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Surely you have heard many people say that they have removed their warts with silver nitrate , but do you really know what it is? It is a mixed inorganic salt that was discovered for its ability to separate gold and silver and that with the passage of time was attributed a series of very beneficial properties for health.

What is silver nitrate for?

The medical uses of silver nitrate are mainly on the skin, since its ingestion can be toxic to the body. This substance is part of a myriad of dermatological treatments and its benefits are truly amazing. In eHealth we have dedicated ourselves to investigating what silver nitrate is for and we will tell you everything in this article.

Properties and uses of silver nitrate

According to the World Health Organization, silver nitrate is a substance with caustic, astringent, antiseptic and anti-infective properties that can hardly be absorbed through the skin, not even when applied to the mucous membranes. With that said, we can mention the following medical uses for silver nitrate:

Warts and granulomas

The use of silver nitrate applied to the skin exerts a chemical action that destroys tissue cells and is very effective in eliminating warts and granulomas. Once silver nitrate is applied to the lesion, the tissue dies and regenerates, giving rise to new superficial layers of epidermis.

mouth canker

Thanks to its antiseptic and anti-infective properties, silver nitrate is used in the treatment of stomatitis. Stomatitis is an infectious disease that is recognized by the appearance of very painful mouth ulcers. Silver nitrate has proven to be very useful for the treatment of canker sores, as it speeds up the process of cleaning and disinfecting these lesions.

Eye health

The use of silver nitrate to treat neonates with the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae is also well known. In this case the substance is used as eye drops with a concentration of 1% and helps to eliminate eye inflammation.

Cauterize wounds with silver nitrate

Many medical specialists use silver nitrate to cauterize blood vessels or injuries that may be causing a nosebleed . In these cases, it is essential that the area to be treated is easily accessible, otherwise it cannot be carried out.

Precautions in the use of silver nitrate Attention!

  • The topical use of silver nitrate should be exclusive and this substance should not be used together with other components. Therefore, silver nitrate removal of warts, granulomas or canker sores should not be combined with other products.
  • The WHO has reported that the use of silver nitrate can cause irritation, dermatitis, burns and even skin discoloration. It is important to consult with a medical specialist if any of these side effects occur.
  • There is no study on the use of silver nitrate during pregnancy or lactation, therefore it is better to dispense with use in these cases.
  • You should not apply silver nitrate to open wounds.
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Recommended doses for the use of silver nitrate

In warts and granulomas

Silver nitrate comes in a silver nitrate pen or stick that must be moistened for the salt to have its expected effect on the skin. Once the bar is wet, it should only be applied during the session to be treated and extreme care must be taken not to touch any adjacent skin area. Therefore, the correct thing to do is to place the pencil on the spot or wart to be removed as long as the skin is not red or undergoing an inflammatory process. Similarly, silver nitrate should not be applied to moles or sensitive skin with dermatitis, rosacea or psoriasis . Its use is also not allowed on the face, genitals and mucous membranes.

In canker sores

To eliminate canker sores with silver nitrate, only a swab moistened with said salt at 10% or 20% should be placed on the lesion.

In the eye application

As we mentioned earlier, in these cases silver nitrate is applied in the form of eye drops with a concentration of 1%. It is advisable to put a single drop in each eye, let the product act for 1 minute and then rinse the eyes with plenty of distilled water.

Where to buy silver nitrate

Due to its popular use in medicine, silver nitrate can be easily found at the nearest pharmacy. Silver nitrate looks like a very thin graphite pencil with a sharp point that facilitates its topical application on the lesions to be treated. Despite the fact that this product is sold without a prescription, it is essential to consult with your GP about its use in the area where it will be applied.


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