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Orthomolecular nutrition


The orthomolecular nutrition is a type of alternative diet that seeks to free the body of toxins, nourish and rejuvenate . It is based on the premise that the biochemical composition of an individual is unique and is marked by their genetics.

Its defenders argue that diseases are generated by the lack of orthomolecular nutrients and that a balance must be sought by ingesting the missing molecules.

In other words, it recommends personalized doses of enzymes , amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, and antioxidants, among other substances. Although these components are in the human body, advocates of this type of nutrition advocate including higher doses to improve our health, stop aging and prevent diseases .

What is orthomolecular nutrition?

The supply of the aforementioned elements is carried out, in addition to the intake of certain foods, through injections or any other application in the vein . With a content that, according to orthomolecular theories, improves the health of the person, revitalizes and rejuvenates it.

It is perhaps this approach that has attracted many people, including some movie and music stars, to try these treatments.

A diet of this type seeks to supply the body with natural components appropriate for its mass, age and sex . It aims to provide the molecules that the body’s cells need to maintain optimal health.

In order to know what levels of metals, minerals and also nutrients a person has and to be able to design their diet, a series of tests are carried out. These consist of clinical analysis of hair, blood or urine samples.

Essential components

Among the molecules that we must ingest, optimized daily , in the correct amounts, so that each person covers their nutritional deficiencies, are:

  • Vitamins
  • Omega fatty acids. They are polyunsaturated found in certain fish and vegetables.
  • Antioxidants They stop the process of physical deterioration and aging.
  • Amino acids.
  • Minerals
  • Trace elements.
  • Probiotics
  • Enzymes
  • Complex carbohydrates .
  • Phytonutrients.

Recommended foods

Among the foods recommended in orthomolecular diets are the following:

  • Raw vegetables: lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, lamb’s lettuce.
  • Fruit in large quantities.
  • Cereals such as oats, brown rice, corn, barley, quinoa .
  • Natural yogurt.
  • Regarding the foods that are not recommended, some of them are the following:
  • Processed foods, with added sugars and saturated fats.
  • Milk.
  • White flours.

Indications and opinions

People who follow diets of this type tend to seek an improvement in their general, physical and psychological condition, obtain greater vitality, lose weight, feel younger and better looking, and prevent serious diseases.

The fact that it is believed to strengthen the immune system makes patients with diseases such as diabetes , rheumatoid arthritis,

For some, the application of this type of nutrition tends to improve general health and help prevent obesity, although the reasons for this have been widely discussed. There are multiple detractors of orthomolecular theories, which are accused of fraud, lacking scientific basis, and even labeled as dangerous .

Origin of this type of diet

A group of scientists, among whom Dr. Linos Pauling stood out, came to the conclusion in the 20th century that the industrial model of food production prevents them from containing the most nutritious and valuable orthomolecules for humans.

According to them, food is full of toxic substances, which can cause illness . They add that modern foods, that is, those that go through an industrial processing chain, cause many of the following health emergency signs:

  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Headache.
  • Obesity.
  • Skin conditions.
  • Hormone disorders.
  • Enfermedades denegerativas.
  • Neuropathic symptoms.

To the extent that more unsuitable cells are ingested, there is a greater chance of health problems such as those mentioned.

The development of this type of nutrition took place in Greece, thanks to the work of George Minoudis, a nutritionist who promoted clinical studies of the Hellenic Society for Orthomolecular Nutritional Medicine.

Benefits of orthomolecular nutrition

Orthomolecular products are those specifically designed to achieve a clear improvement in health, in an optimized and personalized way. They have been achieved after many trials and clinical work.

They solve problems derived from inadequate cellular nutrition. More specifically, some of its main benefits are the following:

1. Reduction of inflammation in different parts of the body

Avoiding inflammation in the body makes it easier for the correct cellular molecules to be absorbed. In many cases, inflammations are not detected in routine medical tests, but that does not mean that they do not cause damage to tissues and organs.

In addition, they impair metabolic work and the body’s ability to capture orthomolecules. Sustained inflammations that are not detected with medical tests can lead to intolerances and allergies.

2. Elimination of toxins

Using the intake of nutrients and herbs, we proceed to the detoxification and purification of the entire body, especially the bloodstream, the colon and the liver.

The toxins destroy and hinder the absorption of orthomolecular cells. And its effects are highly negative and include high levels of malnutrition. However, the way to detoxify the body must be gradual, to avoid an adverse result.

3. Improvement of the gastrointestinal system

By improving gastrointestinal health, we seek proper digestion so that orthomolecules are assimilated even better. In fact, the gastrointestinal system is the cornerstone on which the entire body and its health revolve. Thanks to it a correct digestion is carried out, with which the most beneficial nutrients for organic functions are acquired.

However, gastrointestinal system problems are common in many people. Indigestion or inflammation prevent the absorption of beneficial molecules to achieve optimal and total cellular nutrition.

It is important to know which molecules are missing from each person and in what quantities, in order to provide larger doses of the necessary orthomolecules.

4. Psychological balance

According to experts in this type of diet, there are numerous biochemical molecules, such as cortisol, serotonin or acetylcholine, which are secreted when the body reacts to stress or everyday problems.

This directly affects the gastrointestinal system, digestion, assimilation and the way food is metabolized and the transfer of good cellular molecules.

Balancing the neuro-immuno-endocrine axis with the correct molecules helps restore peace of mind and makes it easier for nutrients to metabolize.

5. Immune system and aging

Thanks to the complete and methodical renewal of cells, the immune system is strengthened and its ability to reject possible external agents increases.

And in addition, it keeps the body young and robust and inhibits the aging process.

What conditions does it treat

Those who are satisfied with an orthomolecular diet claim that it ends, directly or indirectly, with simple headaches , migraine , chronic fatigue, skin problems, obesity and chronic degenerative diseases. .

However, for others, being safe from these ailments depends entirely on our attitude, diet and lifestyle.

Far from being limited to a small group of diseases, proponents of orthomolecular nutrition also claim that it is effective for treating ailments such as multiple sclerosis, autism or even preventing cancer.

What are orthomolecular products

Orthomolecular products are high-quality food supplements that can be optimally absorbed by the body . There are also other products that help correct and complete cell detoxification.

The protection of our health goes through the prevention and application of correct therapies against diseases. We should and can be our own doctors. But dietary supplements, herbs, homeopathic or conventional medicines or anything else, although they may have a temporary benefit, do not solve real health problems.

As the theorists of orthomolecular nutrition defend, a truly nutritious diet is only achieved with the correct products. The detoxification of all the cells of the body is achieved only with orthomolecular products.

A proper diet with organic vegetarian food, hydration, regular exercise, daily walks, and positive thinking helps significantly. But if there are important health requirements, orthomolecular products, specially selected for each case, are a real help.

After the detoxification phase and the correct application of a diet in this line, it will be when the symptoms of the disease disappear and we will be able to continue with the prevention and optimal maintenance of our body.

Scientific basis

There are multiple arguments for and against orthomolecular nutritional guidelines . But from the scientific community as a whole, there seems to be a unanimous opinion on the fact that there are no studies that corroborate the postulates that support this type of nutrition.

That is, there is no scientific basis to claim that an orthomolecular diet can prevent cancer or improve symptoms in people with autism spectrum disorder. However, since the foods that are recommended are natural and healthy, following a diet of these characteristics does not pose a serious risk to health.

Even so, prolonged administration of vitamin supplements or injections with optimized formulas can be contraindicated in some cases and have an adverse effect on health . For that reason, there are doctors and nutritionists who advise against these practices.


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