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25 tips to reduce the abdomen


As difficult to achieve as it is necessary for our well-being, reducing the volume of the abdomen should be a priority when we suffer from excessive levels of abdominal fat. Healthy habits and customs help you reduce your belly and lose weight fairly quickly.

The secret: decision and perseverance . The reward: health, vitality and energy.
Risks of Belly Fat Belly
fat is unhealthy. It produces toxins, such as chemicals called cytokines , that increase the chances of heart disease and make the body less sensitive to insulin, which can lead to diabetes .

The cytokines also cause inflammation, which can lead to certain cancers . In recent years, scientists have discovered links between belly fat and cancers of the colon, esophagus, and pancreas .

Tips and tricks to reduce the abdomen

Fortunately, a flat stomach can be achieved by incorporating small daily changes. Here are 25 simple ways to do it.

1. Walk

If in January we establish the custom of a daily walk, at the end of the year we can weigh between 8 and 12 kilos less. These calculations are also influenced by the initial weight and the type of diet.

2. Diuretics

There are foods that help us eliminate fluids and, thereby, deflate our abdomen. Among the most recommended are watermelon, tomato, celery, cucumber or blueberry juice.

3. Cardio

Aerobic exercise burns 67 percent more calories than resistance exercise or a combination of both.

4. Brush your teeth every morning

This healthy habit is recommended for many reasons. One of them is that it removes toxins from your mouth, which helps you lose weight.

5. Fiber

Fiber greatly helps the intestine, reducing the absorption of fats and therefore calories in the body.

6. Little copious meals

Especially when we eat out, we are in danger of eating more food than we need and that includes many more calories and fat. You have to avoid this bad habit.

7. Eat 5 or 6 times a day

A nutritious meal or snack every three hours keeps blood sugar levels stable, feeds a constant stream of needed nutrients, and helps control hunger-induced cravings for less healthy snacks.

8. Less salt

Too much salt holds more fluid, which contributes to a bloated appearance and extra water weight.

9. Chew slowly

Getting the food to finish well crushed in our mouth is essential for good digestion and feeling less bloated.

10. Skip the sodas

Any drink with sugars and gas is fattening and is much less healthy than natural water.

11. Not a drop of alcohol

Too much alcohol can raise cortisol levels and send fat directly to the abdomen.

12. Seeds in your salad

Sunflower seeds are packed with B vitamins, which play a critical role in protecting against inflammation. Two tablespoons in the salad can have a magnificent effect on our abdomen.

13. Tighten the abdomen when walking

Tightening the muscles of the abdomen strengthens them and reduces the belly. Getting used to it while walking can be difficult at first, but there comes a time when we do it without realizing it.

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14. Seafood

Seafood is rich in the same omega-3 fatty acids as many weight-loss foods.

15. Sleep

Sleeping 7 hours or more at night helps you lose twice the fat and feel less hungry than those who sleep less than that time.

16. Make tea

A tea in the morning helps to activate the metabolism, improves digestion and reduces the feeling of hunger.

17. Bath with salt

Relaxing with a bath is always nice. Adding two cups of salt can help deflate your stomach more effectively.

18. Eat a banana

Bananas are packed with potassium , a nutrient that helps regulate fluid balance to dispel bloating.

19 No chewing gum

Chewing gum not only makes us swallow air, it contains substances that can cause bloating. In any case, we can chew organic gum.

20 Coriander

The combination of coriander oils, specifically linalool and geranil acetate, works to relax the digestive muscles and soothe the gut.

21 Dark Chocolate

When cocoa reaches the digestive juices and stomach enzymes , they ferment it into anti-inflammatory compounds. Therefore, the swelling of the belly is lost.

22 Lemon water

Lemons are a natural diuretic. Adding them to a glass of water each morning will speed up the process of removing fluids. The benefits of this citrus are numerous, so getting used to taking it every morning is highly recommended. Read: Water with lemon on an empty stomach

23 Avoid drinking with straws

Sipping the drink through a straw can cause us to take in extra air and experience variable bloating in the stomach, which can cause us discomfort and gain weight.

24 Less dairy

Milk can be very upsetting to the stomach, as many adults produce less of the necessary digestive enzyme, lactase, as we age. If we consume dairy products fairly regularly, we should try to interrupt them for a few days and observe how our body reacts.

25 Early Dinner

Although in Latin countries, such as Spain, Greece or Italy, late dinner is the style, dining early is the secret to being thin for many models and celebrities from around the world. But for those of us who like to really enjoy our lives, it may not be very satisfying to have the last meal of the day at 8 or 9 at night.

However, if what we want is a restful and restful sleep, waking up lighter and with less abdominal bloating is the best we can do. In a week, it will be evident that our abdomen has less volume. In a month, we can obtain very satisfactory results if we accompany it with the aforementioned recommendations.


A flat, toned tummy is a desired goal for many, but it’s not just achieved with endless abs tables and ditching all of our favorite foods. Healthy habits and a balanced diet are the optimal solution to reduce the volume of the abdomen and maintain it over time.


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