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Potassium permanganate

A the combined ions potassium permanganate crystals Condy known or obtained potassium permanganate . This chemical compound is one of the most important ingredients in manganese and in its solid state it appears a deep purple color. This substance can be dissolved in water to reduce its toxicity and its exposure to heat causes its decomposition and releases oxygen.

Potassium Permanganate Formula

The chemical formula for potassium permanganate is KMnO4 which translates to one potassium atom, plus one manganese atom and 4 oxygen atoms. Its composition makes potassi permanganat a powerful oxidant that can be obtained in different presentations, such as crystals, capsules and powder.

It is important to use this substance only when it is completely diluted in water or other substances, since otherwise it acts very aggressively and can cause burns. In this eHealth article we explain what potassium permanganate is for and what its most frequent uses are.

What is potassium permanganate for?

Potassium permaganate is a strong oxidant that, if combined with other substances, can even produce fire. Its oxidizing property makes this substance widely used in chemical processes and laboratories where it must be handled with great care to avoid burns through contact with money.

Potassium permanganate formula

The KMnO4 also serves for gastric lavage after white phosphorus poisoning or bite of certain snakes. Due to its astringent, antiseptic and deodorant properties, it is widely used in the dermatological field to treat conditions such as dermatosis and fungi.

Potassium permaganate is also used to clean impurities in water and remove residues in drinking water. This compound helps eliminate mold that concentrates in pipes, keeps drains in good condition and purifies water that is high in dark metals.

Potassium permanganate uses

Some uses of this chemical component are:

Purify the water

With potassium permanganate it is possible to eliminate any type of microbe, metal and residue in drinking water . To do this, it is only necessary to add 4 crystals of Condy for each liter of drinking water, mix correctly to dilute the compound and let the water rest for 3 hours before using it.

Potassium permanganate for wounds

This chemical compound has an important disinfectant action when applied to the body, for which it is widely used to clean wounds and prevent them from becoming infected. In addition , potassium manganate helps to eliminate bacteria , fungi and any microorganism that may prevent the proper healing of an injury.

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Eliminate fungi

Potassium permanganate is usually indicated to treat diseases associated with fungi , such as athlete’s foot, nail fungus and even bad foot odor. To use it for this purpose, as always, the crystals must be diluted in water and wait until they are completely dissolved, otherwise it can be counterproductive for the health of the skin.

Conservation of fruits

In the company of ethylene absorbents, permanganate helps to keep fruits ripe and without oxidation for at least 5 weeks.

To light a fire

Mixing potassium permaganate with glycerin makes it possible to light a strong fire. Therefore, it is not recommended to have these two substances close by, as it can cause a fire.

Sodium permanganate for corns on feet

Sodium permanganate helps relieve pain caused by corns and calluses on the soles of your feet. To do this, 4 crystals are dissolved in a liter of water and a tablespoon of salt is added. Once the potassium manganate is completely dissolved , the feet are soaked for 10 minutes and then dried.

Skin conditions

Due to its disinfectant , astringent and deodorant properties , sodium permanganate is prescribed by some dermatologists as a solution to dermatitis, rashes and beach fungi. However, its application is not always recommended on sensitive skin. Therefore, it is advisable to go to the doctor before using this substance on the tissue.

Is potassium permanganate dangerous?

As we mentioned before, one of the characteristics that stand out the most of potassium permanganate is its oxidizing effect. This property makes this compound capable of burning the skin and eyes and if ingested it can trigger bleeding processes within the body.

Also, inhaling the vapor that evaporates the manganate can cause itching and irritation in the nose and larynx.

The use of potassium permaganate must be done with great caution, responsibility and care, always remembering that its application should only be carried out if the chemical compound is completely diluted in water. Potassium permanganate can be purchased in pharmacies and is only sold with a prescription.

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