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A Spanish study manages to remit lung cancer

A team of Spanish researchers has opened a new path for patients with locally advanced lung cancer , combining chemotherapy and immunotherapy prior to surgery. An investigation that I have allowed to remit this type of malignant tumors in up to 80% of the cases.

Pioneering research for lung cancer patients

The researchers in charge of the study are specialists from the Spanish Lung Cancer Group (GEPC) . A total of 46 patients and 25 public hospitals from different parts of Spain have participated in it. The patients participating in the research suffer from stage III lung cancer ; This is the phase in which the vast majority of diagnoses occur.

The initial results of the research have been presented at the World Congress of this disease, held in the Canadian city of Toronto.

The promoter of the project is the president of the GEPC, ​​Mariano Provencio. During the Congress he will present the results provided by the first 30 patients, who have already been operated on after receiving the combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy .

As he himself has pointed out, in Toronto he will present the progress of the results so far, while the final data will not be available for a few months.

Lung cancer treatment

So far, patients diagnosed with lung cancer are treated with chemotherapy and then only some of them have surgery. The current prognosis for this type of patient is not at all promising since only 35% of cases survive beyond five years.

Lung cancer is currently the deadliest, accounting for 20.55% of all deaths from malignant tumors in Spain. In absolute terms, 21,000 people die each year from this type of cancer; 82% are men and the remaining 18% women.

Research carried out by Spanish researchers combines chemotherapy and immunotherapy for the first time in patients who have a chance of cure. These patients are induced to reduce tumor volume and metastasis. If the answer is positive, proceed with surgery. So far, researchers have succeeded in causing the tumor to die in 80% of cases.

In 60% of patients, the tumor has been completely eliminated, 100%. Meanwhile, in 20% of the patients analyzed, the tumor has been exterminated in 90%.

Lung cancer

Lung cancer occurs when there is an overgrowth of malignant cells in this organ of the respiratory system. In general, in its initial stages it does not give rise to any type of symptoms, so when the disease is diagnosed it is in advanced stages. Only 15% of all cases are diagnosed in their initial stages .

The most common signs of lung cancer are: tiredness, loss of appetite, dry cough , shortness of breath, and chest pain and pressure. Symptoms easily confused with other disorders.

Although lung cancer is not always caused by tobacco, it is estimated that the risk of suffering from this disease is higher among smokers.

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