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Mother – baby relationship

To speak of health in a child, one must speak of age appropriate maturity. Emphasizing that if there are no stumbling blocks and distortions in the child’s development process, we will speak of a healthy child . But without external care, no baby can grow into a healthy adult. Research suggests that ties between mothers and babies, or lack of relationship, can predict the behavior of children in romantic relationships of their adulthood .

The history of the human being begins before birth, because each child that is born in a world that pre-exists (context, family, wishes, etc.), and no one can get to know a baby as well as its mother or as that person who fulfills the function of mother; fundamentally at the beginning, since the mother will be the whole world for the baby, to the point that it is possible to say that “there is no such thing as a baby .

The mother is necessary as a living person , the baby must be able to feel the warmth of her skin, her breath, taste her and see her. The researchers found that babies who were closer and more attached to their mothers as adults were able to resolve relationship conflicts, recover from those same conflicts, and enjoy stable and satisfying bonds with their partners.

What role does the mother play in the development of the baby?

The mother is the first person she sees, hears and feels, therefore the mother-baby relationship begins in the womb. The mother plays a fundamental role in the development of the baby , as she is necessary to present the world to her little one. During the first 3 months , a very close relationship is created between mother and baby, characterized by an intimate exchange of signals and responses between mother and child. The baby’s empathic ability to mimic and regulate visual and auditory stimulation is gradually modeled and supported by the empathic responseof the mother. In some cases, where the mother-baby relationship is not sufficient in the first months of life, it is interrupted or there is an active failure in the mother’s response, a pattern of emotional withdrawal develops in the baby, where the baby avoids eye contact, is not involved with others, and is easily upset when social contact is offered.

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In the next few months the baby will begin to develop his motor skills , he will pick up objects and try to move. In these months the baby expects the mother to guess and fulfill her wishes and the mother tends to adapt, stimulate and support the baby’s expanding capacities and needs . Starting at 10 months, the baby will be able to move around trying to drive and examine everything within range. At this age, healthy babies with nurturing relationships are able to sense that there are other people with minds other than their own.

According to Winnicot, the baby will create the illusion of having created what he wants, what satisfies him: precisely the mother’s breast. But once the mother has given the baby the illusion that the world can be created out of imagination , she will have to put the baby through the process of disillusionment , which is undoubtedly a much broader process than weaning. Gradually the mother enables the baby to accept that, although the world can provide something close to what it needs and wants, and therefore could be created, it is not done automatically, nor at the very moment in which the desire or desire is experienced. the need arises.

There is nothing more powerful in human relationships than the bond between a baby and his mother . The baby’s relationship with his mother during the feeding is intense and includes the  excitement of anticipation, the very experience of the activity, as well as the feeling of gratification with the relief of instinctual tension that the feeding brings.

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