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Stroke also affects young people

In the last week, the Spanish Society of Neurology has provided a series of data related to stroke, an increasingly common disease among the population globally.

It is estimated that 17% of people will suffer from it throughout their lives, half of which will suffer serious consequences, or will die.

Stroke prevalence in Spain

In absolute terms, each year in Spain 120,000 people suffer a stroke . It is currently the second leading cause of death nationwide. However, this disorder remains a great unknown among the population. The vast majority of people do not know what their symptoms are and, in addition, they believe that it affects only and exclusively elderly people.

While it is true that aging is one of the main risk factors for stroke, it is not true that the disease affects only older people. What’s more, in recent years it is increasingly common in people under 55 years of age.

Although there is several research on this topic, it is estimated that in just two decades the cases of stroke in people between 20 and 64 years have increased by 25%.

Experts believe that this fact finds its reason in several factors. On the one hand, exposure to risk components is becoming more and more common . On the other hand, the number of obese young people is increasing at a dizzying rate , which has a great impact on cardiovascular health. And finally, there is a great trend towards a sedentary lifestyle.

Stroke doesn’t just affect older people

Neurologists point out that it is essential to spread the fact that this disease does not exclusively affect the elderly among the population . Young people take longer to request help when they suffer from the symptoms of stroke since they do not consider that at their age this disorder can affect them.

Faced with certain signs such as alterations in language , loss of strength in some area of ​​the body or lack of balance, it is vitally important to seek urgent medical attention. And, the reaction time has a significant influence on the aftermath of a stroke. If a stroke is not treated in time, the risk of serious and chronic sequelae increases significantly.

The speed of attention is an essential factor in recovery. Therefore, it is important that young people know that they too can be affected by stroke and should seek help at the slightest symptom.

Stroke: symptoms and treatment

Knowing how to recognize the symptoms of stroke and act on them is of vital importance. In the vast majority of cases, people suddenly lose strength or feeling on one side of the body. In addition, they have great difficulty both speaking and understanding what is being said to them.

In certain cases there can also be a sudden loss of vision . Another sign that characterizes this disease is difficulty walking due to dizziness and imbalance.

Given these symptoms, the best measure is to call 112. In no case should the patient be transferred to the hospital on their own or given any type of medication. Once at the medical center, the specialists will determine if it is an ischemic stroke or a cerebral infarction.

The signs of both disorders are practically identical, but the treatment to be applied is different.

Stroke: risk factors

There are certain vascular risk factors such as age , sex or race that cannot be modified.

However, there are others that can be avoided by leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle: high blood pressure , smoking, obesity and alcohol. It is estimated that 90% of strokes can be prevented with healthier habits.

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