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Natural remedies to prevent stretch marks


Stretch marks are unsightly grooves that appear in certain areas of the body when the skin is stretched too much or too quickly and its layers break. It is common when there are sudden changes in weight in very short periods or in pregnancy . The areas most prone to stretch marks are the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and breasts.

It is important to avoid sudden changes in weight, as far as possible and, in case of pregnancy, it is recommended to use moisturizers and other remedies to prevent stretch marks . Even so, sometimes these little grooves appear anyway; Fortunately, there are many natural solutions for stretch marks.

Stretch marks are more common in women, although they can also appear in men. Due to the action of hormones in certain periods of the life of females, they are more prone to suffer them. In addition, socially it is less accepted that a woman’s skin is marked by these furrows than if it happens to a man.

Here are solutions and tips, as well as remedies to prevent stretch marks naturally and without having to shell out large amounts of money by having to use pharmacy creams and other similar remedies.

Natural remedies for stretch marks

Some elements help to visibly reduce stretch marks, making them almost disappear from view. We are talking about rosehip , horsetail, carrot, and even avocado . Let’s see how to prepare these home remedies:

Rosehip and almond oil

Both have a great moisturizing power, which ensures that the skin has a greater contribution of elasticity ; but also rosehip has regenerative and healing properties , so it is capable of recovering the skin after the stretch mark has occurred. They should be applied daily, after showering or before going to sleep.

Horse tail

Horsetail contains a lot of silicon, a material with great regenerative properties for the skin. This medicinal plant provides countless health benefits, as well as helping to fight stretch marks .

To be able to apply horsetail on the skin, 100 grams should be macerated with a liter of forty-degree alcohol, add ten drops of lemon and dilute in half a liter of water . The result is a perfect lotion to massage the affected area.

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Carrot paste

It is prepared by steaming the carrot until it is tender , then it is crushed and applied as a poultice on the areas to be treated, leaving it to act for thirty minutes. After this time, rinse with cold water. The results are visible in a short time.

Avocado-based creams

With avocado you can make different creams to eliminate stretch marks . They are highly effective, although they must be used consistently, even after they wear off.

  • Avocado and aloe vera cream : both elements have a great regenerative power. It is about liquefying the avocado with an aloe vera leaf and a tablespoon of olive oil and applying the resulting one on the affected skin. Again, it is necessary to rinse the area with cold water after application.
  • Avocado cream with oats and almond oil : the elements are crushed and mixed, applied to the skin and rinsed with cold water.
  • Avocado, honey and lemon cream : they also have healing properties, so the union of these three elements can correct stretch marks. It should be applied daily with a gentle circular massage.

Tips to avoid stretch marks

The best way to avoid stretch marks is to prevent their appearance , if the proper weight is maintained and the skin is well hydrated, the risk of them appearing will be reduced and, if they do appear, they will not be as pronounced and will be easier to eliminate. or to disguise.

Some tips to prevent stretch marks are as follows:

  • Massage the areas sensitive to the appearance of stretch marks every night with a moisturizing oil or with any of the solutions mentioned in the article.
  • Watch the weight.
  • Taking a good amount of vitamin C , helps the production of collagen, so it prevents them from appearing.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated at all times.
  • Following a diet rich in protein reduces the risk of stretch marks.
  • Consuming fruits and vegetables daily and reducing fat intake is essential as a preventive element.
  • Performing moderate exercise on a daily basis helps your skin stay in shape.

Remedies to prevent stretch marks are effective when used consistently and healthy lifestyles are followed. As mentioned, the most important thing to avoid their appearance is to prevent them. A healthy life contributes to having a healthier and more beautiful skin, as well as to enjoying a fuller life.


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