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Massages to eliminate cellulite

Most women have cellulite on their body, which can be defined as the formation of deposits of fat, toxic substances and water that are located and accumulate in different parts of the body. Although it can occur in different areas of the figure, there are some that are more prone to it, such as the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen and arms. Generally, cellulite is a condition caused by factors such as genetics, lack of exercise, a diet rich in fat and sugars, and hormonal imbalances.

There are many aesthetic treatments available to attack cellulite and contribute to its elimination, but without a doubt one of the most effective and least expensive are the so-called anti-cellulite self-massages , which can be performed by yourself at home without having to go to an aesthetic center.

Benefits of anti-cellulite self-massages

Anti-cellulite massages are an excellent treatment to improve blood circulation in the area and reactivate lymphatic drainage. When you have cellulite, the visible dimples in the skin are the result of deposits of fat and waste substances accumulated in the inner layers of the skin, which cannot be eliminated by the body spontaneously. The massages are very effective in helping to dissolve those stored waste substances that the lymphatic system is unable to purify, because by applying the pressure, their mobilization is favored and it is achieved that they return to the bloodstream so that, thus, the organism can eliminate them permanently.

In addition, the localized and accumulated fatty tissues that give rise to orange peel have a rather loose consistency, which with the help of massage in the area, can easily spread and make those unsightly dimples that appear very less visible. Therefore, the appearance of the skin is improved and the chances of further accumulation of fat leading to cellulite are reduced.

Finally, massages to eliminate cellulite contribute to the relaxation of the body and are effective in relieving minor aches, pains and tension. At the same time, muscle tone is improved and the different functions of the skin are stimulated.

How to prepare an anti-cellulite cream

To enhance the effects of the massage, it is best to perform the movements by applying an anti-cellulite cream that helps dissolve accumulated fat deposits and toxins. For this, coffee is a great ally, because thanks to caffeine, applied to the skin, it reactivates blood circulation and attacks existing cellulite, while exfoliating the skin in depth.

The anti – cellulite cream coffee is prepared with the following ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon of ground coffee
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil. It is excellent for hydrating the skin in the cellulite area to be treated.
  • 1 tablespoon of almond oil (optional). It is a product that nourishes, improves the elasticity of the skin and firms it.

All the ingredients should be mixed in a container and stirred until obtaining a consistent, creamy and grainy paste.

How to do massage to eliminate cellulite

Once you have the anti-cellulite cream prepared, it is important to wash the skin of the area to be treated well to leave it free of impurities and that it can absorb the active principles of the treatment much better. The steps to follow to do the massage to combat cellulite are:

  • Place a good amount of the coffee anti-cellulite cream in the palms of the hands and rub them to warm it slightly.
  • Amasar la piel: se debe empezar con el movimiento de amasamiento, para ello, se utiliza toda la palma de la mano y se amasa la piel de forma suave, apretando y soltando las diferentes capas de la dermis, como si se quisieran moldear. Los movimientos debes ser ascendentes y largos, por ejemplo en el caso de las piernas, se debe empezar por encima de los tobillos e ir ascendiendo hasta llegar a la parte final de los muslos.
  • Alisar la piel: con las palmas de las manos, alisar la piel realizando un movimiento ascendente. Este movimiento debe repetirse unas dos veces.
  • Nudillos: usar los nudillos de las manos para masajear la zona con celulitis trazando círculos pequeños.
  • Golpear suavemente la zona: realizar golpes pequeños y rápidos con las partes laterales de ambas manos sobre la piel de la zona a tratar. Se debe alternar la mano izquierda y derecha de manera rápida.
  • Bombeos: entrelazar los dedos de las dos manos y hacer compresiones sobre la piel intentando unir ambas muñecas. Así, se realizan pequeños bombeos, los cuales deben hacerse siempre en dirección ascendente.

El masaje anticelulítico es muy sencillo de llevar a cabo, pero para obtener los resultados esperados, se debe ser constante y realizarlo todos los días, dedicando unos 5 o 10 minutos a ello. Al finalizar, es aconsejable aplicar en la zona una buena crema reductora y reafirmante que ayude a mejorar el aspecto de la piel en poco tiempo.

In addition to self-massages, to get rid of cellulite permanently, it is important to combine them with a balanced and healthy diet, physical exercise, drink plenty of water and avoid bad habits, such as alcohol consumption and smoking.

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