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The best makeup tricks for summer

In the same way that we change the makeup tones that we use depending on the season, we must also adapt the products and the way of applying them to it. Putting on make-up in the summer and having the make-up last all day can seem like an impossible mission due to the heat and sweat.

To avoid this, there are some very simple tricks that are worth trying to show off flawless makeup despite the high temperatures.

Makeup tricks for summer

Here are some of the best makeup tips for the summer season.

Solar protection

Sunscreen is an essential product during the summer, both on the beach and in the city. It is important to choose a special one for the face since this area of ​​the body requires greater protection, as well as softer products. A good idea is to choose a solar projector with color, so that they can be used as a base.

A 100% recommended option since in this way the face is super light, and, in addition, with a touch of color.


Properly hydrating the face is very important throughout the year, but especially in summer. Failure to do so significantly increases the risk of skin being dry or red from the sun. In addition to the damage that this can cause in relation to the health of the skin, its appearance is also affected.


During the summer, the primer is not an essential makeup product during the day, although it is highly recommended to apply it at night . And it is that, in addition to preparing the face for the application of makeup, it makes it last longer.

No to mattifying powders

In the summer season, due to the heat and high temperatures, it is best to choose liquid makeup and cream eyeshadows . Otherwise, the powders will disappear in record time with sweat. Dr this way avoids having to apply several layers to fix it well, since in this way it is only possible to crack the skin.

Of course, when choosing the makeup base, it is important to choose the one that best suits the natural tone of the skin. During the summer, everyone likes to show off a nice tan, but it should be achieved naturally. Opting for a foundation that is darker than the natural skin tone can only create the unsightly “mask effect”.

Discreet shadows

A good trick to avoid a bad effect if the eyeshadows run is to opt for discreet tones , similar to the natural tone of the skin. In general, it is recommended to use this makeup product only at night, and always choosing liquid or cream shadows.

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The waterproof makeup is the best choice to show off a great makeup for the summer. Highly recommended to opt for a mascara of this type, as well as an eyeliner.


The lips are one of the most beautiful areas of the face, and therefore, more must be enhanced with makeup . The best lipsticks for summer are those with a glossy effect. For a discreet makeup, a good idea is to opt for a transparent gloss, ideal for daytime looks.

Make up fixers

And finally, it should be noted that some cosmetic and beauty firms have recently launched make-up fixers on the market , which are designed to keep makeup in perfect condition for a long time. It works in a similar way to hairspray, but apply to the face. In this way, the makeup lasts longer than usual.

Natural makeup, the best for summer

Despite the fact that strong and dark tones are usually great protagonists of the makeup collections of different firms, in summer it is best to opt for a natural makeup for the day. The heat requires that the face be as simple as possible, although that does not mean that you do not have to wear makeup .

To achieve that natural effect on the face, it is essential that the skin is properly hydrated, both inside and out. For this, it is essential to carry out a daily cleansing and hydration routine, with the most suitable products for each skin type. In the same way, it is advisable to drink two liters of water daily .

The makeup products necessary to achieve a natural makeup are three: concealer, mascara and blush. In the case of blush, it is best to opt for pastel colors, since in this way a feeling of purity and luminosity is created on the face.

Once the skin is hydrated, the concealer is applied , which is essential to hide small imperfections, such as dark circles in the area under the eyes, or areas reddened by the sun. The blush is then applied to the cheeks to give the face some color and make it look healthier. And finally, to get a deep and impressive look, a waterproof mascara to prevent it from running in the heat.

In a natural look, the lips take a back seat as it is about maximizing the naturalness of the face. Thus, if you are going to choose a lipstick, it better be in a nude tone.

With these simple tricks it is easy to find the most suitable makeup for the summer. The concepts are clear: opt for makeup that is as natural as possible, use the most appropriate products for this time of year depending on the type of skin, and hydrate properly.

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