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Private health insurance


The  private health insurance  have boomed in recent years and have had a positive impact on Spanish society. In this post you will know everything you need to know about  health insurance in Spain .

What do you need to know about private health insurance?

Health insurance is a service that a citizen contracts with a health insurer. The insured executes a payment in exchange for healthcare.

These insurers offer to solve the most common deficiencies and problems in the public health area. It is no secret to anyone that one of the main disadvantages of the public medical service is the waiting time, which also increases more and more, both for surgical interventions and medical appointments, or to obtain test results. Complaints are also filed daily about the inability to choose general practitioners and specialists, or about shared rooms that affect patient comfort.

But these inconveniences are left behind if you decide on private health insurance, because most of these health companies offer you care in their own laboratories and clinics, which speeds up the wait and makes the delivery time of tests as well as the care itself efficient. with specialists. In addition, you also have the possibility to choose the hospital and the doctor who will treat you. Other advantages that stand out, and for which it is worth investing, is in the use of new technologies and alternative treatments.

Types of private insurance

When choosing private insurance, you should bear in mind that there are different types of health insurance. Your contract can be adjusted according to your needs and the service can vary depending on the payment method or the coverage included. But in general terms these are the main types of health insurance:

  • Medical chart without copayments . For the payment of a single premium you can attend medical appointments without additional charges and you can choose between all hospitals and care centers that have agreements with your insurance company.
  • Medical chart with copayments . The annual premium is cheaper, but every time you go to a consultation you have to pay a price; the advantage is that the cost of these consultations is a minimum of the real price and is billed the following month.
  • Medical chart + reimbursement . You can choose the health center and the doctors you want, even if they are not among the medical chart of your insurer, however you will have to pay in advance the cost of the services that are not included in your contract and your company will reimburse you, depending on the insurance policy contracted, between 70 and 100% of the cost of medical assistance.
  • Medical insurance without hospitalization. This service does not cover hospitalization costs.
  • Dental Insurance. This type of insurance is exclusive for dental treatments, it offers you a broader coverage than the public service at a cheaper cost than private dentists.

What does private health insurance exclude?

You should also bear in mind that cosmetic surgery, sex change, robotics and high-risk professional activities are excluded from  private health insurance .

What are the best health insurance in Spain?

According to the  rankings  published in recent years, the best insurance companies in Spain are:

  • Sanitas:  It occupies the first place in the  Merco ranking as the best Spanish health care company and has been maintained through the years, this gives much to speak of its reputation and its guarantee. This company was founded in 1954 and in 1960 it began to consolidate internationally. It also has four hospitals of its own and already has a presence in both Europe and Latin America.
  • SegurCaixa Adeslas:  It is the company that ranks first in the  Icea ranking for the highest volume of health premiums, and it maintains a very competitive value that covers from the minimum to the maximum healthcare guarantees. Among their plans they offer services to both companies and individuals.
  • Mapfre:  This insurer is also the leader in Spain, occupying third place according to the  Merco ranking and fifth place according to Icea. In case you didn’t know, Mapfre operates in more than 100 countries, has around 5,000 offices, 3,069 are in Spain and the rest are spread over five continents.
  • AXA:  This French company stood out in the last year and climbed eight positions in the  Merco ranking , occupying sixth place. AXA covers all the Spanish provinces with 7,000 points of advice and sales, it is also one of the largest agencies in the world since it has a presence in 56 countries.

Now that you know everything you need to know about  private health insurance , you can now choose between health  insurance in Spain  with greater peace of mind. Remember to always evaluate all the possibilities and that your contract is fully adapted to your needs.

Types of policies and health insurance in Spain

Among the extensive offer of private health insurance in the Spanish market, we highlight the following:

  • Expense reimbursement policy . It is the one that is responsible for canceling the total debt of the medical bill, in some cases, once delivered to the patient. On other occasions, the reimbursement occurs when the user has already paid, that is, this policy is responsible for returning the money spent.
  • Subsidy and indemnity insurance . It is classified, in turn, into family, individual and group insurance. It offers full insurance at the surgical level and other medical at the hospital level.
  • Health care insurance . This type of insurance generally covers pediatric or gynecological services, among other specialties. Likewise, it takes charge of hospitalization, nursing services, ambulances, home and hospital emergencies, to give a few examples.

The types of insurance and policies offered in Spain are for each type of family and individual. Each classification allows a family to choose the appropriate one according to their health and economic level:

  1. The reimbursement policy is designed for wealthy people, since at the time of the emergency they can pay the amount of the total medical bill, and the policy will subsequently pay the insured person the total amount spent.
  2. Subsidy and indemnity insurance are for families who can opt for this type of insurance and choose, according to its classification, the best one for each individual in the family. In this type of insurance you must be more cautious, since you must know very well what it covers.
  3. Health care insurance should be considered based on the services offered, if these are the ones you are going to use more regularly and, consequently, the ones that will benefit you the most.

Medical insurance for foreigners

For each of the aforementioned insurances, a service is offered for foreigners in the country (immigrants). Of course, these people must be up to date with the corresponding paperwork in order to purchase said insurance and take advantage of its benefits.

For foreigners there is a certain variety of demands. Foreigners from the European Union have benefits to opt for insurance in less than three months, which is what is required to be legally in the country. This group includes, for example, foreigners with a scholarship to study in the country, who must necessarily have health insurance when arriving in Spain. This must have full health coverage.

Spain is one of the countries that offers and guarantees one of the best methods and techniques in health matters worldwide, both in the public and private sectors. This nation has been characterized by being a pioneer in health. It is easily accessible, has innovative technology in terms of health machines, in addition to having a qualified medical staff in the different types of specialty nationwide.

As you can see, the private health insurance available in Spain is designed for each type of person and family. Each insurance has its own contract and security policies. Therefore, anyone who wants to buy insurance should read the conditions and benefits that it offers well. Do you already know which insurance is best for you?


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