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If we assume that the human body is a car, we can say that vitamins are the gasoline that keeps the car engine in proper working order.

This is how important these nutrients are to the body, not in vain are they responsible for the formation of tissues , the production of blood cells and the secretion of hormones and chemicals from the brain.

Therefore, the deficiency in the body of any type of vitamin represents a health risk and must be treated through multivitamins .

What is the Neurobion?

The Neurobion forte is a multivitamin in capsules, injections and ampoules  that comprises a concentrated dose of different types of vitamin B12 and the application must be prescribed by a medical specialist.

There are many conditions that suggest being treated through the administration of vitamin B, for this reason we invite you to continue reading this eHealth article carefully where we explain in detail what the Neurobion or Neurobionta is for .

What does the Neurobion contain?

Neurobion is a multivitamin whose formula is composed of 100 mg of vitamin B1, 200 mg of vitamin B6 and 200 mg of vitamin B12 and that can be found on the market in the form of tablets or in the form of ampoules to be injected intramuscularly .

What is Vitamin b12 or Neurobionta for?

The main function in the administration of Dolo Neurobionta is to compensate in the body for a deficiency of vitamin B12 caused by an underlying condition, but it is also usually prescribed to treat certain symptoms mainly associated with the nervous and muscular system.

To learn a little more about how the Neurobion Forte works, it  is necessary to explain what the function of each of its components is in the human body, let’s see:

Vitamin B1

  • This vitamin is better known by the name of thiamine and helps the body’s cells to convert carbohydrates into energy , is involved in the transmission of nerve signals and is essential for the proper functioning of pyruvate metabolism.
  • You can find it in red meat, whole grains , bread , rice , pasta , fruits and yeast . The intestines are responsible for absorbing this nutrient.

Vitamin B6

  • It helps the human body produce antibodies to fight disease , regulates neuronal function, breaks down proteins, and keeps blood glucose levels in balance.
  • Vitamin B6 produces hemoglobin (a substance that carries oxygen to the tissues) for this reason its deficiency is associated with anemia. Butter, brown rice, meat, fish, and soy are rich sources of vitamin B6 .

Vitamin B12

  • It keeps the central nervous system in proper functioning , intervenes in protein metabolism and produces red blood cells. You can find vitamin B12 in liver, clams, eggs, milk, and cereals.

Neurobion injectable in Ampoules, pills and tablets

The intake of concentrated doses of B vitamins should only be carried out to reverse the deficiency of this nutrient due to its incorrect absorption, to treat diseases and to alleviate the symptoms associated with certain conditions that we will explain later.

It is important to bear in mind that for no reason should you self-medicate with Neurobion injection or tablets , since the excess of these vitamins in the body can also be harmful to health . Therefore, before consuming any multivitamin, it is essential to consult a medical specialist .

What is Neurobion prescribed for?


Anemia is a hematological condition produced by a deficiency of hemoglobin and red blood cells due to a deficiency of vitamin B in the body or the difficulty of the human body to properly absorb this nutrient through food.

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There are many types of anemia and Neurobion is usually prescribed as an adjunct to the treatment of chronic iron deficiency anemia or megaloblastic anemia. Once the levels of vitamin B return to normal, the symptoms of anemia improve considerably and the disease is usually controlled.

Neuromuscular pain

Consumption of B-complex multivitamins along with over-the-counter pain relievers has shown considerable improvement in the management of neuromuscular pain .

This is because the components of the Neurobion have a positive effect on regulating the functioning of the entire nervous system, which is why it is prescribed to relieve the discomfort of a depressed nerve , lumbago , sciatica , disc disease in the spine , muscle pain and cervical rectification .

People with a nerve or nervous system injury often take vitamin B multivitamins for a long time.

Nutritional deficit

Vitamin B is of the water-soluble type , that is, it dissolves in water and is discharged from the body through urine. For this reason, when a person does not eat properly, they can suffer from a deficiency of vitamin B due to malnutrition.

Depending on the severity of the nutritional status of the person, it may be necessary to apply Neurobion injections to restore their values ​​and health.

This B complex is also prescribed when there is a problem in the human body that does not allow nutrients to be properly absorbed , this usually happens in people with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal system. In a preventive way, Nervobion is prescribed in patients undergoing bariatric surgery to avoid postoperative malnutrition.

Contraindications of the consumption of Neurobion

In general, when consuming a vitamin complex such as Neurobion, it is not advisable to ingest other types of vitamins , especially types A, K and D. It is important that before starting a treatment with B complex you tell your doctors about the remedies that You consume frequently to avoid that some interact together with the Neurobion.

Also, excessive consumption of this substance can have negative health consequences , such as an upset stomach, abdominal pain, nausea, headache and a bitter taste in the mouth .

Although it is not very common, some people have an allergic reaction to the vitamin formula that manifests itself as any significant allergic condition, with skin rashes, inflammation of the tongue and respiratory problems.

Faced with these symptoms or any other side effect after ingesting the B complex, it is vital to see a doctor immediately.

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