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Milk thistle

The milk thistle , popularly called Scotch thistle is a plant belonging to the family of composite and living in the surrounding areas of roads and highways and on dry land uncultivated. For medicinal purposes, its seeds, leaves and roots are used and its beneficial properties for liver health stand out, especially to detoxify and regenerate it, but it is also excellent for the body at other levels, as it helps to improve the health of the circulatory system, of cells, of the brain, of the skin, among others.

Composition of milk thistle

  • Flavolignans: silymarin (main active ingredient), silybin, silicristin.
  • Carbohydrates .
  • Linoleic acid.
  • Proteins
  • Fiber.
  • Vitamin C .
  • Beta carotenes.
  • Minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium and selenium.
  • Flavonoids: apigenin, camferol, luteolin and taxifone.
  • Phytosterols: campesterol and stigmasterol.

Properties and benefits of milk thistle

Next, we detail all the properties and benefits of milk thistle for health:

Protects the liver and improves your health : it contains an active substance called silymarin that is excellent for treating and protecting liver diseases against them, such as hepatitis , cirrhosis , liver failure or fatty liver . It also stimulates the regeneration of this organ and facilitates its purification by eliminating those impurities that can be deposited in it when it filters harmful substances through the blood.

Combat gallbladder problems: improves gallbladder health and prevents the formation of stones or stones in it.

Cell detoxifier: milk thistle promotes the production of glutathione in the body, which is a substance that acts as a cell detoxifier. That is, it improves their health and strengthens them, preventing harmful toxins from entering them.

Beneficial for diabetes : regulates blood sugar levels and being rich in omega 3 is good for preventing and treating this disease.

Lowers cholesterol: it has the ability to lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and to increase the levels of good cholesterol at the same time. It also helps reduce triglycerides.

It is an antioxidant: it is effective in actively fighting against the action of free radicals , which cause the oxidation of cells.

Beneficial in case of cancer: it helps cancer cells behave like healthy cells and enhances the effects of the medication that is administered against this disease.

Reduces excess iron: favors the elimination of excess iron through the feces. High amounts of iron in the body can cause liver damage.

Supports Brain Health: Helps prevent brain degeneration by fighting free radicals and contains substances that are beneficial for treating some brain diseases, such as cerebral ischemia .

Relieves menstrual cramps: improves circulation in the abdominal and genital region and can be useful to relieve pain and symptoms suffered during menstruation.

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Protects against bites: it has been traditionally used to protect against insect and / or snake bites.

It is anti-acne: by promoting the elimination of toxins, it regulates the levels of hormones and improves the health of the skin.

Haemostatic properties: helps to stop blood loss, as in the case of nosebleeds.

Anti-Allergic Properties: It is beneficial in reducing and alleviating allergy symptoms.

How to take milk thistle

Milk thistle can be purchased in herbal shops, pharmacies or stores specialized in the sale of natural products and consumed in any of its available presentations: infusion, liquid extract or capsules.

Prepare an infusion of milk thistle

To prepare an infusion of milk thistle, you need to obtain the seeds of this plant. You should heat 1 cup of water without boiling, add 1 tablespoon of milk thistle seeds and let it infuse for 5 or 10 minutes over low heat. Then strain, sweeten with a little honey if you want to improve the taste and drink. To take advantage of its benefits, it is recommended to drink between 2 and 3 cups of milk thistle infusion per day.

Take milk thistle liquid extract

Milk thistle liquid extract is prepared from the mature seeds of the plant. In this case, the recommended dose ranges between 70 and 210 mg a day ingested about three times a day. It is best to take 25 to 30 drops diluted in a glass of water two to three times a day.

Take milk thistle in capsules or tablets

Milk thistle can also be taken in capsules or tablets, sold in pharmacies or herbalists. Each capsule usually provides about 140 mg of milk thistle and it is recommended to consume 3 tablets a day, not exceeding 420 mg daily, in case of liver disease. Healthy people should not exceed 280 daily.

Side effects of milk thistle

If the top of the milk thistle plant is ingested, intestinal problems such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are possible.

In people who are hypersensitive or have an allergy to plants that belong to the same family as milk thistle, it can cause reactions such as dermatitis or eczema .

Contraindications of milk thistle

Before starting to consume milk thistle, it is advisable to be informed of its contraindications, since in certain cases it could be counterproductive to health. It is not recommended if:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You have hypertension, as it can raise your blood pressure.
  • You have an allergy to plants in the milk thistle family.
  • He suffers from liver diseases and is taking medication for them.
  • You have diabetes, as it can affect blood sugar levels.
  • You are taking medications for depression or other common medications such as ibuprofen .

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