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Tips for taking care of your feet in summer


The feet support the entire weight of the body. In addition, they endure long walks and sometimes suffer the consequences of wearing high-heeled shoes. Therefore, taking care of your feet is very important. Thus, you will feel a greater well-being and your health will be taken care of . In addition, their beauty will be kept in mind in summer , since it is a time of year when they are shown more.

It is precisely during the summer season when the feet are most damaged by the high temperatures of the sand on the beach, the straps of the sandals or the chlorine in the swimming pools.

At this time of year it is very normal for feet to be more dry and feel rougher than in winter. Therefore, do not forget to hydrate them a lot.

Hygiene is extremely important. You have to dry your feet very well after each shower. Special attention will be paid to the space between the toes and the crease that remains at the junction of the toes with the sole.

An antiperspirant or any drying product can be used after washing the feet, because excessive sweating can lead to cracking of the skin between the toes.

How to avoid corns

The calluses , chafing and blisters are the order of the day at this time of the year. This is due to the rubbing of the shoes on the bare feet.

If you want to escape from them, you have to try to acquire footwear that is comfortable and highly flexible so that it does not squeeze at any time.

It is also advisable to change shoes regularly and alternate shoes that are of different heights to take care of not only the feet, but also the back.

Using the pumice stone

Pumice stone is ideal for removing hardness, especially those that appear in the roughest areas of the skin, such as heels.

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It is advisable to pass the pumice stone over these areas at least once a week, if you want perfect feet all summer and wear sandals without problems.

Avoid fungi

It is very important to always keep in mind the possibility of foot fungus. In this sense, special care will have to be taken during this time of year. A shower in a public place or after leaving the gym is much more risky than you think.

It is a very unpleasant and annoying condition that results in enormous itchy feet.

Wearing good footwear

Among the tips to take care of the feet and avoid fungi, the use of good footwear deserves a prominent place. Rubber flip flops should be used at all times in places where there is a risk of infection such as the beach, swimming pool, saunas, public baths or gyms, as well as other damp places with the possibility of water on the floor.

It is also advisable to use flip-flops in hotels, both in the room and in the shower, especially if there is carpet on the floor.

In all other situations, the shoes must allow good perspiration and be made with natural materials. In this way, you prevent your feet from sweating and overheating, which will also cause fungi to proliferate. Socks and shoes must be changed on a daily basis.

In conclusion, foot care is always important, but especially in summer. Hydration, exfoliation and removal of dead skin must be taken into account, as well as the use of good footwear.


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