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The Pseudoephedrine is a potent pharmacological solution generates a series of advantages in certain diseases or incidents in the body, to the point that constitutes one of the most effective remedies for them. Because, indeed, one of its many applications derives from the constriction power of the vessels of the respiratory mucous membranes of its components. Due to this characteristic, it is one of the most common medications for patients to remedy all kinds of processes related to this important part of the body.

Well, as a decongestant that it is, it is one of the medicines that can never be absent to alleviate the discomfort caused in the respiratory tract. From the most benign, such as colds, colds or catarrhal processes. To other more complex indications that can generate greater medical complications in its evolution, such as in specific cases of influenza , bronchitis or even laryngitis or angina. Also its dosage is very useful in allergic episodes, such as those that occur in the always annoying hay fever . In any case, it alleviates all these symptoms, but does not treat the cause.

How does this medicine work and how is it taken?

Its application in treatments causes from the beginning that the inflamed nasal mucous membranes contract more easily. The main effect of this organic action is that it notably reduces not only nasal congestion, but also the edema that appears with certain frequency in this class of respiratory tract processes. So that in this way, the secretions in the sinuses are cleaned and the ducts that may be affected in the Eustachian tube can be opened. It is precisely for this reason that pseudoephedrine can also be of great help in solving the catarrhal processes that have their epicenter in the hearing system.

Pseudoephedrine is present in all pharmacies in the form of normal tablets and under a long action. Due to this characteristic, it must be taken spaced. That is, every twelve hours and never more than two tablets a day without the advice of doctors or pharmacists. Another aspect of special relevance in its dosage resides in the fact that it is highly recommended that the last dose be administered a few hours before going to bed. With the primary objective that the effects it causes in sleep disturbance can be prevented. On the other hand, under no circumstances should the prescribed dose be varied without the consent of the medical staff.

Its administration is orally and it is highly recommended that the tablets be taken whole so that their effects are as desired. Without splitting or crushing them and always accompanied by a glass of water or fruit juice so that it can be digested in a more optimal way. In any case, if after seven or eight days there is no improvement in the state of health, there will be no choice but to suspend the treatment and the doctor will have to be notified about the appearance of this incidence.

Contraindications of pseudoephedrine

In all cases, it will be very important that before following any treatment with this drug, patients are informed about the contraindications that its consumption may generate. So that in this way, they do not have any impact on the body. Not in vain, in the following situations its use will not be recommended.

When patients develop bipolar depression disorders since the component of this pharmacological agent can cause episodes of insomnia .

It can also present dysfunctions in those affected who develop some diseases or incidents in the body. As in the specific cases of ischemic heart disease, hypertension, diabetes or glaucoma , among the most relevant.

Side effects it can cause

As in most medicines, pseudoephedrine is exposed to a series of effects that can cause alterations in the health of people who take this medicine. Before the appearance of any of these manifestations, there will be no choice but to notify the doctor, since the medication could even be stopped in the patient. Especially in women who are pregnant. Because in effect, the following medical pictures may appear:

Alterations in mood: restlessness, nervousness or certain difficulties in falling asleep.

Some as common as headaches, vomiting, dizziness or even an episode of nausea may also be present in your treatment.

In other more severe processes, such as stomach pains and especially when you have a faster heartbeat, some of the damages may be caused by your medication.

Another aspect of great importance that must be taken into account during the administration of this medicine is the effect that can cause the consumption of products (food and beverages) with high components of caffeine. Because in effect, it can help to exacerbate the side effects of this pharmacological agent. Until finally causing certain alterations in the body.

Nor can we forget the indications on the interaction that can be generated with the taking of other medications. To the point of influencing the appearance of side effects of special relevance. Or even that the drugs do not work or their pharmacological benefits are simply canceled. It is a risk that can arise from these incompatibility scenarios between the various drugs.

To keep pseudoephedrine in the best conditions, it is not advisable that it withstand temperatures above thirty degrees. Likewise, it must be kept in its original container so that it can avoid the incidence of light. And finally, you will have to be very careful with its expiration date, which will be clearly stated on the packaging. Not surprisingly, it will be the best solution for this pharmacological product to fulfill its functions at any time.


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