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Perfect and healthy nails and cuticles with a few simple tips


The nails are part of the skin formed mostly dead cells containing keratin hardened.

For its part, the cuticle is the skin that covers the nail at its birth and its mission is to protect the base of the nails.

Although it is often thought that they do not require special care, we must try to pay attention to the state and health of nails and cuticles because keeping them cared for contributes to well-being .

Both nails and cuticles can suffer disease and deterioration. In fact, nails can provide information on certain ailments and health conditions:

  •  In periods of stress : nails tend to weaken, like hair.
  •  The change in the color of the nail: if the lines of the nail become discolored, it can be a symptom of diseases such as melanoma . A dermatologist should always be consulted if any brown discoloration arises under the skin of the nail.
  •  White spots : White spots on the nails, usually cloud-shaped, called leukonychia, should not be a sign of concern. They only arise from small bumps that have made the keratinization abnormal, and hence the stain.
  •  Anemia : usually produces changes in the surface and shape of the nails.

Keeping your nails beautiful takes effort, but they are worth giving them the attention they deserve. The hands say a lot about the personality and the nails are part of them.

In addition, there are treatments for all tastes to keep them perfect, which can be followed both at home and in beauty centers and are available to all budgets.

There is no excuse for not maintaining the beauty and well-being of nails and cuticles. With a few tips and a little perseverance we can achieve healthy and perfect nails and cuticles all year round.

Tips for caring for nails and cuticle

To maintain perfect nails, it is not enough just to get a manicure. Nails must also be strengthened so that they do not become brittle and brittle. If they are not cared for properly often, they also tend to turn yellowish, making the hands ugly, or stretch marks may appear.

Paying attention to these details can prevent later problems.

Nail care tips

  1.  Avoid biting the nails: it is not a healthy habit and it causes the nails to become weak and end up breaking. In addition, over time the fingers end up deforming.
  2.  Daily hydration: hydration through specific creams improves the appearance of nails and cuticles. It also favors hydration by applying vitamin oils or olive oil that effectively nourish both the nail and the cuticle, preventing flaking and dryness.
  3.  Cut nails correctly : Many people use scissors or nail clippers, but the best way to cut nails is to use a file, which is less aggressive. It requires more patience, but it is healthier for the nail. If we cannot avoid cutting the nail, it is better to do it when you get out of the shower, which is when it is softer and thus less expensive.
  4.  Strengthen the nails : you can use a hardener polish or olive oil, which in addition to hydrating, strengthens. Garlic is an ingredient that also strengthens the nails, so you can apply a garlic mask directly on the nail or purchase a nail polish made with garlic. Urea, lactic acid and biotin also strengthen the nails.
  5.  Consume vitamins A and B : Brewer’s yeast, pepper or tomato help to properly nourish the nails.
  6.  You have to let the nail breathe : getting a manicure beautifies your nails and hands a lot, but from time to time it is good that the nails spend some time naturally, without painting or wearing any type of base. Painting your nails a lot with polish will cause them to become weak and their surface to become streaked and yellow. This not only spoils the appearance of your nails, but it is very expensive and time-consuming to fix.
  7.  Do not abuse permanent manicure or gel or porcelain nails : permanent manicure, also called Gellac, is in fashion. It allows to show off nails with a perfect and shiny enamel for a period of two to four weeks. It is tempting, but do not abuse. For permanent nail polish to be effective, the nail surface is dehydrated and filed. If this beauty treatment is abused the nail will weaken. The same goes for gel or porcelain nails. If worn for long periods of time they will damage the surface of the nail, making it weak and even causing spots to appear.
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Cuticles and tips for their care

Cuticles are a layer of skin that grows at the nail bed and serves to protect it. To keep them in perfect condition, a series of simple tips can be followed.

  1.  It is recommended not to cut the cuticles : although in many beauty centers they remove the cuticles by softening them with warm water and then cutting them, it is best not to cut the cuticles. Cutting the cuticle causes it to grow stronger and in more quantity.
  2.  Remove the cuticles with orange sticks : to remove these unsightly but necessary nail skins you can soften them with warm water, apply a cuticle remover and gently and patiently lower the skins with an orange tree stick. This prevents them from growing more and more strongly and also prevents infections and wounds caused by cuts on the edge of the nail when removing them.
  3.  Exfoliate the cuticles : you can exfoliate the cuticle with excellent results if once a week they are smeared with petroleum jelly and brushed over it. This will greatly improve your appearance and remove dead cells.
  4.  Use a moisturizer daily 

Following these simple beauty tips will lead to healthier nails and cuticles , free of infections or fungi and in good condition.


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