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What you should know before hiring health insurance


When hiring health insurance, it is important to pay attention to certain details that will be what will differentiate a quality product and that offers us guarantees of another that may have deficiencies or leave loose ends. For this reason, we are going to analyze what to take into account before contracting health insurance, a series of tips that will allow us to know that we are contracting what we really need.

Health insurance coverage

One of the aspects to which we must pay more attention is the coverage included in health insurance and, of course, those coverage not included and that may be interesting for us. That is, we have to analyze everything that our insurance offers us, and know if it will cover each of the aspects that we look for in it.

This is the first and perhaps most important of all the steps, and also the one that is most often overlooked. The insurer will try to sell us a product with an adjusted price, but this often means that this insurance will not cover all our needs.

For this reason, many times it is worth paying a little more each year and feeling well protected than not saving money that can later turn into a large outlay because our insurance did not include certain tests or care.

Dental insurance is not usually included in health insurance, as most insurance companies offer it as an alternative product.

Therefore, we must analyze if we are interested in hiring it, and if so, our insurance includes it or not.

Check if there are grace periods

Another detail that we must pay attention to is the grace periods, but what exactly does this mean? Well, in most cases, when we take out health insurance, from the first minute we will be able to access the usual tests such as X-rays, blood tests, etc. However, to avoid interested hiring, the company can establish a minimum period of belonging to the insurance contracted to allow access to other more expensive tests.

That is, when reviewing the health insurance coverage we will see that it includes certain tests, but we must know whether or not those tests will be accessible from the first moment we take out the insurance.

These gaps often exist to prevent people from purchasing health insurance for the sole purpose of covering the cost of a test that may exceed the annual cost of the insurance purchased.

The health insurance copay

Another detail to consider is the existence of a co-payment, that is, there are times when our health insurance covers certain tests or treatments, but not completely, but to access them we will have to pay an additional amount.

In this way, many times we can opt for cheaper insurance but that suppose us an extra outlay in the case of performing a certain test, or directly hire something more complete and have the guarantee that there will be no need to pay for said test.

Attention when we travel abroad

If we regularly travel abroad, it is essential that we analyze whether our health insurance will cover us outside the country of contracting.

In fact, we will have to analyze this aspect even if we do not usually leave the country frequently, since when it is time to make the trip, it is appropriate to have a clear idea of ​​whether or not we will be covered.

Diseases developed before hiring

It is necessary to consider the preexistences, which are those diseases that we already suffered before contracting the insurance.

In the first place, if the disease has been previously diagnosed, there is an obligation to indicate its existence in the form that we will fill out at the time of contracting the insurance.

But not only diseases already developed will be considered, but also symptoms or even covert diseases that are in development.

That is, after an assessment, our insurance may not attend a certain case if it considers that our disease started before the insurance was signed, whether it was the developed disease, the previous existence of symptoms or even the incubation or development of the disease without symptom.

The medical chart

Another point that may be interesting to consult is the medical chart, that is, the professionals that will be at our disposal, as well as the possibility of choosing which of them we want our doctor to be.

The reputation of the insurance company

It is also advisable to analyze the reputation of the insurer with which we are going to contract our health insurance. This implies not only patient and client care, but also the type of facilities it has and the medical equipment that will be at our disposal.

It must be taken into account that many insurers divert certain tests and care to other companies or public services, something that may not be of interest to us at all since the quality of care tends to decrease in these cases.

Another important detail of the reputation of the insurer is its ability to serve patients in the shortest possible time. One of the main reasons why many opt for private health insurance is precisely to eliminate the queues that at other times has meant waiting even months for a simple test. For this reason, it is essential that we know the speed with which we are going to be treated.

The solvency of the insurer

In addition to, as we said before, taking into account the insurer’s own facilities, the solvency of the same must also be considered.

This means that we are going to find different types of insurers, some of them being international and even considered leaders in the health sector, while others will be local.

It is a detail that we must take into account to be convinced that at all times the agreement in the contract will be fulfilled without this posing a problem for the company that we have hired.

Make a correct insurance comparison

There are many aspects to consider when making an insurance comparison. Not only must we take into account the price, something that of course will be important, but above all we will analyze what health insurance includes for said price, that is, what coverage we are going to have, what are the characteristics of the insurance to be contracted, if there are grace periods, insurance conditions, etc.

These are basically some of the details to take into account before hiring health insurance, and of course we must not forget that our best health insurance is a healthy life, balanced diet and regular physical exercise, but be supported before the appearance of Any illness, or even when it comes to taking adequate control of the state of health, will of course help us to live happier and with less stress .


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