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Stress in the times of Covid

The COVID is the disease caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which is behind this pandemic that began in China earlier this year. We have already experienced abundant cases outside and within our country directly or indirectly.

Think ill involves one stress to our daily lives , which ends up affecting our well – being. So here is what you can do to ease that tension.

How do the pandemic and the closure affect us?

The human being is a social being  who needs to communicate with his peers. This is one of the explanations they give us at school. Indeed, we need to live with our acquaintances and with our family, but the current pandemic seems to have come to stay for quite a long time.

Massive cases of contagion have led the authorities to confine us . Many people alone or in family have been following all the news about the daily numbers of infected, in addition to the deaths, which have deeply impacted us.

If during the quarantine period you have felt very anxious and it has been difficult for you to overcome stress, you are part of the majority of people who present these symptoms. These are due to the shock of breaking with our daily habits and facing an event similar to a tragedy. In this sense, many people have seen their loved ones get sick who, at times, have not been able to overcome the disease caused by this SARS-CoV-2.

When it seemed that we had passed the worst, they tell us again about a new confinement and worse forecasts for the nearest future. All you have to do is respect the sanitary measures to stay calm. That is, always wear a mask when you leave your home, avoid numerous meetings and constant hand washing is essential. But why, even by following these measures, you cannot control your stress ?

Combat stress during confinement

Despite knowing that you are complying with everything to avoid contagion, you may be going through a period of unusual anxiety . This is due, in many cases, to the amount of news we see daily, which usually causes us concern.

It is not that you should stop informing yourself, since this information can give you some peace of mind when you see that you continue to do things well. What we do recommend is that you limit the time you spend on it. For example, instead of spending several hours looking for news about the pandemic , reduce this practice as much as possible.

If you have to stay at home, find yourself some entertainment

It is hard to have to leave the usual walks on the street , as well as office hours or those moments with friends and family. Everyone has to deal with the walls of their house.

Television and social networks can serve as entertainment at first. Perhaps you resort to both as the first and only option, without realizing that you are leading a sedentary life . This is usually the cause of stress and anxiety, as we stop moving enough.

One of the medical and psychological recommendations to reduce this restlessness caused by quarantine is daily physical exercise . At a minimum, you should practice physical activity for 30 minutes , although with confinement it is necessary to increase this time.

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Obviously, exercise does not involve excessive body work. It can help you to walk through a room in the house . Although if you do not have many meters to walk, you can always be aware of the departure times that the authorities in your area allow.

During the first wave of the pandemic, the mobility needs of people, especially those who suffered a special condition, were considered. With the appropriate measures, you can walk down the street without having to cross people.

Eat a healthy diet

Taking refuge in food is a very common habit in people who do not know how to control their stress. For this reason, during confinement many have seen their size increase, precisely due to lack of exercise and excessive food consumption.

If you have realized that you are one of those who take refuge in food, you will require willpower to take care of yourself. Excessive food, in the long term, not only will not cure your anxiety, but it will cause you a health problem that, undoubtedly, will end up stressing you more.

Look for healthy foods and substitute pieces of fruit for sweets. It is true that spending many hours at home, near the kitchen, sometimes becomes a temptation. Therefore, you should change your shopping list for products low in fat and without added sugar. Not only will eating healthy help you stay agile, but it will also help you  sleep better .

Keep a strict schedule for everything

Do not get carried away as if there were no hours of the day. You should establish a daily schedule and adhere to it, as you did before the pandemic. The discipline will keep you busy and therefore make you forget the stress.

At the same time, this will help you sleep well, respecting your hours of rest so necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Respect circadian rhythms , which is crucial for health. Your body needs you to sleep at night so that during the day you receive sunlight, which is so necessary for your physical and mental well-being . Thus, if you have a balcony, it will be good if you go out from time to time. If not, wait until they let you out.

Stress in the little ones

For the youngest members of the household, confinement due to the pandemic has also meant a drastic change. This stress that produces them translates into some  irritation and, sometimes, aggressiveness .

Talking to them about the situation can help. Without a doubt, they will see news that can affect them psychologically. In that case, if you can explain to them that they are protected , showing them calmness, you will have managed to calm them down.

Take advantage of the circumstances to carry out activities in which the whole family participates . Not only will you be able to strengthen ties, but, together, you will be entertained, putting aside the concerns related to the pandemic.

The COVID us is changing many habits and gives us  stress . Keeping ourselves busy can help us relax.

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