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Personality test


Personality tests are standardized instruments that are commonly used in psychology. These tests are designed and used to reveal fundamental aspects of a person. In this way, we can predict in some way the behavior of the individual who performs the test , thanks to the fact that we obtain significant data about their attitudes, interests, way of behaving in certain circumstances, their feelings towards specific situations, etc.

This type of evaluation is somewhat indicative , since it allows to know psychological and personality traits of the person who performs it. With the data obtained, it is not possible to make an exact judgment about the person, and it is rather a complement with which to obtain relevant information.

Start the test

  1. They generally consider you:
  2. Conversing, you like to touch on topics of:
  3. At work, you prefer:
  4. When you are meeting someone:
  5. On weekends, you prefer:
  6. Would you prefer:
  7. Making decisions, you consider:
  8. Your room is:
  9. People think you are:
  10. In general, you have:
  11. When a friend is in an emotionally low state, you think that:
  12. When a decision has to be made, you prefer:
  13. In social situations, you find:
  14. When you observe a situation, you focus on:
  15. What is most important when making a decision?
  16. Doing a project, you usually:
  17. After a party, you feel:
  18. In a project, you prefer:
  19. Your friends would say of you that:
  20. On vacation, you prefer:
  21. Do you have:
  22. In the studio, you prefer:
  23. When you debate with others:
  24. You think that keeping a schedule:
  25. What activity do you prefer?
  26. In a project, you prefer:
  27. Normally:
  28. In a project, you prefer:
  29. Be the center of attention:
  30. Your ideal job involves:
  31. When someone criticizes your work, you usually:
  32. You like to take your life:
  33. When asked a question, generally:
  34. In general:
  35. Your acquaintances consider you:
  36. Would you rather:

According to the personality test, you are defined by the following patterns:

Here’s a summary of what each personality pattern means:
Extroversion : You tend to relate to others and openly show your feelings.
Introversion : You receive your energy internally; Being alone.
Senses : You are guided by the 5 senses and you learn new information progressively.
Intuition : You are guided more by your feelings and imagination.
Logical : You make decisions based on a logical and objective analysis.
Feelings : You make decisions considering all variables, including personal relationships.
Judging : You prefer to have your life planned and go closing stages.
Perception : You take life more calmly but with a receptive attitude.
Individually, these patterns mean nothing, but when combined, they manage to create unique personalities!

Personality tests are known above all in the field of clinical psychology, being used by clinical psychologists. This psychology professional uses the personality test as one more resource that supports his evaluation, to finally offer a diagnosis. This tool does not serve by itself to establish any type of diagnosis , with the results obtained.

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These tests are also used in the field of selection processes and in human resources, since they offer guidance on the psychological profile of each person, although not in an accurate way, but in an approximate way.

For this type of test to be valid and serve its purpose, the person taking the personality test must follow the instructions well, must be completely sincere and must not be influenced by what is more appropriate to put and what not . There are no more correct or better answers than others . Personality traits are measured and you simply have to answer with what you know about yourself about how you generally act.

As indicated, the personality test does not really serve to reach a final conclusion, rather it serves as an orientation tool for general knowledge about the individual’s personality . Used as a resource to give greater objectivity to the evaluation.


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