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Milk or vegetable drinks


The vegetable drinks are gaining ground to cow ‘s milk . The known drawbacks of this (low fiber, possible relationship with higher cholesterol levels or risk of suffering some types of cancer), have caused us to have a less favorable view of this product.

Until a few years ago we considered cow’s milk as one of the basic pillars of our nutrition since childhood. Now things are changing. Their consumption levels continue to be the majority. However, its negative effects, in addition to its high fat content and lack of vitamin C and iron, have been widely publicized and are causing more and more people to seek an alternative.

In this context, lactose-free milks made from plant sources and water have begun to be considered an interesting option for those of us who do not want to give up this product. There are two key factors that can tip the balance in its favor : its good taste and its beneficial qualities for health.

Vegetable drinks

Everyone has ever suffered from mucous congestion, poor digestion or general malaise . There are also people with lactose intolerance . These can be, according to a growing number of specialists in medicine and nutrition, drawbacks linked to the consumption of cow’s milk.

For this reason, plant-based milk preparations have experienced strong growth in recent years, associated with the greater awareness among citizens about a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits .

Plant-based milk benefits

  • It does not contain lactose or cholesterol.
  • Low in fat
  • Higher percentage of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are beneficial for the heart.
  • High in vitamin B.
  • Balanced relationship between sodium and potassium .
  • Recommended for people with slow digestion, constipation or irritable bowel problems .

Types and characteristics

These are some of the main types of dairy drinks of plant origin, their characteristics and benefits:

Rice milk

The rice milk should not be confused with rice water, which is usually used for people with diarrhea. The preparation of this milk is made from fresh, ground and cooked grains, and it is fermented afterwards. Among its properties it stands out that:

  • It is a light and sweet drink without gluten.
  • It is very easy to digest, as well as relaxing. Its tryptophan and the content of B vitamins make it the so-called ” seed of serenity “, since it contains appropriate substances to obtain energy and regulates the nervous system .
  • Contains cleansing and hypertensive properties.
  • If we want to control weight, it will help us not to gain weight, since it has fewer calories than soy or almond milk, and it is one of the most nutritious.

Oat milk

Its consumption is excellent for people who want to take care of themselves and lose weight. Drinking it in the morning is perfect to give us an extra load of energy without fat.

Its large amount of fiber provides health and strength to the digestive system and makes us feel full and satisfied, without feeling hungry. Other advantages of this type of milk are:

  • Reduces cholesterol and diabetes .
  • High carbohydrate index.
  • Higher protein level than wheat or rice.
  • Provides fatty acids such as linoleic, essential for the body.
  • Provides antioxidants such as vitamin E, a proven slower of aging.
  • The beta glucan it contains helps reduce cholesterol and bile acids in the intestines, absorbing them and avoiding harmful elements.
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Almond milk

Another excellent alternative among plant milks, which is also indicated for children while they grow, people with low energy levels and those who need dietary supplements. Not in vain is it one of the most nutritious milks that we can find.

  • It is very digestive and easy to digest.
  • It is beneficial for anemic, weak, liver problems or malnourished people.
  • Stimulates brain and muscle functions thanks to potassium.
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis .
  • Contributes to lower cholesterol levels.
  • By having fiber, it fights constipation and reduces the risk of cancers, such as colon.

Soy milk

Among the milks of vegetable origin, this is the most widespread and popular in shops and supermarkets. It was born in China and spread throughout Europe and America from the year 1800. Let’s take a look at its benefits when it is organic milk:

  • Easy to digest.
  • Recommended for those allergic to lactose.
  • Ideal for diabetic people, because it slowly releases sugar and maintains its blood level without dips or peaks.
  • Reduce the cholesterol.
  • Its composition of isoflavones , proteins, fatty acids and calcium guarantees a good nutritional contribution.
  • It helps to optimize blood circulation and, with it, the healing of wounds.
  • Thanks to the magnesium and potassium it contains, it controls blood pressure.
  • It is highly recommended for women, helping them with premenstrual syndrome thanks to its isoflavones.

Nut milk

Of all the vegetable milks, nut milk is indicated for diarrhea. It is increasingly consumed because it has been shown to be the drink with the highest antioxidant content.

  • It prevents cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.
  • According to several studies, it is more beneficial than other antioxidants such as oranges, spinach, carrots or tomatoes, for example.
  • It has an amazing combination of fatty acids, vitamin E, omega 3 and omega 6, polyphenols and trace elements, selenium, copper, zinc and magnesium, which are perfect for our health and that of the whole family.


Not so long ago, plant-based drinks were a relatively poorly regarded product by consumers and consequently under-sold. But non-dairy milk sales have exploded in recent years. Those of almond milk , for example, have increased at least 50 percent a year. The same trend follows the milk rice , the oat milk and soy milk, while cow’s milk sales are in decline. We have a lot of information about the advantages and disadvantages of consuming both varieties. We, as consumers, with the supervision of the corresponding specialists, are the ones who must ensure its intake, depending on our tastes and health requirements.


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