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The best tricks to avoid starving

Sometimes it is due to hunger, although in others it is simply due to anxiety; Whatever the reason, the truth is that the habit of snacking between meals, eating unhealthy foods, or eating more than is advisable, is very common.

It is important to know how the food should be organized so that, in this way, the appetite is reduced and, thus, it is easier to avoid anxiety about food. In the same way, it is interesting to know which are the foods that offer a greater feeling of satiety.

Why am I not losing weight?

First of all, it is interesting to pay attention to the reasons that prevent you from losing weight.

  • Chopping salty foods: many people are used to chopping salty foods between meals. Well, salt increases the appetite and, in addition, promotes fluid retention. In this way, the body swells and the body volume is greater.
  • Eating out: generally for work reasons, more and more people are forced to eat outside the home. Do not forget that restaurant dishes have more salt, fat and sugar than those prepared at home.
  • Refined foods : refined foods such as bread, pasta or rice, among others, provide low levels of fiber to the body. In this way, they generate a greater sensation of appetite, which calls for the consumption of more food. It is advisable to opt for whole foods, which are much more satisfying and, in addition, help regulate intestinal transit.
  • Habit of eating between meals: in a high percentage of cases, too caloric options are opted for, such as industrial pastries, sweets or sausages.

Strategies not to go hungry

Here are some of the best tricks that exist to avoid starving and, thus, not consume larger amounts of food than recommended.

Healthier and lighter snacking

The reasons why people are hungry are many. First of all, by not eating enough ; If the servings are too small and the calorie content of the food is excessively low, it makes sense.

Therefore, it is essential to respect the appropriate amounts for each age group. Not by reducing them you can lose weight, but quite the opposite; you are hungrier and, thus, the risk of consuming unhealthy food between meals is greater.

And, on the other hand, it is important to follow an order in the meals , that is, to carry out the intakes always at the same time and not to skip any of them.

Eat with less anxiety

There are people who do not need to snack between meals, but when it comes time to eat, they have a lot of appetite. A fact that causes eating quickly and with anxiety ; also, sometimes they are left hungry afterwards. In these cases, the risk of ingesting more than recommended is very high.

Glass of water

One of the best tricks to avoid hunger is to drink a glass of water , an infusion without sugar or a defatted broth before each meal. A very simple tip that helps fill your stomach and eat less without being hungry.

Eat slower

Eating slowly is essential to avoid starving within minutes after eating . Ideally, choose a time and place where you can be quiet, avoiding distractions such as television or mobile. It is best to enjoy your food, savoring it calmly and chewing each bite well.

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It is important to remember that the brain takes at least 20 minutes to receive the signal of health from the body. Therefore, you must take the time to feel satisfied.

Hot dishes

It is recommended that at least one of the dishes is hot, such as soups or creams . These are more satisfying than the cold ones.

Spices and herbs

Cooking with spices and aromatic herbs is another of the best tricks to not starve. Those dishes that give off intense odors , by satiating the senses, help reduce appetite and, therefore, help to eat less.

Small dishes

Eating in small plates favors the feeling of satiety . Seemingly fuller than the large ones, the brain receives the information that a large amount of food is being consumed. It is a psychological effect that really works.

Brushing teeth

Brushing your teeth right after every meal is essential to maintaining good oral and dental hygiene. But, in addition, the intense flavor of the toothpaste helps to trick the brain , eliminating the need to continue eating.


Natural sunlight significantly stimulates the production of serotonin , the hormone that is responsible for reducing the need to consume food.

Foods with the greatest satiating power

There are a series of foods that, in addition to being very low in calories, have a great satiating power. They are perfect for lightening menus and, at the same time, effectively controlling appetite.

  • Brown rice: a small portion of this food barely has 70 calories; a very small amount compared to its great satiating power. It can be eaten as a first course accompanied by vegetables or as a garnish for the second.
  • Legumes: legumes are very healthy and, in addition, if they are cooked without adding fat, they are very light. In this case it is advisable to control the quantities; In the case of adults, it is advisable to consume five tablespoons of legumes already cooked.
  • Apple: another of the most satisfying foods that exist. If taken with the skin, it contains around 4.4 grams of fiber per piece; thus, it is one of the most satisfying varieties of fruit, except for other more caloric ones, such as coconut or figs. Apple is a great option for dessert or as a snack.
  • Broccoli: Broccoli: besides being a very healthy vegetable, it provides a high amount of fiber; 100 grams contains 2.6 grams of this nutrient. To take full advantage of all its properties, it is recommended to take it undercooked, boiled or steamed.
  • Green beans: Green beans are very low in calories, with just 31 per 100 grams. They are very rich in fiber and are ideal to take as a first course. Also, unlike some other satiating veggies, they digest well and aren’t flatulent.
  • Nuts: like all nuts, they are rich in fat, so they are quite caloric. Therefore, it is advisable to control the amounts that are consumed.


Taking into account these strategies and tips, not starving is a very simple task. It is important to take them into account to avoid eating more than necessary and, above all, to avoid snacking on unhealthy foods between meals .

In addition, it is advisable to include the indicated satiating foods in the diet. The vast majority of them are low in calories, so they also promote the health of the body and prevent diseases such as obesity.

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