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Tricks to tan faster


With summer just around the corner, one of the goals that so many people pursue is to get brunettes quickly. But beware, you also have to do it in a healthy way ; otherwise, burns can occur, as well as serious long-term illnesses such as skin cancer . Well, the truth is that there are a series of tips that help greatly to achieve this end. In this article we will see how to get a quick tan.

Getting a good tan basically depends on two factors: taking care of your skin and eating. Paying attention to some advice on both, everything is much easier.

Melanin: what is it and what is it for?

When we talk about tanning the skin, it is essential to place special emphasis on melanin . It is a pigment whose main function is to determine skin tone. High or low levels of melanin in the body can imply various diseases that affect both the skin and the hair or the eyes.

In the most superficial layer of the skin are those known as melanocytes , whose proportion of molecules determines pigmentation; from albinos, whose melanin levels are very low, to darker skin.

Types of melanin

There are two types of melanin.

  • Pheomelanin: it is the one that provides the darkest colors, which can vary from brown to black.
  • Eumelanin: this type of melanin is what provides light colors; from yellow to brown.

What is it for?

Melanin has key functions in the body. On the one hand, it determines the tone of the skin, as well as the hair. On the other hand, it acts as a protective barrier against the sun’s rays ; in this way, the skin remains healthy and, in addition, with a radiant appearance.

How does it work?

In general, melanin is activated by the contact of the sun’s rays with the skin. Thus, this pigment is responsible for absorbing them, thus favoring the change in skin tone and minimizing damage to it.

Melanin protects both the skin and the body from suffering any type of deep burn . However, prolonged exposure to UVB and UVA rays from the sun can cause an adverse reaction in cells, causing them to become carcinogenic.

Foods that promote tanning

A proper diet is essential to achieve a beautiful tan this summer. There are a number of foods that greatly promote the production of melanin by the body. We explain them below.

Carrot and tomato

Two highly recommended vegetables to get the best of your tan this season. They are foods with a high content of carotene , a substance that activates melanin. In this way, you achieve that much desired tan more quickly. And not only that; is that in addition, the color lasts longer.


Taking orange daily, either as fruit or as juice, is a 100% recommended option throughout the year, but especially in the summer season. And it has several health benefits. On the one hand, its high content of vitamin C makes the orange have great antioxidant properties ; thus, it is very effective in protecting the body from free radicals , such as the sun’s rays.

On the other hand, its high levels of magnesium notably favor the functioning of the intestine. And finally, flavonoids and beta-carotene help fight bad cholesterol, minimizing the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction .


Spinach is a great food for tanning because it is high in vitamin E, which helps maintain healthy skin and color throughout the summer.

In addition, this vegetable has great anti-inflammatory properties, alleviating the symptoms of a large selection of diseases such as arthritis , osteoporosis , migraine and asthma .

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Of course, hydration is essential to have a perfect tan. It is advisable to consume two liters of water daily . In addition, the consumption of fruits with a high water content is 100% recommended; during the summer, nothing better than watermelon or cantaloupe.

The best tricks for a quick and healthy tan

Here we explain a series of tips that are worth remembering to get an enviable tan this summer.

Skin exfoliation

It is essential to exfoliate the skin to eliminate the skin and dead cells accumulated in it. Otherwise, an area of ​​the skin will tan that, at the slightest touch or contact with water, will eventually fall off. Therefore, it is advisable to exfoliate the skin once a week with products suitable for each skin type.

Sun exposure

One of the big mistakes made by many people who want to get their skin tanned as quickly as possible is to spend a long period of time in the sun from day one. Well, the time of exposure to the sun must be progressive ; the first days no more than fifteen minutes, then you can increase the time to thirty minutes … It is not advisable to extend the exposure beyond sixty minutes.

Also, a good tip for a quick and radiant tan is to sunbathe more regularly, but for less time. Fifteen minutes a day is healthier than doing it once or twice a week for four hours. In this way, the skin will gradually change its tone.

Solar protection

There is a false belief that sunbathing without sun protection accelerates tanning. Nothing more far from reality. The truth is that the sunscreen cream does not influence the tan in any way; and its application is 100% advisable because it protects the skin from the sun’s rays .

It is important to choose the right product for each type of skin, with the SPF that suits it. As for the format of sun protection, you can currently find a large selection of them on the market: oil, spray, cream, lotion …


To avoid skin peeling as a result of sun exposure, it is essential to maintain good hydration both externally and internally . Thus, consuming two liters of water daily is essential to keep the skin in perfect health. Of course, you also have to hydrate the skin externally, with the application of a suitable moisturizer for each skin type on a daily basis. After sunbathing, it is highly recommended to apply an after-sun product.

Self tanners

If your goal is to get a good tan in record time, in the market you can find different self-tanning products, both for the face and the body. There are, for example, tanning wipes, which give very good results because they are very easy to apply and offer a natural tan.

You can find two types of self tanners.

  • Progressive tanning: these are those whose DHA level is less than 2.5%. They can be used on a daily basis, as a tanning moisturizer. Their main advantage is that they allow you to achieve a golden tone with a very natural appearance.
  • Immediate tanning: another type of self-tanner, these with a DHA content greater than 4%. As their name suggests, they offer an immediate tan, so they are used occasionally.

Achieving a spectacular tan in summer is very good, but you always have to do it with your head and in a healthy way. In no case is it advisable to sunbathe for more than an hour , as well as not applying a sunscreen cream. Taking the factors that we have explained into account and, in addition, increasing the consumption of foods that activate melanin and protect the skin and the body from free radicals, getting a tanned skin is very simple.


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