outline the line of the upper eyelid with a black eyeliner to optically enlarge the look.


Some of the most frequent makeup mistakes have to do precisely with the eyeshadow; both in the way it is applied and in the chosen shades. There are several tips to keep in mind.

First of all, do not apply eyeshadow excessively on the upper eyelid because it will overload your eyes and, in addition, it will give the feeling that the eyelid is heavy. On the other hand, it is better to bet on powder shadows instead of cream because wrinkles are much less. And, finally, in relation to the colors, the most advisable ones are the nude ones; they enhance the look but without hardening it.


If you want to prevent makeup from adding years to your age, you should pay special attention to your lips. Try to avoid dark tones like burgundy or chocolate, although they are currently a trend. The natural tones of the nude range are much more beautiful and, in addition, they will make you look younger.

Another tip related to the lips has to do with the liner. It is a very common mistake to outline the lips with a liner darker than the lipstick shade. Well, it is important to remember that the eyeliner must be the same color as the lipstick.


Eyebrows are one of the most important tips because they give expression to both the eyes and the face as a whole. However, they are one of the most common mistakes: eyebrows that are too plucked, painted excessively or even badly tattooed.

Wearing excessively thin eyebrows is another aspect that adds years. It is important that you know how to shave your eyebrows very well and choose the shape that best suits your face. They are natural and populated.

Regarding the color, if you are blonde and want to make up correctly, you can choose a shade a little darker than your natural hair. On the other hand, if you are a brunette, the ideal is that you choose a slightly lighter tone. In both cases the difference must be very subtle.


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