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drug that is part of a group of drugs called beta-blockers, which work at different levels in the body. Its active ingredient is propranolol and the consumption of this medicine is recommended for the treatment of the following conditions or conditions:

  • High blood pressure or hypertension.
  • Chest pains (angina)
  • Heart conditions, such as obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Protect and take care of the heart after having suffered a heart attack.
  • Prevent migraines or headaches.
  • Tremors
  • Anxiety and social phobia .
  • Thyroid disorders.
  • Pheochromocytoma or tumor of the adrenal gland. In this case, it will be administered together with an alpha-adrenergic blocker.
  • Prevent bleeding in the esophagus, which can be caused by high blood pressure in the liver.

How to take Sumial: recommended doses

When taking Sumial, it is essential to follow all the guidelines indicated by the doctor in each case, respecting the established doses and duration as much as possible, since they can vary considerably from one patient to another depending on the disease or condition. to be treated, their age and state of health.

Next, we are going to detail what are the recommended daily doses of Sumial for adults , depending on the disease they present:

  • High blood pressure: 160 mg to 640 mg
  • Chest pains (angina): 80 mg to 480 mg
  • Heart conditions, such as obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: 30 mg to 160 mg
  • Irregular heartbeat: 30 mg to 240 mg
  • Protect and care for the heart after having a heart attack: 160 mg
  • Prevent migraines or migraines: from 80 mg to 240 mg
  • Tremors: 40 mg to 160 mg
  • Anxiety: 30 mg to 160 mg
  • Thyroid disorders: 30 mg to 160 mg
  • Pheochromocytoma or tumor of the adrenal gland: 30 mg to 60 mg
  • Prevent bleeding in the esophagus, which can be caused by high blood pressure in the liver: 80 mg to 320 mg

In the case of children , this drug can be used in some cases of arrhythmias and the doctor will indicate the recommended dose depending on the age or weight of the child. This medicine should not be given to children without a previous prescription or medical prescription.

In the case of elderly people , the doctor will adjust the doses according to how the disease progresses.

It is advisable to take the tablets every day always at the same time and eat them whole with a glass of water. Alcohol consumption should be avoided during treatment, since alcoholic beverages could affect the effectiveness of the drug in the body.

In no case should the doses established by the doctor or those indicated in the package insert accompanying the drug be exceeded. In addition, if you forget to take one of the doses, it is advisable to wait for the next and should not take a double dose to make up for the one that has been previously forgotten.

Contraindications of Sumial

Before starting to take Sumial, it is essential to know what all its contraindications are, as its consumption can be detrimental to the health of some patients. Specifically, it is not advisable for:

  • Allergic to propranolol or other components of this medicine.
  • People with asthma or wheezing or who have previously suffered from these conditions.
  • People who have or have had heart problems, heart failure, or heart block.
  • People who have had slow or irregular heartbeats, hypotension, or blood circulation problems.
  • Patients who have a type of angina pectoris called Prinzmetal’s angina.
  • Patients with a tumor of the adrenal gland who are not under treatment with other medicines.
  • People who have carried out or are carrying out a prolonged fast.
  • Patients with excessive acidity in the bloodstream.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Lactating women.
  • Patients with cardiogenic shock or diseases related to heart rhythm.
  • People with low blood sugar levels.

Sumial side effects

Consumption of Sumial can cause a series of adverse effects in some patients, so it is advisable to be aware of possible symptoms that may appear after consumption. Among the most common side effects are the following:

  • Cold hands and feet.
  • Slower heartbeat
  • Raynaud’s disease: numbness and spasm in the fingers, as well as pain and a sensation of heat.
  • Sleep disorders or nightmares.
  • Tiredness or fatigue

Uncommon adverse effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

In the case of presenting any of the symptoms mentioned above or others that have not been mentioned, it is very important to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Interactions with other medications

It is also essential to inform your doctor if you are taking other medications or if you have taken other drugs recently, as the interaction of these with Sumial could not be favorable to health. It is especially important to inform the physician in the cases detailed below:

  • Medications are being taken for diabetes , irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, or angina.
  • Adrenaline is being administered .
  • Medications are being taken for migraine headaches , ibuprofen , drugs for heart failure, for stomach ailments, for tuberculosis , for asthma .
  • You are taking blood-thinning medications, such as warfarin.
  • If nasal decongestants or over-the-counter medications are being used to treat a cold or any catarrhal process.

How to store Sumial

So that the drug is always kept in optimal conditions, it cannot be stored at a temperature exceeding 30ºC. It is preferable that it is stored in a place where it is not directly exposed to light and that is free of humidity.

In addition, it is very important to keep this medicine out of the reach and sight of children and in no case can it be taken after the expiry date indicated on the package.


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