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Plugged ears

The clogged ears , despite not being a serious health problem in most cases, it is a very annoying situation, especially when it is prolonged in time.

The ear is divided into a total of three parts: external, middle and internal . The middle ear is made up of a set of bones, as well as a cavity that is filled with air; it communicates with the back of the nose through the Eustachian tube, a tubular structure whose main function is to balance any type of pressure disturbance that may affect the ear in some way.

Thus, a large selection of factors, such as height or certain infections can cause the Eustachian tube to become blocked and, consequently, the ears to plug. A symptom that in some cases can last just a few days, while in others it can last for several months.

What are plugged ears?

There are three types of plugged ears; the different groups are established according to the period of time for which this disorder lasts.

  • Acute: it happens suddenly and disappears in a short time. It can be given to both children and adults.
  • Subacute: it is known as such the disorder in which the plugged ears occurs for more than three weeks.
  • Chronic: occurs if it persists for more than three months.

Causes of plugged ears

Here are the main causes of plugged ears.

Excess wax build-up

In the vast majority of cases, plugging of the ears is due to an excessive accumulation of ear wax. This can be due to too frequent cleaning of the ears, which can cause the affected person to hear all sounds much lower and muffled than normal. In addition, other symptoms such as pain and discomfort are sometimes present.

The wax accumulated in the ear can be treated at home by applying a little oil or water to the hole in the case of babies and children. However, when this technique does not work, it is best to see a doctor to drain the earwax by suctioning the external auditory canal.


Another cause that occurs more commonly is the presence of water in the ears ; It is what is known as the swimmer’s ear. It occurs when water obstructs the ear, thus causing the sensation of plugged ears. In the vast majority of cases the solution to this problem is very simple: just tilt your head to one side so that the water comes out naturally.

Loud noise

loud noise , such as an explosion, can also lead to the symptoms of a plugged ear. In the most extreme cases, the person may even lose hearing temporarily.


Mucus from a certain infection, such as a cold, can also be a cause of plugged ears. And, in certain cases, mucus accumulates in the ear canal . A situation that requires medical assistance to establish the most appropriate treatment.


Ear infection is one of the most common causes of plugged ears in children. A disorder caused by inflammation of the middle ear that is characterized by being very painful; The main function of the Eustachian tube is the production of fluid in the middle ear, so that when it is blocked, it accumulates and causes an infection called otitis.

Changes in pressure and height

Earache during air travel is very common among both adults and children. And it is that changes in both pressure and height cause the ears to begin to clog . A good trick to avoid this feeling is to chew gum.

Ménière’s disease

It is one of the most complex causes of plugged ears, as well as one of the most common. It is known as such a disorder of the inner ear whose cause to this day is completely unknown; in the vast majority of cases it affects only one ear.

It represents one of the most common causes of deafness and one of its main symptoms is plugged ears; in addition, there are others such as dizziness, vertigo or pain.

Home remedies for plugged ears

Ear wax accumulated

As we have pointed out, the excessive accumulation of wax in the ears is one of the most frequent causes of plugged ears. Below we explain step by step how this pathology should be treated at home.

  • Currently in pharmacies you can find preparations to unclog the ears , both for children and adults. You can also prepare a home remedy based on baby oil and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Before applying this solution, it should be heated a little so that it is at a warm temperature and thus does not cause any type of problem in the ear.
  • Once the mixture is ready, the person should lie on their side in bed with the ear to be treated facing upwards . It is the best position for the ear canal to open completely. The liquid is applied with the help of a dropper until the cavity has been completely filled.
  • Then it should rest for around 10 or 15 minutes with the liquid inside the ear.
  • Finally, the ear is dried very well to avoid any trace of moisture that could lead to an infection.


Here are other home remedies to unclog your ears naturally.

  • Steam Baths – If your ears are plugged due to mucus, a steam bath may be the best solution. The best thing is to prepare an infusion of eucalyptus, a 100% natural ingredient that improves the functions of the respiratory system . Then, with a towel over your head, you inhale the vapors from it, taking care not to burn yourself with the container.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide also works very well to relieve stuffy ears. It is enough to apply a couple of drops in the plugged ear; It must be done lying down with the affected ear free.
  • Humidifier: in some cases plugged ears are due to excessive dryness in the environment. In this case, a good idea is to place a humidifier in the space; This helps to remove accumulated mucus from the ear canal.

Tips for caring for your ears

The ear is responsible for both capturing and perceiving all sounds . It is an extremely delicate organ, with extreme sensitivity, so it is important to pay attention to a series of tips to take care of it and, in this way, improve the quality of life.

  • It is advisable to avoid very loud noises as much as possible , such as knocks, loudspeakers at a concert, works in the street … If you work with loud noises, plugs should be used so that the ears are not affected.
  • When using headphones , these should always be at an adequate volume; the most advisable thing is that they do not exceed 60% of their volume. To know that the headphones are at the correct volume, you must hear the sounds around you.
  • After showering, it is essential to dry your ears very well to avoid any possible fungal infection.
  • And finally, it is very important to keep your ears clean, paying attention to their hygiene during personal hygiene. Having some wax is necessary for the ear to be balanced and protect it from any possible infection.


The clogged ears , as we have noted, is a condition that in the vast majority of cases is not of gravity from the medical point of view. However, it creates a most uncomfortable feeling since it does not allow you to hear well, and can even lead to dizziness and loss of balance.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the advice that we have explained in the previous point to take care of the ears and to attend to the basic precautions regarding

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