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Pain in the pit of the stomach

In today’s article we are going to talk about pain in the pit of the stomach , a pain that can have the most varied origins and that, therefore, should be known to know what may be affecting us.

What is the cause of pain in the pit of the stomach?

About 30% of the population suffers from this problem at some point in their life, although, of course, not everyone suffers from it for the same reason. However, the fact that it is such a high amount shows that it is not an uncommon problem.

Here I detail some of the causes that can cause pain in the pit of the stomach:

  1. Nerves : Sometimes pain in the pit of the stomach has no physical causes, but is due to a situation of stress or anxiety. In these situations, it is convenient to relax and take life more calmly.
  2. Gases : Gases are also a very common cause. The origin of the gases, in turn, is found in poor digestion or having eaten very heavy food. In some people it may be necessary to control what foods they eat.
  3. Heartburn : Acid reflux can also cause pain in the pit of the stomach, and it is quite common in people of a certain age. It is usually resolved with an antacid.
  4. Irritable bowel : Irritable bowel is an inflammation of the intestine and colon area, and it can also cause pain in the pit of the stomach. It is a problem a little more serious than the previous ones, so it is advisable to visit the doctor.
  5. Medication : There are some medications, such as ibuprofen or some iron supplements, that can cause pain in the pit of the stomach. However, it is not dangerous. All you have to do is stop taking those medications.
  6. Eating badly : Eating too fast leads to the stomach working harder, and that can cause pain in the pit of the stomach. It is advisable to eat slowly, salivating and chewing well.
  7. Ulcers : Finally, an additional cause can be ulcers. This problem can be quite serious, so it is advisable to visit the doctor if the pain in the pit of the stomach appears when you eat spicy dishes and, in addition, you usually have vomiting.
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Natural remedies for pain in the pit of the stomach

Here are some remedies for pain in the pit of your stomach:

  • Anise and mint infusions: Anise and mint infusions favor digestion and reduce pain, as well as helping to relax the stomach. It is advisable to take them after eating.
  • Sage and chamomile : Sage and chamomile are very good for solving stomach problems and, in addition, they have sedative effects. They will also help reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Warm bath with stomach massage : Finally, you can take a warm bath and massage the area. This will not solve internal problems, but it will relax you, so the pain will go away to a great extent (although it may not totally).

As you can see, pain in the pit of the stomach can have many different causes, so it is convenient to take this information into account in order to be able to react as appropriately as possible when we notice that the problem appears.

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