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It is the infection and acute inflammation of the Zeiss or Moll glands ( external stye ) or those of Meibonium (internal stye).

The eyelids are mobile skin folds that line the front of the eyeballs. They are made up of different layers, so that in the innermost layer, the tarsus, is where sebaceous glands called Meibonium glands are housed, which release their secretion through holes located at the back of the free edge of the eyelid. In addition, between the eyelashes there are other glands called sebaceous glands of Zeiss and sweat glands of Moll.

Causes and symptoms of stye

The infection is usually caused by staph and strep. An infection of the gland occurs with the formation of pus, which accumulates, causing an inflammation of the area and which later ends up being released spontaneously.

Styes are very common in the general population. They are characterized by the appearance of intense pain, with redness and heat of the skin in the area. Pain increases with pressure. The internal stye is usually larger and more painful than the external one, while the external one is more superficial. On examination we can palpate a well-defined, painful nodule that is sometimes visible.

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Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis is based on symptoms, no specific test is necessary.

  • Local heat will be applied, using compresses soaked in warm water, for 15 minutes, two or three times a day.
  • We will massage the area several times a day.
  • We will administer a topical antibiotic (erythromycin ointment or tetracyclines) twice a day.
  • Sometimes surgical drainage is required.

It is difficult to prevent, the only thing we can act on is to perform good eye hygiene in daily life.

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