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15 spices to replace salt in your meals


Sometimes it is necessary that we consume less salt, for example, if there are tension problems, surely the doctor has recommended using less salt in meals and avoiding foods that contain a large amount of this. For this medical condition, as well as for some others, the medical prescription is to reduce salt consumption to a minimum. For those who like tasty food and can’t stand having to prepare bland food, a very good idea is to cook with different types of spices, which offer a world of culinary possibilities.

Some spices that substitute for salt

There is a great diversity of spices and condiments that are used to season foods and make them more palatable. For people who have problems with tension, fluid retention or other medical conditions that require minimal salt intake, being able to taste tasty dishes without salt is a must.

The spices that replace salt are perfect to enhance the flavor of food, perfume dishes and make any type of food more palatable.

Some of these culinary wonders are, for example, turmeric, cumin, or cinnamon. But they are not the only ones, let’s see several more examples that we can use.

Cooking with spices to avoid using salt

  • The pepper , with its tangy flavor is perfect for seasoning dishes of all kinds: salads, stews, soups, pasta … even serves to give a touch to certain desserts.
  • The nutmeg combines perfectly with vegetable dishes with sauces like bechamel, eggs and even meat. Some people use it to flavor desserts, for example rice pudding.
  • The cinnamon , with its sweet and tangy is an ideal seasoning to bring character to dishes. It is widely used in baking, for desserts and cakes, although its use extends to the meat world, especially in Middle Eastern countries.
  • The cumin adds flavor to soups, stews, potatoes, fish, sauces and vegetables. With a small pinch, it is able to change the taste of an entire meal. It is a very popular spice in oriental dishes.
  • The turmeric saboriza food and tinged with a soft yellow color. It is very appreciated for the preparation of rice dishes, sauces for meat and chicken.
  • The spot , with its strong aromatic flavor, is perfect for cooking fish and meat. It combines very well with some fruits and is used in baking.
  • The parsley , an essential condiment of the Mediterranean diet. Its consumption, either dry or fresh, serves to give personality to all kinds of dishes: salads, soups, sauces, fish broths, meat or for certain dressings. A very tasty dish where parsley is the protagonist is tabouleh.
  • The dill is popular for preparing salmon to the oven or grilled, but not only serves this oily fish, but vegetable seasoning, potatoes, dressing mayonnaise, marinades meat and fish , or even to add some soft cheeses.
  • The basil is a very aromatic herb. Its smell immediately takes us to Italian lands. It is ideal for pasta, pizzas, rice, potatoes and white fish , beef or seafood dishes. Basil really goes with any type of food.
  • The rosemary , inseparable companion of a good rabbit stew, oven meats, fish or chicken. With its pungent smell, it brings freshness and naturalness to simple dishes, without much elaboration.
  • The sage is also highly regarded in kitchen. In addition to its medicinal properties, it can be used to cook fish, lamb, chicken or red meat. Its bitter taste is very good when cooking risottos and legumes.
  • The cilantro is widely used in Asian dishes, Middle East and Mexico. It is widely used in exotic salads and in sauces.
  • The thyme , with its pungent aroma brings a wealth unmatched casseroles, stews, soups, dishes with eggs or potatoes.
  • The Tarragon , refreshing and aromatic herb. It is used mainly to cook fish, although it can also be used for vinaigrettes and other types of sauces.
  • The oregano is a great joker for any meal. It gives flavor to salads, sauces, pizzas, pastas, cheeses … In addition, it has the advantage of being a good source of omega-3.
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These are just some of the spices that we can use to flavor foods without having to add salt. Taking care of health does not mean that we have to give up the taste of a good dish.

We can buy all types of spices in powder or herb . In case of buying them fresh or collecting them from the field, we must wait for them to dry and then pass them through a grinder. We should not store them before they dry as we run the risk of fungus. Experimenting with different flavors and combining different seasonings will make dishes more palatable .


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