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Interpersonal relationships: what are they and how to make them good

When it speaks of interpersonal relationships, it means that association between two or more people , and even thousands; which are based on the exchange of feelings and emotions, interests, personal tastes, interaction or work activities, among others. But how do you make interpersonal relationships good? You will learn it below.

Do not forget that interpersonal relationships are the essence of life itself , since as human beings we have the innate need to get closer, communicate , know and learn from each other. So don’t underestimate the importance, power, and growth capacity behind interpersonal relationships.

Where to create interperonal relationships?

There is really no place or time that limits the possibility of creating or establishing interpersonal relationships , since it can be externalized in various contexts, starting with family, friends, marriage, work, events, sports, religion and much more; all as long as there is such a communicative connection between two or more people.

In addition, such communication within interpersonal relationships does not necessarily have to be done in person , since interaction through a communication medium or from anonymity is valid.

Why are interpersonal relationships important?

As you will see, interpersonal relationships are a very important and fundamental pillar for the human being , since it allows them to interact, know, establish and develop within a system with the rest of the community.

But that’s not all, thanks to the consolidation of an interpersonal relationship, the individual has the opportunity to enhance their ability to adapt in any environment, be it family, work or among friends.

Now, if positive interpersonal relationships are not carried out , this could cause disadvantages in all the aforementioned factors, which would cause isolation, depression , demotivation and poor quality of life in the face of the system that surrounds the affected individual.

What do interpersonal relationships bring?

Healthy attachment

The bonds of affection and brotherly love are as necessary as anything else, as a child experiences it when attaching to his parents; since this generates a lot of confidence and security in the person .

The same happens when it comes to a marriage or couple, where a healthy attachment is established with the person you love. Of course, not all attachments are positive , so you have to take care that they are good interpersonal relationships, and not emotional dependence .

Satisfaction of needs

When you have quality interpersonal relationships , you automatically gain support, respect, assertive communication and endorsement from the other person; what has been part of those basic needs that must be satisfied. This is especially experienced in the case of well-connected couples, where a simple look or a small gesture can explain everything and even much more than words.

Ability to solve problems

Interpersonal relationships also allow other important factors to develop, which are useful when solving a problem, since it is possible to understand people much better, empathy is generated by placing yourself in the shoes of the other, communication is sincere and focus, as well as propose solutions without falling into accusations or hurtful criticism.


Acknowledgment of mistakes

The fact that good or positive interpersonal relationships are established does not mean that there are no mistakes, errors or failures, since it is recognized as something normal and even necessary. Therefore, you have the ability to recognize but also to reconstruct what went wrong.

In this way, mistakes become an opportunity for growth, knowledge and learning. But there must be a will to want to solve.

What is the purpose of interpersonal relationships?

Given the positive benefits that interpersonal relationships bring, the purpose falls on the opportunity to promote good coexistence or human relationships with the entire system that surrounds us, all under a harmonious and friendly environment.

That is, avoid everything that may affect understanding or communication between human beings, since the main objective is to give or receive information, show a vision, order, emotions and even feelings . In conclusion, achieve full or absolute understanding of all people.

How to achieve interpersonal relationships?

Once interpersonal relationships are established , an approach should always be sought in terms of their improvement, therefore it is important that the communication that is being carried out is observed first , as it is an excellent starting point to determine what is what could be happening or how to prevent it from happening.

In addition, it is important to be clear about the visible differences that may exist in a comprehensive social system, where there is a great diversity of social classes, ages, ethnicities or races, religious attachments and cultural formations. Once this is understood, without the need to sectorize , interpersonal relationships can be enhanced.

How to do it? Below we will give you some tips or advice that you can put into practice in order to achieve or specify personal relationships with your family, work or friendly environment .


It is a relaxation technique that focuses on meditation , where the person can focus on their emotions and feelings to live the present with better vision, open and accept their mind to changes, as well as improve the quality of their thoughts.

Know your own strengths

When such knowledge is achieved of all the things and aspects that strengthen your essence as a human being, you can use them with other people to improve interpersonal relationships , such as creativity to create new things that benefit your environment.

Show positive interest

This can be much more evident when responding actively, since this describes your interest, especially when you are talking about something important. When you do, you will notice that communication will increase and in turn interpersonal relationships.

Keep curious

You always want to know more about the other, especially when it comes to a love relationship. But in general, when we like something, be it at work or some activity, the natural inclination leads us to look for more details ; so you must keep in mind that there will always be new things to discover, even when you think you know everything.

Reciprocal communication

Although the need to improve interpersonal relationships is only on your part, it is very important that mutual communication is established to be able to specify the ideas, opinions and criticisms that are weakening the whole process or can enhance it.

Tips to improve interpersonal relationships

If you already have many interpersonal relationships, the important thing about it is that you can keep them stable and positive . To do this, there are useful tips that you can put into practice to improve such relationships.

  • Learn to listen

Listening goes beyond keeping quiet while the other person speaks, as it is about paying attention to the maximum and focusing on the message that the other person wants to communicate to us. In other words, it is not enough to remain immobile and silent , it is advisable to make ourselves part of said communication without interrupting.

Although this is not an easy task, the best way to learn to listen is to begin by being silent ; only that, in silence to capture all the information that is being spoken to you. The difficult thing is not to lose attention.

  • Develop empathy

When you can really listen to what the other is saying, then you are on the right track to become an empathetic person, since beyond paying attention, you seek to understand everything the other person says. That is, putting yourself in the shoes of the other to understand why he acted like this, how he does it and how he feels about it.

In other words, developing empathy will allow you to have a more free and open attitude, without falling into unnecessary and negative criticism ; Well, everyone has a story that many times we do not know.

Worse when we manage to be empathetic people, we get more out of the message they want to communicate to us, since experiences are learned and deepened much more, as well as the improvement of interpersonal relationships.

  • Have confidence in yourself

When you have confidence in yourself, you automatically build trust in others and that is extremely important to provide comfort to interpersonal relationships . It really is not a complicated process, you just have to give yourself the opportunity to know how far you can go, rember everything you can achieve and even visualize what you want to become.

For this it is necessary to leave the fears behind, since this could limit or ruin communications; which makes fear a real obstacle to improving interpersonal relationships. One solution is to create communications that are a real dialogue or speech, and not a monologue.

Of course, for this it is not necessary that you transform into someone completely extroverted, you should only be the most natural thing during the communication process , without so many postures or elaborate words, since this will only generate suspicion for not showing yourself as you really are.

  • Always be positive

Positivity is associated with a smile, and to tell the truth it is completely true, since a sincere smile offers many opportunities regardless of some factors. We mention this because it is not a secret for anyone that a smile is capable of breaking down barriers.

In addition, the smile is also capable of building an emotional environment of great stability and in turn, reducing the tensions inherent in personal relationships . But the best of all is that by staying positive with a smile, it will be free, since it is a gesture of great kindness, it allows you to invite trust and increases good communications.

  • Have good manners

Education will never go out of style, regardless of the place or time, good manners offer great opportunities, especially in the face of quality interpersonal relationships . On the other hand, good manners also deflect frivolity from communications to generate consideration and respect.

Of course, there are many courtesy rules that can be taken into account, but there are some practices that are essential to enhance interpersonal relationships, such as the greeting when arriving or saying goodbye when leaving, thanking someone with a kind gesture, listening without need to interrupt or give way to an older person.

All these little polite gestures will say a lot more than you think . And without forgetting the attention span that you must give to the people around you; which means that it is not pleasant or polite to look at the phone while there are people communicating with you.

  • Manage anger or rage

When annoyance, rage or anger is controlled, it is possible to learn much more than you think, starting with patience . To do this, there is a great tip that can be applied when you are upset and consists of three simple steps, such as: remain silent, do nothing and do not move.

Doing it this way will allow the anger or annoyance to subside little by little and clears the mind to seek, perhaps after a few minutes, the best solution to the problem that is presenting itself. In addition, you will be sending a message to the brain of self-control , respect and patience, which will also receive the other person involved.

When anger is unleashed, hurtful words, criticisms, cruel gestures and consequences stand out that are seldom forgotten, many times in people we love and appreciate within interpersonal relationships .

  • Take small actions

It is not something extremely elaborate or expensive, since the small details always end up communicating much more in interpersonal relationships, since they are gestures, words or details that express disposition , brotherly affection and nobility.

Some of these small actions that you can take to improve your interpersonal relationships are the following: offer sincere praise to those around you , as this will reinforce mutual trust between the two parties. Another detail is to call the person by his name, because in this way you will be telling him that he cares about you and is someone close.

In conclusion, interpersonal relationships are nothing more than a great fruit of the effort that people must make to establish and maintain them over time. Of course, it is not a secret for anyone that human beings have the need to establish bonds of communion, but it is always necessary to reinforce them.

In addition, not all people turn out to be skilled for good communication processes, as well as to relate positively to their environment , so right there it will be a complicated but not impossible task to achieve.

And you will experience this once you achieve the personal relationships that you have, since it will automatically also improve your life, since you will have much more confidence, security, a feeling of well-being , as well as feeling motivated and even with the ability to continue creating bonds. with other people.

Therefore, do not forget the importance of meditating, concentrating on the emotions and feelings that you keep for your entire social environment, having the ability to accept changes or modifications in other people or even personally, knowing the strengths that make you be authentic within society, which you can put into practice to benefit the rest.

Also, keep in mind the fact of showing sincere and positive interest, not getting used to being silent while the other speaks, but also responding positively with gestures or small questions that intensify interest in what is being communicated.

  • Exercise curiosity

And finally, curiosity is the key to keeping busy with the little details, since you will want and can learn everything , even when you think you already know it. Like good communication, not only personal but within interpersonal relationships, since this will determine if everything flows well or if it is necessary to make adjustments, learn new ideas or listen to better options.

Remember that interpersonal relationships must be present in a mandatory way for the proper development of people as communicative beings by natural essence; Furthermore, it will provide qualities and benefits that will be useful for the future.

Which means that, when a human being does not have interpersonal relationships, unfortunately it could be a person with very low self-esteem , little or no capacity for communicational comprehension, prolonged discouragement before the rejection of a system that is related with intensity and Difficulty developing empathy naturally.

However, if this is the case, not everything is lost in that person without any interpersonal relationship, the first thing to do is seek help, perhaps with a person who thinks you can approach, a family member or ultimately, a professional of Mental health.

But if you also put into practice all the tips, steps and techniques that we analyze in this interesting article, you can be on your way to your next communication experience with another person. It is important to trust yourself, have security, a positive attitude and a great disposition to achieve those interpersonal relationships .

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