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Positive thoughts: characteristics and benefits

Positive thinking is what allows us to be optimistic and maintain a quality of thoughts in tune with the positive, not only in the personal sphere, but also in the professional one. Now, what are the benefits of positive thoughts? What are their characteristics? How to identify a person with positive thoughts?

To answer these and other questions on the subject, do not stop reading to the end and take note of what will be of great help to achieve what you want, work for what you dream of and maintain the correct attitude without seeing yourself in need of surrender.

Why is it difficult to have positive thoughts?

Of course, we anticipate in advance that it is not an easy task, since it is medically proven that human beings have more than 50 thousand thoughts a day , most of which are negative or linked to the past.

In addition, the day to day and routine, as well as society can lead us to hold negativity as something normal . But by having a jewel in our body such as the brain, it is possible that the human being can modify such a situation and enjoy other types of thoughts.

To do this, it requires perseverance and effort, like any other habit, to achieve it successfully. And without a doubt, it is necessary, since there are many benefits that are obtained when positive thoughts take center stage in people’s lives.

Benefits of positive thoughts

Like any habit, positive thinking requires effort and perseverance , but the payoff is worth it. Being optimistic improves health, reduces stress levels and facilitates the achievement of goals, which consequently contributes to being happier. And if you feel good, those around you will feel better.

From a psychological point of view, having positive thoughts has a significant impact on levels of stress , anxiety and frustration ; which means that , thanks to such thoughts can enjoy good health. But to have a clearer vision, pay attention to the following list of benefits of positive thoughts:

  • Life expectancy increases.
  • Decrease in states of depression.
  • Less experiences of suffering.
  • Resistance to virus or mild colds.
  • Better physical and mental well-being.
  • Quality in cardiovascular health.
  • Ability to face difficult situations.
  • Reduction of stress, anxiety and frustration.

Without a doubt, there are valuable benefits that are experienced by having positive thoughts, since it not only prevents physical problems, but also mental problems. In addition, such positivity is also capable of maintaining an appropriate attitude and personality in situations that seem to be impossible.

Characteristics of a person with positive thoughts

Does not fall into confusion

This means that the person with positive thoughts has a clear line between giving up and letting go, so they do not easily cling to ideas or beliefs that are not useful or healthy for their personal optimism.

Makes things happen

The person with positive thoughts does not expect to have a good day, but acts accordingly so that everything goes well , gets involved in each process and seeks the necessary changes in difficult situations.

Does not hold on to the past

What happened is in the past, so he does not focus on making a living from it. And in case of negative episodes, he uses them as a springboard to project himself to a better future.

Be grateful for the things that happen

Although bad things could happen, the positive person in relation to his thoughts, only focuses on the benefits he receives during the day and is grateful for them. This allows you to visualize the good and not the bad.

It does not stop for limitations

Open your mind to the possibilities and opportunities that arise or may find, which translates into a correct motivation to move forward . Of course, it recognizes that there is no ideal or perfect solution, but there are other feasible ones.

Fears or fears do not interfere

Given the ability to know or experience new things, the person with positive thoughts does not stop because of fears or fears that may limit or prevent these new experiences to live.

Smile constantly

It is one of the most visible characteristics of a positive person, that although he also faces sad or difficult moments, the smile is mostly present in his days . And best of all, is that it tends to infect those around you.

Communicate ideas correctly

Correct communication is the only way to connect with other people , even with positive ideas, so they are communicative people par excellence.

Experience emotions

Although it does not always mean that they must be happy, the positive person is open to experiencing a great variety of emotions and even feelings , such as sadness or anger, all of which are essential to be able to be empathetic.

Take responsibility and don’t victimize yourself

Which means that you do not seek to blame others for something you have done, or to play a victim role when it is not your role. On the contrary, it seeks to help and support other people .

What to do to have positive thoughts?

Change or modify the language

The way we communicate says a lot about what we think, so the words we use for that communication are of great importance in fostering quality positive thinking .

Therefore, when you listen to a message several times, it could become true for you. So it is important that you manage to reduce some words or expressions that rather fall into negativity or limitations. As for example: I will never be able to do it, if I had done that, I will never achieve; also those phrases that precede the word no.

Focus on the present

Getting ahead of the present only brings anxiety and sometimes frustration, so it is better to live in the present and invest the time in things that really empower those you live now. All this in order not to give place to negative thoughts that have a harmful effect on the entire organism.

Do a physical activity or sport

The power of physical activity on people’s health and well-being is well known, since the release of endorphins , as well as the analgesic effect, are necessary to enjoy that post-workout happiness and even fun.

Resilience capacity

Not only can you, but you feel comfortable overcoming problems, difficulties, or difficult times. Which means that he does not stop to think about why things happen to him , but rather focuses on knowing what things he can learn from said complex situation.

Avoid toxic companies

It is no secret to anyone that bad attitudes are contagious, as well as good ones. Therefore, if you want to keep positive thoughts, it is best to surround yourself with people who also connect with the same and seek to get the best of you.

How to focus on having positive thoughts?

Yes, it is possible to transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts , and although it is believed to be a complicated process, it really only takes practice and patience to promote the habit . How to do it? Next we will tell you step by step.

Identify what you need to change

For you to be much more optimistic and enjoy positive thoughts , the first thing you should do is identify those situations or moments in which those negative thoughts occur , and little by little approach each situation in a positive way.

Control thoughts

Evaluate everything you think in an objective way, and when you feel that the thoughts are negative, focus on giving them a correct turn so that they transform into positive thoughts.

Have a sense of humor

Although there are always times to be serious, don’t be afraid of good laugh times, especially in situations where stress or anxiety are present. Humor is an ideal tool to activate positivism .

Healthy life style

Beyond exercising, eating will also bring you many benefits in terms of a positive attitude, healthy thoughts and correct stimulation of the mind .

Talk to yourself or enjoy solitude

It will always be necessary to have someone to talk to, but personal conversations invite you to reflect and ponder the changes you need to make, so it will be beneficial. They are also useful to give you encouragement and measure the things you are doing well . Whether you are looking in the mirror, having a coffee or while watching the sunset, loneliness is an excellent company to expand positive thoughts.

Repeat positive phrases

You cannot become an optimistic person from one day to the next, but if you practice and repeat some positive phrases during the day, you can send a message to the brain that things are changing , so you will have more acceptance with yourself and criticism will not. they will be so strong.

Examples of positive thoughts

  • There is a way to make things work

Certainly sometimes things do not happen as one would like, other times it is necessary to do something more than once for it to work. The truth is that, in one way or another, there is not one solution but many . Once you find it, you can optimize the way you do and see things with new strategies that are not stopped by physical obstacles, much less mental.

  • There’s so much to be thankful for

Before thinking about what was not achieved or could not, nothing better than to think about what did arrive, what was positive and satisfactory for you. By focusing on the benefits you receive and giving thanks , you will see much more clearly all that you have achieved and how little you still have to achieve what you want.

  • There are more opportunities to try

Opportunities sometimes only come up twice, or maybe more. But the fact is that they are always there waiting for you to take them or decide to act; Well, whatever it is, you have the facility to live another experience thanks to the fact that you can count on a new opportunity to do what you propose.

  • Commitment to the results obtained

Even when you do not see the results immediately, it is important that you do not lose that need for commitment that every large or small project needs, since focusing on the goal and not on the process , will allow you to achieve everything you want in the best way and positively.

  • Learn from failures and falls

Without bad experiences, there would be no learning, so failure is necessary to face a total success of any situation, because failure is what will allow you to overcome a fall throughout the journey that you must walk to achieve it. Therefore, no matter how great the failure or frustration, getting up and acting is the best remedy for keeping positive thoughts.

How to avoid negative thoughts?

Avoid bad body language

If you pay attention to body language, which is all that you could be communicating with your face, hands and posture; You will notice that perhaps there is some negativity in it. Such as frowning, hunching over, or crossing your arms . If so, bad body language could prevent positive thoughts from being projected onto you, and only give way to low self-esteem and low confidence.

Talk about what worries you

In most cases, negative thoughts go hand in hand with problems or emotional situations that affect the entire organism, and that remain there because they have not managed to get out through communication . Therefore it is recommended to speak with a good friend who listens so as not to keep things to yourself.

Empty your mind whenever you can

The brain does not stop working even when you are asleep, which means that it is always in constant motion. So it is not easy to master the negative thoughts that go from one place to another like a thousand kilometers per hour, but if you take the time to empty and discard the negative through meditation, reflection and even prayer , you can have better results. It will be like a kind of reboot for the body in general.

View a big picture with an overview

Sometimes when you think negatively it may be due to a wrong perspective on the situation. So, the advice is to visualize the whole picture, all the details that surround you and determine if it really is as serious as you think , if a solution can be found or if someone could help you.

Enhance creativity

One way to drive away negative thoughts is through creativity, as it is quite useful to even clear your mind of what is weighing you down. Some of the things you can do are the following: paint or draw something, write a poem, put together a puzzle , decipher some riddles, among others.

Each activity that you do hand in hand with creativity, will work as a kind of therapy that will activate the mood in a positive way and mentally free you from those things that do not allow you to move forward.

Take a walk or trip

Although thoughts, both positive and negative, are in the mind, the truth is that they are produced practically as a result of everything that surrounds us , experiences, companies and situations. Therefore, nothing better than taking a walk to enjoy new things, as well as being with positive people who influence this clearing of thoughts.

List what is good

The daily routine almost always ends up taking over everything, so much so that we forget how good we have and lose focus on what is really worth it; so many times you are not entirely depressed or thinking negative thoughts, but rather distracted .

In order not to fall into that, it is quite positive that you can list in your mind or a notebook, what are those things that are worthwhile that you have around you , as well as what good things have happened to you in your work or school day.

There is no doubt that positive thoughts have an unmatched power in the behavior and development of people, so their importance should not be ignored, much less the ability we have to develop more and more positive thoughts, which are those that build, they educate, correct and estimate.

Remember that it is not such a difficult task, but it requires effort and perseverance to achieve it; because the best changes always take a little longer. So start today, thanking the good, looking for solutions and alternatives to change, meeting with positive people, and best of all; really smiling.

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