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Seasonal skin changes


The different times of the year transform our emotions, our way of understanding the world and of seeing ourselves. They make us rejoice, depressed, feel more alive or a little more tired. That is why it is not so surprising that there are also changes in the skin depending on the time of year that it is . And today we want to talk precisely about this.

How the skin suffers in each season

It’s not just because of the seasons. In general, it is a matter of the weather and the time of year . How much light falls on the skin, the temperature it has to withstand and the wind. Spring is one of the most classic examples out there. It is more than proven that a large part of the population is in a more tired or dull state when this season arrives. Well, that also happens with the skin itself, which is losing light and color. The skin becomes somewhat tighter, and therefore the skin is stressed , causing unnecessary wear and wrinkles.

In summer things change a bit. To begin with, there would be the obvious risk of sunburn, which apart from breaking the fibers of the skin and therefore creating a feeling of old age, can also lead to melanoma , in the worst case. Another symptom that occurs is that of sun allergies, which in many cases can be noticed on the skin through rashes.

High temperatures can also produce spider veins , directly affecting the circulation of your body, especially that of your legs.

Winter and autumn, on the other hand, being cold months have, in general, quite a few advantages for the skin. Now, there is a particularly worrisome danger, and that is dehydration . This can be the cause of the appearance of different skin problems, and that is why it is so important to always keep this danger in mind. The low and dry temperatures cause the skin to dry out and can even flake it.

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Skin care according to season

Moisturize the skin: key measure in any season of the year

In cold seasons, logically, the best measure will be to bet on hydration . Here you can find different remedies or options, which will depend on personal taste or the possibilities of each one. Moisturizing creams are usually the best option, although the treatment sometimes has to be somewhat longer when hardness has occurred in some parts, such as the feet.

A moisturizer is also useful during the summer, as sometimes the sun can also cause the same process. In addition, the sunscreen will prevent wear, and wearing the body well covered and not too exposed in the hours of maximum light intensity is an excellent way that the skin does not wear out and does not end up creating an aged appearance.

Spider veins can be prevented with exercise and diet , movement is good so that they do not form, although you can also find cosmetics or remedies that act in this regard. It is in spring when more care must be taken with the skin since during this season allergies or other elements can irritate it easily, so something more specific care will have to be followed.

In conclusion , the different seasons produce significant changes in the skin that can have a very negative effect on its condition. That is why it is vitally important to know the dangers that each time of the year has, as well as how to avoid such damage


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