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The benefits of seaweed


In the world of food, new flavors , new textures, new trends are always sought . It is one of those fields that tries, at all times, to continue expanding and finding new spaces in which to search for ideas, concepts or elements. The algae marinas, at the time, was one of those Star, present in many food dishes. Today, they are still with us, and this is due to the incredible properties they have been shown to have for health. Therefore, we want to talk here about the most outstanding benefits of these marine organisms, given their relevance in maintaining a healthy and varied diet.

Nutrients in seaweed

The first of all would be its nutrient content . Be it the micro or the macro. Regarding the main ones, it is a food that, to begin with, provides a small amount of vegetable protein , essential for anyone. In turn, it is a source of minerals such as sodium or calcium. In addition to the valuable iron. This is directly related to anemia. A lack of it can cause this disease, which is synonymous with fatigue and lack of energy.

Its micronutrients are shown to be essential for proper brain function. Thus, in the same way that carrots, for example, are known to help sharpen and refine vision, these sea vegetables make the brain have more energy and can work longer hours and perform better.

Calcium is essential for bones and, in general, for the human body. And we usually think of milk as the main element that provides this nutrient to the body. However, algae contain up to ten times more calcium than animal milk. For this reason, it is considered to be one of those few and rare super foods, in the style of walnuts , capable of providing an immense amount of benefits in very few calories.

Their chemical composition is similar to the ideal composition of human blood, in the sense that they have a similar level of sugar or cholesterol. This makes it an excellent food for purifying the body or controlling blood glucose and cholesterol levels . That is, it works as a corrective capable of acting at several levels, not just one of them.

Another very valuable advantage is their ability to strengthen the immune system. This is mainly due to its composition and the effect its different elements cause within the human body.

They have a large amount of fiber . This is excellent for the intestine and for the heart, since it regulates blood cholesterol levels and makes evacuating much easier, allowing the cardiovascular system to work less.

In addition, fiber is an element that works very well when it comes to tricking the stomach, and it is that it helps it to swell, generating the feeling that one has been quickly satiated. For this reason, it is especially suitable if we intend to diet or want to lose weight. That is precisely what we are going to talk about next.

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Health benefits of algae

There are foods that are very healthy but that do not always help, for example, to lose weight . It would be the case of nuts. These provide many good elements to the body but, given their high amount of fat, they are not the best option to lose weight or to lose some volume. However, the opposite happens with algae, since it is an excellent option at a nutritional level and, at the same time, it is an interesting alternative to lose weight that every day has more followers.

To begin with, you have to keep in mind that they have a large amount of fiber. As we said, this swells and produces a feeling of satiety, so it is a very effective way not to snack between meals or not to eat too much food and, therefore, not to gain weight.

A very important point in all foods is the relationship between the calories they contain and the different nutrients or benefits they provide to the body . Those that provide less will be empty food or empty calories. In this case, seaweed meets one of the most requested rules: they provide very few calories, but all of them are beneficial, which means that it is a high-performance food that helps maintain weight and have a complete diet.

Another point to consider is that they have hardly any fat. In fact, the presence of unsaturated fats is minimal. This means that, directly, they do not constitute an element that is going to accumulate in the body and that can really make anyone gain weight.

They have an important presence in iodine . This is one of those microminerals that regulate the thyroid, that is, the absorption of nutrients. The thyroid is the gland in charge of properly absorbing food and eliminating it. This is directly related to body weight and fat volume. The better the thyroid works, the more fat it burns, and the worse it works, the more it accumulates.

It also helps to stimulate the metabolism , that is: the burning of calories that have been absorbed with food. In this way, the moment of being hungry coincides with that of needing new calories to burn, achieving a stable weight and an adequate behavior in front of food.

They have a natural sugar to correct different disorders that we could have. When blood sugar is not regulated, it can cause you to gain weight. Therefore, the algae help to avoid excesses.

In short, algae were, at the time, one of those fashionable foods. However, all the properties that they have been shown to possess have made them one of the essential pieces to ensure a balanced daily diet, since, as we reiterate, they are a food that contributes a lot and that, in return, asks for very little .


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