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Importance of self-knowledge and how to achieve it

Once human consciousness exists, self-knowledge becomes visible and necessary, as it is nothing more than knowing yourself, with your values, attitudes, personalities , behaviors, interests and those little things that make you unique. By knowing them, you are having a correct self-knowledge; which will then determine if your self-esteem is high or low.

But how can you achieve self-knowledge? What are the benefits of gaining self-knowledge? Does Self-Knowledge Really Matter? How to maintain self-knowledge if you already have it? To clarify these and all doubts, do not stop reading until the end and know everything.

Importance of self-knowledge

As you may have already seen, self-knowledge is a fundamental and indispensable aspect for the good personal development of human beings , since by enjoying knowing themselves, they manage to control emotions , establish personal relationships and set goals.

In other words, thanks to self-knowledge, a person can count on the due determination of what they want, even in the most everyday aspects of day-to-day life; which is very important to consolidate mentally healthy individuals .

But best of all, when encountering what turns out to be on the inside, happiness automatically makes an appearance in your lifestyle; Therefore, it is a key to achieving happiness and seeing a future with greater clarity.

Although it really seems easy to have self-knowledge, it is not; since it is something that goes far beyond knowing what flavor of ice cream you like. Self-knowledge focuses on a thorough and deep analysis.

What does self-knowledge imply?

As we have already been able to analyze, self-knowledge is that identification process that will provide you with a state of consciousness with various aspects of life in an integral way. But what does it imply? Well, it is not only about getting to know each other, but also about covering areas such as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This means that self-knowledge is not something general but personalized , like a kind of fingerprint, which will make you a unique person, like the rest. Of course, this is also attributed to who we are, since family genes , education, culture, environment, and personal experiences have a lot to do with who we are.

So when wondering who you are, remembering the past will be useful to provide you with valuable information about the essence that you have as a human being.

All this in order to obtain true happiness, achieve what you want and maintain a correct improvement is possible thanks to self-knowledge . Each of these processes is a constant practice, a meticulous search inside each person.

How to achieve self-knowledge?

Without a doubt, it is an activity that requires a lot of effort, as well as motivation, the desire to do it and time; since it is necessary to meditate, reflect and accept what we are and what we don’t, what we should and what we don’t. In short, a complete emotional dynamic to achieve self-knowledge.

Now, you may be wondering: How to achieve self-knowledge? What to do to get it? Which are the steps to follow? Next, you will have a simple guide so that you can direct your life towards self-knowledge.

First, you can ask yourself honest questions that you must answer honestly and deep meditation that brings out the best in you. Like the following questions:

  • How you feel about your past.
  • What is your feeling in front of the present that you live.
  • What qualities do you like the most about yourself.
  • How it feels to be around people and friends.
  • What is your way of acting when you face stress .
  • What things manage to disappoint you greatly.
  • What things should you improve?
  • What things really motivate you.
  • What can you expect from the future personally.
  • How you want your life to be.
  • What things should you do to change the life you lead and bring it closer to the one you would like to be living with.

By answering these questions and others that may come to light with the correct meditation and personal reflection, you will be able to formalize a guide that allows you to move towards self-knowledge.

Once you do this, you will be able to identify with a much more secure person , because you have faced the fears, fears, changes and modifications of what you are or would like to be, as well as developing a responsibility for the actions you take.

Other aspects that can help you are keywords that are essential to change these misperceptions , such as: sorry, thank you and please. These 3 words can give you a different vision in the face of any difficulty, or on the contrary, enjoy life experiences much more.

Forgiveness serves as a personal therapy to understand the things we go through, to understand that not everything can go perfectly and that moving on after forgiving, be it ourselves or someone else, is healing.

The graces attribute to the heart, and it is what allows us to visualize how far we have come or reached, be it a lot or a little. While the word please opens a gap to interact, know and expand the limits that for some reason or another are present.

How to improve the self-knowledge that you have achieved?

After you have achieved self-knowledge with a little time, it is important to keep in mind that you can improve it more and more , so take into account the following recommendations to achieve it.


Writing allows you to get to know yourself, especially if you make it a daily practice; Since that way you will be clear about how you think during the day and what things or feelings you have developed in your activities.

But the most important thing is when you reread what you have written , since with this you will get incredible feedback about who you are and what you want to be or want to improve. Without a doubt, an indispensable self-knowledge practice.

Avoid self-criticism and perfectionism

Although it seems ridiculous, self-criticism is like a lethal weapon for self- knowledge , as well as the constant search for perfection; since one suffers much more frequently from dissatisfaction and negativity.

In the same sense, the body also responds with diseases or illnesses when uncontrolled self-criticism becomes present and only shows you the things that you do wrong or have not been able to achieve successfully.

Take note of strengths and weaknesses

If you think you know yourself at all, once you do this you will realize that you do not know yourself at all, because little is reflected on the virtues and defects that as human beings you have naturally. But to avoid going blank when someone asks us what our strengths or weaknesses are, start by making a list of what you do and don’t have.

Know your passions

Hobbies, passions and tastes are also of great value to maintain correct self-knowledge, since it helps you to evaluate which activities, jobs or dynamics make you feel better, and therefore will give you a better self-knowledge hand in hand with the happiness.

Take time alone

Certainly few people like to enjoy solitude, but the truth is that when taking time alone, either while having tea or coffee, such silence will open the mental spaces to meditate and reflect on what you are doing, a space where you can listen to that internal voice to stop or continue walking.

You can also choose to talk to yourself in front of the mirror, that opportunity to see yourself at the same time that you reflect, will be a valuable opportunity to face a fuller knowledge of who you are, what you want and what you could be.

Analyze possible changes or improvements

There is a dynamic that is known as the wheel of life, which consists of establishing a circle with 10 things that you want to improve or change in your life, either in the short or long term. In doing so, you will be able to reflect on the possible steps you should take into account, as well as the decisions you must make to achieve this.

In addition, it will also motivate you to clarify what your priorities are, since you have written down things that are really fundamental. This will allow you to feel true self-knowledge , from the present to the future.

Accept help from others

Many times we have a personal vision very different from how other people really see us, and that can cause us to collide with some realities. But, to improve with regard to self-knowledge; One of the help you can ask for is that of other people so that they can recreate a vision of you, of how they see you, in an honest and respectful way.

To plan

Planning has been shown to greatly help improve self-awareness, since it allows you to see your goals more clearly , as well as strengthen the skills to cope with complications that may arise. If necessary, the professional help of a psychologist who can clarify possible weaknesses in the face of self-knowledge.

Benefits of self-knowledge

Connection with the inner person

In the first place, it is that a proper connection can be made with the inner self, which is what we really are, that inner voice that expresses to us what we should and what not . But if we occupy the mind only in the daily routine, it will be difficult to hear that voice, so we end up living a life that does not satisfy.

But by knowing each other from the inside, we can know what things really connect us and make us happy . Some people may find it ideal to be in contact with nature or to drain with some physical activity.

You know what you want and how you want it

By not knowing what we are, it is difficult for you to achieve the life you want, and not the one that others want you to live. Therefore, the path is much easier when you know where you want to walk , what things you want to do, and how you could achieve it.

You control emotions and feelings

Emotions and also feelings are essential aspects for the process of self-knowledge , since such emotions and feelings become visible in order to know what the level of affection of a particular situation is like.

In addition, they also function as the engine of decisions, so it is advisable not to block or impede their expression , whenever possible; but on the contrary, speak and express. But when dealing with emotions far from self-knowledge, which is when we do not know how to manage them, it is what can lead you to make wrong decisions.

Discover body language

By not listening to that voice, consciousness or inner wisdom, they can take another way to manifest through the body , either through body tension, stress and some headaches or back pain. It is important not to ignore them, since the body could be saying that we must cultivate self-knowledge.

Coping with unpleasant situations

Certainly no human being enjoys a completely perfect life, but there are certainly things that we wish we did not live that way or that it was different. Therefore, having self-knowledge will also give you the proper attitude to face difficult situations .

So two people may be going through the same complexity, but it will depend on the attitude so that each one acts differently.

Life is about learning

Although all human beings can experience pain, suffering may not occur in all people. Therefore, such pain, known to all, is capable of teaching and leaving a learning of what is good and what is not.

In addition, focusing on learning through knowledge will allow the person to take action and work for the proper transformation, change or modification of what they want. But by doing nothing, such pain turns into real suffering.

Brings creative thoughts

By focusing on the positive and learning, as we saw in the previous point, self-knowledge will also allow creativity to emerge to consolidate new experiences and opportunities that help you feel better about yourself, but above all, proud of what you have. accomplished.

Improve personal relationships

It is not easy to relate to people who are equally imperfect as you, but thanks to self-knowledge you can get to know yourself and understand why the other has some type of behavior in particular, for example. So tolerance and understanding is present to relate in a better way with the outside world.

Reduce tension and stress

One of the main things that accentuates stress is nonconformity where desires and the reality you live collide. Therefore, knowing yourself will allow you to evaluate what things do not allow you to move forward , what decisions you must make to achieve it and what solutions are available to you.

Which means that the control you have over yourself by having self-knowledge allows anxiety, uncertainty, tension and stress, to take a second place ; giving you peace of mind.

Brings happiness

According to several experts, it has been shown that knowing ourselves fully helps in a great way to enjoy true happiness , since we understand what we are made of, what makes us strong and how we can withstand any adversity that occurs.

Give motivation

Getting up in the morning with a goal in mind is synonymous with motivation, and that is possible because of self-knowledge, since you undoubtedly fill your thoughts with positive and fruitful things . Doing so will allow the day to change completely, believe it or not.

Otherwise, negative thoughts tend to take a toll on what you believe and of course, on the knowledge you think you have about yourself. On the other hand, by enjoying a correct positive motivation, the body will automatically respond with the reflection of good health and well-being.

In conclusion, self-knowledge on a daily trip that has no stops or stations is not something that can be postponed for a couple of days later. Do not forget that self-knowledge is what will allow you to identify yourself to all or many aspects of life, from the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual, so its development is vital for proper personal growth to be achieved.

Don’t hesitate to ask yourself, who am I? Who I want to be? All that introspection will be of infinite help to explore what is inside you , and what will also allow you to continue knowing in that constant search more and more.

Once you achieve it, you will realize that self-knowledge is the best tool to enjoy honest happiness, know your weaknesses and turn them into strength to face the complications of life, as well as control your emotions to make good decisions.

Once you consider having achieved that self-knowledge, you can be convinced of who you are , where you are going, and what things you should keep away.

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