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New food pyramid

Almost 20 years ago the United States Department of Agriculture, USDA (US Department Agriculture) created one of the most common symbols of nutrition: the nutritional pyramid. It is the pyramid that we all know, that we see in almost every package of products that it favors, such as bread.

Food pyramid and your business interests

The pyramid is verified with an extensive panel of scientists every 5 years, with the aim of ensuring that it meets nutritional needs and also that it is in accordance with all the latest studies. The problem comes when the department is pressured by some powerful lobbies like; the National Dairy Council of the United States, the Fresh Fruit Union, the Vegetable Association, the Sweet Drinks Association, the American Meat Institute, the Salt Institute, among others.

Although translated into Spanish they may seem small and almost joking institutions, the truth is that they are very important and powerful.

The panel of scientists creates a document of more than 400 pages of information from which the ideas that will make up a 100-page guide with which the pyramid is made are extracted a priori. However, according to Harvard University, the process is not very transparent and often the advice of scientists is not related to the final pyramid.

A small change in the pyramid is critical for the industry

The USDA Food pyramid is followed by a large number of people and professionals not only in the American sphere, but as we know in Europe and even in some Asian countries. A small change in the pyramid can seriously affect a food industry or on the contrary raise it . The pyramid tries to be impartial but finds it impossible given the immense commercial interests.

The new food pyramid or healthy pyramid

From Harvard University, instead of waiting for the USDA one day to end up making a perfect pyramid without taking into account commercial interests and only worrying about the health of its citizens, they have decided to create one that is truly in agreement with all the scientific studies of the moment. What they have called the Healthy Food Pyramid.

In the new food pyramid, exercise and weight control are essential. Why? These elements dramatically influence your health, how you eat, what you eat, and how food affects your health.

Important points in the food pyramid

Whole grains : Carbohydrates are mostly used for energy. You can get energy from good Carbohydrates (Fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals) and from bad Carbohydrates (sugar, soft drinks, sweets, sweets).

The best carbohydrates are whole grain whole grains like whole wheat seed bread, brown rice, etc. The body cannot process carbohydrates as fast as processed carbohydrates and this prevents rapid insulin spikes and just as rapid drops. This avoids that permanent feeling of hunger, control of blood sugar in addition to preventing type 2 diabetes and heart problems.

Good fat and oils : As we can see, it is located at the base of the pyramid, like what we should eat on a daily basis, this seems to go a bit against common thinking (probably because of the ancient pyramid, among other things) however it goes in favor of what the studies and the scientific community in general show.

Be careful, because we are talking about unsaturated fats such as: olive oils, sunflower, peanut, corn, non-transgenic margarines, seeds, nuts, avocados, and fatty fish such as salmon. These fats not only improve our cholesterol (when eaten instead of highly processed carbohydrates such as: bread, rice, pasta, etc. But also the fat in fish can protect you from fatal heart arrhythmias .

Vegetables and fruits : We do not have to mention how important these are for the proper functioning of our body, let’s try to eat more vegetables than fruits. The use of these will protect us with a multitude of problems in the body. It is worth mentioning that we should not consider Potatoes as a vegetable . Its fast energy content means that its consumption must be very sporadic, since its harmful effects are similar to bread, rice, pasta, etc.

Legumes, nuts and tofu : excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Eating nuts and legumes instead of red meat can significantly decrease diabetes and heart problems .

Fish, poultry and eggs : A very good source of protein. Fish is rich in omega 3 that helps us prevent heart problems. The previously demonized eggs for their high cholesterol index are actually a very healthy option and their frequent use is recommended . If you have a heart problem or diabetes, limit yourself to 3 yolks a week maximum and consume whites instead.

Dairy : 1 or 2 servings a day or vitamin D / Calcium supplements. Why does this pyramid limit the use of dairy? Because we do not need as much calcium as these foods provide us and they do not provide us with enough vitamin D. There are also very good benefits when we reduce the amount of dairy products such as reducing the probability of having ovarian or prostate cancer. In addition, many dairy products such as yogurts have sugar , others like cheese have too much salt. Multivitamins with vitamin D or calcium are a cheap alternative to find what we need.

Red meat, processed meat and butter : Use very sporadically because they contain too much saturated fat. It is simply better to avoid them since it has been shown that their regular use helps to generate colon cancer, myocardial infarction , diabetes, etc.

Salt, drinks, bread, rice, pasta, sweets : Use very occasionally. In the old pyramid they are at the base, however their high energy availability causes increases in insulin that generate overweight, diabetes, heart disease, chronic disorders. They should be discontinued. Salt should be used as a condiment, just like we use oregano. We don’t use it in all meals, right? Giving the salt point at every meal is a big mistake. Overcome the “bland” border and you will find that all foods have their own flavor. The use of salt leads to a multitude of heart problems and heart attacks.

Try to eat the healthiest and most natural foods. Flee from boxes, envelopes, plastics. Appreciate sacks and baskets. Try to always fill your plate with vegetables. A quarter of your plate with whole grain cereals. Another quarter with quality protein. Enjoy healthy fats, drink lots of water.  In our plate method , you will find a simple way to do this. And last but not least, get moving, exercise. And in these conditions your quality of life will rise considerably. You will be happier, stronger, more vigorous, less prone to health problems, fewer emotional problems and better physical.

How to prepare a plate of healthy food?

The first thing you should know is that there are endless foods that you can combine to achieve the perfect balance and in the best way, all without damaging your health. But best of all, is that you maintain control of a stable body weight . Doing so will help improve the digestive function of the body.

The preparation of your food plate should focus on three main groups, which you can determine by color to identify it more clearly. The first group is the green one, where all the fruits and vegetables are positioned ; the second group is orange, where the whole grains are and the third group is red, where the protein foods of animal origin are.

As you will see, they are presented in the colors of the traffic light to be able to more comfortably represent the type of consumption that you can have within each group. This means that, from the green group you can have a totally free intake , from the orange group it should be ingested in moderation and from the red group, with more care than the rest.

Of course, it is not about prioritizing food and positioning one as more important than the other. The key is to be able to locate the three food groups on the same plate , but respecting the quantities according to their color or also, according to the results we want to obtain. It is important to have the advice of a nutritionist.

What is a good diet like?

But to determine in advance if you are eating a good diet , you must take into account the following points:

  1. Complete: so that the body can benefit from all the nutrients, it is important that all the food groups are available in each serving of food.
  2. Balanced: each nutrient must be in the correct proportions so as not to fall into eating disorders; and this also goes hand in hand with the correct combination of foods .
  3. Enough: to lose weight you do not need to eat less, but to eat enough; where all the body’s needs are met in the face of nutritional decline.
  4. Varied: it is important that all the food groups are present at each meal, because in this way it will be easier to vary the menu so as not to expose good nutrition in an exhausting routine.
  5. Hygienic: each food must be cooked in the correct way and with adequate hygiene so as not to harm health.

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