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Fungus on the skin


The skin works as our protective layer . Precisely for this reason, it is in contact with everything that surrounds us. This can be good, but it can also be very bad, especially when we think of different conditions, diseases or infections that can occur. The skin fungus is more common than it seems, and we want to talk here about them and give some home remedies to remove them .

Characteristics of fungi on the skin

To begin, you have to identify the affected area and its characteristics . There is not a single element that produces fungi or that causes them to end up appearing. Athlete’s foot is a cause. Also, other fungi will appear under the nail, and ringworm that occurs in some parts of the body can also be counted as similar. Now, some of these fungi are caused by bacteria and contagion, such as that produced in humid areas, but this is not always the case.

Sometimes white spots appear , which look like fungi but are different things. Lack of vitamins is one of the main causes of the appearance of different white spots on the skin. The lack of vitiligo is also another option, as well as simply being a birthmark.

In any case, all these problems have a greater or lesser solution . In the case of being a fungus, the important thing is to eliminate it effectively from the human body, so that it does not reappear. Although there are remedies that not only eliminate it, but also give the skin a healthy appearance again, these are some of them.

Remedies for skin fungus

The spots produced by the fungi are in quite specific areas of the body, such as the genitals, the armpits or the inner and covered parts of the legs. The reason is that these areas stand out for their sweating, and are always associated with heat and humidity, and precisely because of these circumstances they end up having fungi. Now, therefore, these stains must be stopped and the situation reversed. A great way to do it is with garlic.. It is cut into slices and left for a week in the fridge, mixed with olive oil. After those seven days, the latter has already been able to absorb all the substance of the garlic. It is passed through the skin once a day and, after a few, the infection will disappear, since the bacteria will have been killed and the pores will close somewhat, so that sweating is slightly interrupted.

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Another alternative is to eat that garlic. This will kill the infection from within. It consists of eating raw garlic on an empty stomach or before going to sleep, in this way it acts as an excellent purifier, which eliminates all bacteria or waste that can be found in the human body . If you take a few branches of parsley afterwards, the effect of bad breath will be partially canceled.

The aloe vera is excellent for correcting infections. Here it is simply a matter of passing the plant around the affected area so that the inflammation goes down. Then, that kind of slime that the plant has is passed all over the skin. And this must be repeated several times a day so that the infection goes down.

The sea salt is another excellent natural remedies that can do much good in these cases . It is usually better to lower it with some tap water. That is, the process would be as follows. First it is heated until some of the sea water boils, and with the excess salt it is mixed with some water and then it is passed through the fungus. This process must be repeated several times a day for several days. The salt would absorb all those negative elements and bacteria that it found.

As a last general tip, sea ​​water is good . Obviously, when faced with a fungus, you have to try to keep the area dry, so that it does not become larger or more dangerous. However, it is necessary to care for it and wash it, to maintain hygiene. If one is washed directly with sea water, it will not increase the fungus, and it even manages to reduce it slightly.

Finally , taking care of your diet is important, avoiding those foods such as those derived from cows, sugars or caloric excesses, which do not produce any interesting contribution and which stimulate the growth and proliferation of fungi.

In conclusion, sometimes skin fungi have symptoms very similar to other types of conditions. Therefore, it is important to know how to identify its origin. And a posteriori, there is a more than wide network of natural remedies that will help the area to lower, not spread and even eliminate them.


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