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5 makeup trends for 2018


In the middle of 2018, it is worth paying attention to what are the main makeup trends for this year . In the same way that happens with the world of fashion or decoration, for example, there are also fashions and trends in relation to makeup; some stay with us forever and others disappear as soon as they arrive.

To achieve spectacular makeup, the most important thing is to pay attention to the needs of each face . Know what the strengths and weaknesses are and, based on this, bet on one style or another.

Therefore, trends are not everything; you have to know how to apply them depending on each face and if they are really suitable for it.

The main makeup trends for 2018

If you want to achieve a spectacular look, it is worth paying attention to the main trends for this year 2018.

Natural makeup

Gone is the time when super-heavy makeup was worn. This year 2018, natural makeup is a trend, especially this Spring-Summer season. The face asks for simplicity , although this does not mean at all that you do not have to wear makeup. It is therefore about achieving a “good face” effect with the right make-up products.

The first step to looking your best face is to take maximum care of your skin , both inside and out. To do this, it is important to follow a proper facial routine, as well as drink two liters of water daily to hydrate the skin.

When thinking about makeup, to achieve a natural look it is important not to mix tones. The best thing is to bet on pastel colors , which are very soft, thus creating a sensation of cleanliness and fabulous purity on the face. In addition, they have a great advantage, and that is that they adapt wonderfully to all kinds of occasions and makeup.

An essential product to achieve that natural finish is the concealer , ideal for covering small imperfections around the nose and in the area under the eyes. To give a touch of color and luminosity to the face, blush is key; It is best to choose one in nude, peach or warm pink. It is worth remembering that the blush should be as close to the skin tone as possible.

When it comes to making up the eyes, a mascara that enhances the look is enough. And finally the lips; they are perfect with a nude tone.

When we talk about natural makeup, we mean natural in every way. Try to find makeup without parabens (read our article on this topic).

Dark colors

Without a doubt, dark colors are taking the makeup world by storm this 2018, both for everyday looks and for special occasions. The truth is that it is not a new trend, but it has been happening for some time. However, experts point out that we still have a lot to discover about it.

Dark colors are worn especially in lipsticks , thus enhancing the natural beauty of the lips. Matte shades such as burgundy and wine red are trending very hard, and we can already see them on the lips of celebrities and it-girls from all over the world.

The best thing about dark colors is that they look great with all kinds of looks, even the most natural ones. The key to showing them off is to get a perfect, totally opaque coverage. In this way, the mouth is super seductive and sensual.

Of course, applying a matte lipstick that looks good, without lumps, it is essential that the lips are well hydrated so that the color is well distributed. In addition, it is convenient to exfoliate them a couple of times a week to remove dead cells.

There is a trick that works wonders to give the lips extra volume: just apply a lipstick a lighter shade in the center of the lips. In this way, it is possible to provide a touch of light that achieves a spectacular XXL volume effect .


If there is a makeup product that this year 2018 is paying special attention to, it is the eyeliner. Although black is the main color, the truth is that there are thousands of different formats and presentations.

The main technique is a fine outline that reaches the end of the eyelid, which is the most elegant. The “cat eye” is also very popular , in which the outline extends almost to the eyelid; the best to achieve a look of the most feline and sensual.

As for the type of eyeliner, there are three options available. On the one hand, the most traditional format, the pencil; the pigment adheres very well, but requires a great technique to apply it well. On the other hand, liquid eyeliner , which is becoming increasingly popular; It is applied with a brush and provides a lot of depth and intensity to the look. And, finally, the most innovative option of all and that is the simplest: the eyeliner with stamp.

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Full color eyeshadows

A perfect makeup trend for the most daring. It is about giving the maximum importance to the eyes with full color shadows, and even with sparkles. This 2018 the galactic style is back , so the metallic and glitter tones are the ones that are most worn.

These types of shadows are perfect to apply on the mobile eyelid and give that touch of shine to the eyes in an elegant and sophisticated way. In the market there is a large selection of options available, so that every woman can find those shades that best suit her shape and eye color: from gold to the most vibrant blues.

To get a really groundbreaking and spectacular look, glitter shadows are sweeping this year 2018.

Ash hair and visible roots

This hair style is sweeping this year 2018, and the truth is that Kim Kardashian has been the forerunner of it. The greyish blonde is very popular . But it does not end there, because there is an addition: the roots must be visible, thus creating the contrast.

Until not long ago, wearing the roots was considered in bad taste; All those women with highlights or with dyed hair, as soon as their hair grew a little, they ran to the hairdresser to dye it again. However, what is being carried now is just the opposite; for example black hair dyed blonde and with visible roots.

Ash hair is a bit risky, but the truth is that it looks great on the vast majority of women, especially those with a light skin tone. Highlights the features and greatly enhances areas such as the eyes or lips.

The best makeup tricks

Once the main makeup trends for this 2018 have been explained, it is worth knowing what are some of the best makeup tricks.

  1. To create a shiny effect on the cheeks , it is enough to mix the blush with a little moisturizer. The result is spectacular and, in addition, more durable.
  2. The powders of light are essential makeup product because they allow complete and unify the entire face.
  3. To achieve a more luminous and radiant skin , just apply a little gold or silver eyeshadow to the makeup base.
  4. A trick that many professional makeup artists use to make the skin perfect , with a uniform tone and a radiant appearance, is the following: apply beaten egg white to the face and leave it on until it is foamy, as a mask. After about 20 minutes, it is removed with plenty of hot water.
  5. One of the most complicated areas of the face is the eyes as it tends to swell. Well, a good idea is to keep the concealer in the fridge since the cold effect significantly deflates the area.
  6. To make the shape of the lips more marked, simply use a nude pencil to outline them.
  7. When it comes to showing off spectacular eyebrows, you just have to apply a little mascara on them.
  8. Although the vast majority of women do the process just the other way around, the ideal is to apply the mascara first and then the liquid eyeliner . This is how you get a heart attack look.
  9. To find the concealer that best suits the skin tone, you have to choose the one that is the inner tone of the arm, not the outer part of the hand as is usually done. A very important trick to show off a perfect face and without the dreaded “mask effect”.
  10. And finally, to enhance the effect of mascara on the eyelashes, simply add a few drops of salted water to the inside of the tube.

They are very simple makeup tricks but in many cases they are unknown. Now is the best time to put them to the test and thus show off a spectacular face at any time.


This year 2018 in the world of makeup extremes triumph. On the one hand, natural looks, with a “good face” effect. And, on the other hand, the most spectacular looks, with impossible eyeliners, glitter shadows and dark lips in a matte finish.

Trends that are succeeding and causing a real sensation among women around the world. The most important thing to remember is that to show off the best makeup, in addition to having quality products, it is essential to take deep care of the skin .


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